Lucinda opened the door and blinked twice at the sight she saw before her, her neighbour Monica, her mocha skin in stark contrast to the almost blinding white of the man she was standing beside. Before she had a chance to say anything the man spoke up.

“Good afternoon ma’am. I was wondering if I could interest you in purchasing this brand new pussy licker I just picked up next door.” he said, indicating Monica standing beside him. Lucinda wasn’t sure if the statement or the fact that Monica didn’t seem to react to it, was more surprising.

“Now, I know what you’re going to say, I’m sure your husband does a serviceable job and all, but I think if you just give me a minute or two I can show you the benfits of having a brand new pussy licker all of your own. After all, I am the worlds best salesman.”

“What? You’ve got to be joking!” Lucinda finally managed to get out.

“I am certainly not joking ma’am, I take my job very seriously and take pride in my title as world’s best salesman. I have yet to fail to secure a sale at any home I visit. Why just take Monica here, I was just over at her home a few minutes ago and she agreed to purchase both the lesbian slut package as well as the naughty neighbour package. It only cost her a few dozen IQ points and her free will, quit the deal, isn’t that right Monica?” the man asked and Monica nodded and giggled, her vacant eyes locked on Lucinda’s large chest.

Lucinda couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but even more so she couldn’t believe that somehow while he was talking, he’d stepped through her door, closed it behind him and all three of them were already standing in her kitchen!

“I… I don’t need a pussy licker.” she managed to get out, confusion about what was happening building up inside of her mind.

“Need? Well of course not, I’m sure you have lots of toys that can satisfy you, but want? Well that’s an entirely different question.”

Lucinda shook her head to try and clear the cobwebs, she didn’t want a pussy licker did she? She was certain she didn’t *need* one but she’d never thought about wanting one before.

“A beautify woman like yourself just doesn’t have time to be playing around with all those dildos and vibrators, does she? You have needs and wanting a pussy licker of your own to take care of them is only natural.”

Lucinda’s pussy twitched just a little at the thought of the last time she masturbated, two weeks ago. It was true, it took a lot of work and effort to finally find release with her toys. Maybe she could use a pussy licker to help out once in a while.

“I can see it in your eyes, you’re already thinking about how much easier it will be to find satisfaction the two or three times a day you need, with your own personal pussy licker. No more spending hours each day stuffing your hot little cunny with dildos, vibrators and your own fingers. A nice helpful pussy licker will give you so much more time to focus on what’s really important, like looking hot and pleasing your husband.”

Lucinda felt a slight pain in her head for just a second before it passed, but ignoring it, she really couldn’t argue with him. Spending all that time each day with something stuffed in her pussy was tiring and wasteful, having a pussy licker around the house might be a god send.

“Well, you’re right of course, needing and wanting are two different things… but how do I know she’s any good? I mean I’ve known her for years and she’s never shown any sign of being a pussy licker before.”

“Well of course ma’am, of course. I mean that’s one of the perks when you purchase from me, I’m not one of those on-line sellers where you have to hope what you get is what they posted. I’m right her, right now, and my pussy licker is ready to give you a free demonstration, isn’t that right Monica?” the man said and Moncia’s eye’s went wide as her head nodded up and down enthusiastically.

Lucinda raised an eyebrow, “Well, alright, if it’s free.”

“Absolutely, no risk at all, if you’re not satisfied I’ll happily take my pussy licker and leave.”

Lucinda nodded and pulled her dress up over her head, tossing it to the side and then taking her lingerie off as well. Monica beat her to it and was naked, on her knees, right in front of Lucinda by the time she was ready.

Lucinda looked over at the man once more, “What’s she waiting for?” she asked.

“Permission of course. One of my pussy lickers would never start without permission.”

“Oh, of course, yes. Monica, lick my pussy.” Lucinda said and Monica dove in to her pussy, her tongue eagerly probing deep inside of her.

Lucinda let out a soft moan and then a gasp as Monica found her clit, “Oh god… that’s… that’s not bad…” she said a loud, trying not to let on how good it actually felt.

The attempt didn’t last long though as soon Lucinda’s nipples were hard, her hands were gripping Monica’s hair and her hips were rocking back and forth.

“Oh god yes you horny little pussy licker, get that tongue in there!” Monica eagerly complied as she looked up in to Lucinda’s eyes. Lucinda could see the lust in them, the need, the passion.

Her knees going week, Lucinda pushed Monica down on to the floor and straddled her face. Monica’s tongue was fully extended as Lucinda lowered herself down on to her and rocked back and forth harder than she had been when she was standing.

“Oh fuck yes! That’s it! Right there! Keep that tongue out you pussy licking little slut! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cccccuuuuuuummmmmmmmm!” Lucinda cried out and her whole body arched as the orgasm rocked her.

She fell forward and held herself upright with her hands for a few moments, before rubbing her soaping wet pussy across Monica’s face and tongue once more. Lucinda managed to stand upright with a broad smile on her face as she looked down at Monica, a stupid grin on her face as her fingers gently rubbed her own clit.

“So, can I take it my pussy licker was acceptable?” the man said, holding a clipboard and pen out to her.

Lucinda knew it was pointless to try and claim otherwise, Monica had performed well beyond her expectations, “Yes, I think that is beyond debate. But what will she cost me?”

The sales man smiled wickedly, “Not much, just your humility and prudence.” he replied offhandedly.

Lucinda’s pussy was already started to hum in need as she looked down at Monica on the floor. She had brought Lucinda to orgasm so much faster than her toys, what was a little humility and prudence in comparison to that?

She reached out and took the pen from his hand and signed where he indicated, as she finished her whole body shook for a moment and then she smiled.

“A wise decision ma’am. And don’t forget, each and every one of my pussy lickers is also a full fledged cock sucker. You’re husband may find Monica’s tongue just as enjoyable as you did.” the man said as he put his clipboard away and walked from the kitchen and out the front door.

Lucinda looked down at Monica once more, “Come on Monica, my pussy needs licking again and I want to do some nude sun bathing by the pool.” she said as she walked towards the back yard, Monica eagerly following along behind her.

Lucinda shook her head from side to side slightly and let out a small huff, as if her pussy licker would ever get a chance to suck her husband’s cock, that was Lucinda’s job and she’d be damned if she’d let any lowly little pussy licker near it. Though, perhaps Monica could lick Lucinda’s pussy *while* she sucked off her husband, that might be something to do by the pool as well.