‘Oh god, it feels so good!’ Taela thought as she bit down gentle on her finger and he other hand probed her pussy.

‘Stop it Taela! Stop it!’ she screamed in her own mind and managed to pull both hands away as the sweat glistened off of her body. Both found the cross around her neck and she gripped it tightly.

She raised her head and looked across the room, the dark shape seeming to merge with the shadows around it, but she knew he was still there. She’d tracked him to this place just hours ago, along with the half-dozen men she had brought with her, knights of the church.

But what should have been an easy kill, of a low-level vampire of no consequence, had gone terrible wrong. He moved through the shadows, striking each of her knights down with ease, blood gushing from the stumps of their missing limbs. He bathed in it like it was a spring time shower, growing stronger as each drop hit his skin.

Then he’d been on top of her, she swung her sword at his neck, but it was long gone by the time her blade passed through the air where it had been. Then the sword had flung from her hand, his powerful blow shattering her wrist as he knocked it away.

She was lifted off her feet, his hand around her neck as she gasped for breath, looking down in to his cold stare until her body went limp and her struggles ended.

Then pain. Searing pain. Coming from her neck as she felt her life draining away.

Then she was awake, her in the room. She was half-naked, her body feeling like it was on fire and her mind confused and clouded. She knew what he’d done, taken and twisted the very meaning of her life and turning it against her, making her what she hated most, Nosferatu.

It was why her wrist was healed already, his blood flowing through her veins, but she could fight it, kill him and save herself. All she had to do was hold on a little longer, let the sun rise and take him with her.

She gripped her cross tighter and tighter until it started to burn… burn unnaturally and her eyes filled with panic as she looked across the room once more.

A gasp escaped her lips, then a whimper, “No… no, I will not!” she said, sounding like a petulant child more than a fearsome vampire hunter. His voice was inside of her head, whispering softly to her, telling her to give up, how easy it would be to simply let go, to throw the accursed thing away from her body.

She shook her head from side to side, trying to dislodge the voice, but it only grew louder and more forceful.

“I… I… caaaaaannnnn’t!” she whined as her own pleas sounded more and more hollow.

“Don’t make me! Don’t wanna! Taela is a good girl!” It was true, she had always been good, the top of her class, following the church’s orders without question.

His voice echoed in her mind, “Good girls obey their masters.”

“Good girls obey their masters…” her lips whispered as it became too much, her body shook as she pulled the cross from her neck, snapping the necklace that held it on her, and tossed it across the room.

Her fingers, freed of the thing, quickly dove to her pussy and crammed in to it, her hips bucking against the thin air as she moaned and gasped from the pleasure. She pulled one hand away from her slick lower lips and brought them to her lips, her teeth once more taking hold of one of her fingers. Moments later she cried out in pleasure as she came, her new fangs biting deeply in to her own flesh and the taste of copper and blood flowing in to her mouth.

It healed quickly once she unclenched her teeth and rose from the floor. She walked over to the shadow and bowed her head, “Master, how may I serve you?”

The voice was in her head once more and she dropped to her knees, knowing exactly what he wanted, what he would want each night from now until the end of eternity. She smiled just before wrapping her lips around his undead shaft, for she had a new purpose and her Master had given it to her.