A hands on kind of leader...

Monday April 01, 2019

Jill scanned the darkened office and smiled wickedly as she walked across it, she was going to get Ivan this year but good. She’d been the butt of his April fool’s day pranks for the last three years and she was sick of it.

She’d even complained to HR, but the problem was she didn’t have any proof that it was actually Ivan that was doing it. Though the entire office knew it, he was too careful to get caught.

Last year he’d ruined a sales pitch she’d worked for weeks on by replacing all of her graphs with pictures of kittens.

The year before that her cubical had been completely covered in sticky notes, each one emblazoned with “Don’t forget to buy more sticky notes.”

And the first year she’d been at the company he’d replaced all of the furniture in her cubical with a child’s playpen, filled with toys.

She had to grudgingly admit he put in the effort at least, but now that she was the VP of sales, she was not going to be the butt of his pranks any more.

Of course she’d had the satisfaction of beating him out for the position just a month ago, but even so, this year was going to be different. She made her way to his cubical and found his laptop still there. She shook her head and smiled, everyone was supposed to take their laptops home with them, just in case, but Ivan steadfastly refused.

She opened the lid and quickly logged in, she’d spent the last week or so watching him type his password, getting one character at as he did so, until she had it all. He effort was rewarded when she saw his desktop appear in front of her.

He was working on a big presentation and produced a slick promotional video to go with it and she was going to rickroll him. Finding the video, she opened it up to double-check she had the right one, but there was something wrong with it.

It started out fine but suddenly changed in to a wriggling mass of colours. At the same time, the announcer’s voice was replaced with static and humming. She went to close the video player, but as she moved the mouse closer and closer to the close button, her hand moved slower and slower, until it finally stopped and her eyes were wide and unblinking.

Jill looked down at the spreadsheet and her head hurt. Why did it hurt so bad whenever she looked at the numbers these days?

She rubbed her temples and closed her eyes, it had all started just after her failed attempt to pull an April fool’s day joke on Ivan. She thought she’d done it right, but the next day when Ivan presented, there was nothing wrong, everything went smoothly.

Since then, things had been falling apart for her. She was constantly late to meetings, her work was sloppy and unprofessional, and she couldn’t focus for more than a few minutes on anything.

She looked up when she heard her door close and saw Ivan standing there, “Hi Jill, I need to talk to you about the numbers I just sent you.” he said and Jill tried to suppress a groan, more numbers?

She looked at her e-mail and opened his message, then the attachment. She squinted at it as he headache worsened, “What… what about them.” she managed to get out between clenched teeth.

He let out a huff as he walked around behind her and leaned over, his hand laying on top of hers on the mouse, he moved it around the screen, effectively taking control of her own hand and for some reason she gave no resistance, “Here, let me show you.” he said as he did.

Her headache let up slightly and she let out a little whimper as a buzzing sprung to life in her pussy.

Ten minutes later, she was almost panting as he guided her hand around. She had no idea what he was saying or doing, her eyes were focused solely on his hand on hers. Her headache was gone, replaced with the growing need between her thighs.

And then he was gone. Her eyes were wide, her mind a mess of conflicting thoughts as she nearly jumped from her chair and raced to the ladies room where she masturbated for the first time in years.

Jill looked down at the box of her personal effects, her lower lip trembling as she was escorted from the building. She had been so foolish to send Ivan the photo of her tits, but she’d been unable to stop herself after one of the many times he’d come in and taken control.

Now, discredited and humiliated, she was escorted out of the building after being fired by HR. Ivan had of course forwarded the e-mail to them and they acted swiftly.

The two burly security guards watched her exit the elevator to the parking garage and then the doors closed and she was left standing there, unable to accept all that had happened. Finally she mustered up the strength to walk to her car, but was surprised to find Ivan standing there beside the driver’s side door.

“Well hello Jill.” he said with a satisfied smirk on his face.

Her head fell along with her shoulders, “Ivan.” she simply replied.

He reached out and took the box from her hands, setting it on top of her car. Without thinking, her hands swung around behind her and she clasped them together.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl, you know that don’t you Jill?”

“Yes… yes Ivan, I know.” she replied, head still bowed and her pussy on fire.

“Call me Sir from now on.” he replied, taking her chin and tilting her head up.

“Y… y… yes Sir.” she replied, her eyes going wide as she finished in a gasp.

He pulled something from his pocket and held it up to her, it was a thick leather collar, a large loop on the front of it. He said nothing as he wrapped it around her neck and secured it in place.

“From now on you belong to me.” he said, taking a business card from his shirt pocket and holding up in front of her, “This is my address, be there by 7pm.” he finished and then turned the card on its edge and placing it between her lips.

Jill heard the door of Ivan’s condo open and she turned her head just enough to watch him walk in and close it. She’d been standing there for at least an hour, which wasn’t so bad as Ivan often worked far later now that he was VP of sales.

He walked over and inspected her, walking around her twice, “Not bad, but this needs to be tighter.” he said, taking the wide leather belt around her waist and cinching it one more hole tighter.

It had been a month since she’d lost job and Ivan had taken her in as his slave. He controlled every aspect of her life now and it caused her to be on constant edge. But he never let her have any release from it, even if he released in and on her almost every day.

He picked up the leash that was hanging on the door behind her and snapped it closed around the loop on her collar, giving it a little tug she minced her way forward, the belt around her knees making it hard to do anything but take the smallest of steps.

It took quite a while but they finally made it to the living room where he bent her over the arm of the couch and unzipped the latex body suit all the way from her pussy to her ass.

His fingers found her dripping we pussy and he let out a little chuckle, “Very good slut, I see your ready for use.”

She only moaned in response as he dropped his pants and she wiggled her ass, eager for him to use her once more. His hard cock slid over her outer lips and she almost came right then and there, but he hadn’t given her permission to and so it had not come.

Instead, he grabbed hold of her hair, one pigtail in each hand and pulled her up, arching her back as he leaned forward and whispered in to her ear, “April fools Jill.”, just as his cock slid out from between her legs and plunged in to her ass.

She cried out as something released in her mind, the memory of that night coming flooding back to her as she sat in front of his computer. The flashing lights, the sounds, the words that played from his computer speakers. He’d brainwashed her somehow it to becoming his slave, she wanted to cry out in anger but there was something else too.

Because while she knew what he’d done, she could still do nothing about it. She was still his slave, his personal fuck toy, his living sex doll. His cock in her ass was still sending wave after wave of pleasure through her just like it did in her pussy, or mouth or between her tits or anywhere else he decided to put it.

He pulled back hard on her hair, pushing his cock deep in to her ass and she knew what would happen next. It was the programming that had been placed in to her mind that very first night, this specific sequence of events played out the exact same way. First her memory returned, then she wanted to fight it, then she felt the pleasure, then she came like a freight train as soon as he unloaded in to her.

She felt it build up more and more until his hot cum finally filled her ass and she screamed out in pure bliss at the orgasm that crashed over her.

He let go of her limp body and she fell forward on to the couch as he walked away, cum dribbling from her ass. The only though managing to break through the haze of pleasure was how much she loved Ivan’s April fools day pranks.

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