Lexi ran her fingers along her friends jaw line and then gently raised her chin so she could place her lips on Deedee’s. Deedee’s eyes flew open, the passion and lust clearly visible in them as their tongues intertwined.

The two best friends continued to make out until Lexi finally broke the kiss and guided Deedee down to her knees, gently pushed on her shoulders and then pulling her head between her legs.

Deedee let out a little whimper just before her lips found Lexi’s outer pussy and her tongue darted inside, “That’s a good little girl Deedee, lick my pussy.” Lexi said as she gently wiggled her hips.

Lexi bit her lower lip and let out a gasp as Deedee found her clit and suckled it gently. Lexi had been horny for hours, or at least what seemed like hours since David had sent her over to Deedee’s apartment. A few hours ago she would never have imagined her best friend lapping at her pussy, but now it was the most natural thing in the world.

It was all because of David, he was a god among men and she meant that literally. Well, maybe a demigod, or something else, but whatever he was, before she’d met him, she’d be just another beautiful woman that knew it and used her looks to get what she wanted. Just like Deedee.

She’d been at the coffee shop, cutting in line when he’d reached out and taken hold of her mind. He’d dialed down the bitchiness and self-importance just as he’d dialed up the horniness and submissiveness. Moments later she’d been under the table of one of the booths, sucking his cock for everything she was worth as he flipped through the gallery on her phone.

When he finally came, it was like a fire hose of cum, she swallowed as much as she could but streams of it erupted from the sides of her mouth and her hands tried to contain as much of it as she could.

She’d come out from under the table and stood beside him, waiting for his next command, when he showed her Deedee’s picture, “Bring her too me.” was all he said and Lexi wasn’t sure how she would do it, but the answer came just a moment later when she felt his power flow in to her once more.

He had altered her body somehow, she knew this because he had wanted her to, she now excreted some kind of pheromone that was impossible to resist. As long as she got close enough to another woman, she would become sexually excite and docile at the same time.

It was why Deedee was currently eating Lexi out, why she was half naked, why she’d be cumming as soon as Lexi did. It didn’t take long, Deedee’s tongue was too efficient for it to be other wise and the two friends were soon cumming together.

Lexi let out a sigh and giggle as she guided Deedee back to her feet, “Come on Deedee, time to go.”

“Go? Go where?” Deedee replied, her eyes half glazed over and a broad smile on her lips.

“To meet your new Master of course.” Lexi replied.

A look of confusion cross Deedee’s face, “But… but you… you’re not my Mistress?”

“*giggle* Of course not silly, I’m just a horny little slut like you! David is our Master. Now go put on something nice and slutty and maybe David will give you the best present ever.”

When Deedee returned in a tight little red dress that showed off her cleavage and legs, Lexi was a little jealous, after all she was still wearing the fashionable dress she’d gone to the coffee shop in. But the jealousy passed quickly as she realized that David would like it and that was all that mattered.

Maybe she’d get a chance to go home after she dropped Deedee off to David. She had several other friends she was sure he’d be sending her to collect and if she was lucky he’d give her another load of his glorious seed when she was done.