Betty looked down at the pink straps with purple tassels on them and tried to frown, but her puffy lips refused to form the expression and instead she closed here eyes and tried to say the words she so desperately wanted to.

The result was the same, her lips remained still and then she heard the front door slam shut, “Honey, I’m home!” Todd’s voice called from the foyer and her heart raced. She knew she didn’t have time to put on the stockings so instead she quickly removed the garter and tossed it in the closet, then headed downstairs to meet Todd.

As she took the last step from the staircase, her heels clicked against the tile and Todd looked over to her as he set his briefcase down, “There she is!” he beamed.

“*giggle* Like, welcome home honey!” she enthused as she wiggled her way over to him, leaned in and kissed him passionately.

She hated every minute of it, the fury buried deep inside of her for what he’d done burned like a thousand suns, but her expression never showed it.

He grabbed her ass and squeezed it, lifting her up slightly as he did so, before setting her back down. He broke off the kiss and pulled her to his side, placing his hand firmly on her ass as they walked in to the living room, “How was your day baby? *giggle*” she asked, not caring in the slightest.

“Ugh, you wouldn’t believe it! I thought when I got rid of you all my problems would be over, but now I have to report in to the CEO directly and he’s a total asshole!”

“*giggle* Awe, poor baby, Betty will make it all better!” she said as he sat down on the couch and she wiggled her way between his legs.

Of course she really wasn’t empathetic to his bad day at work, in fact she took a little satisfaction in them. It was a small victory, undone by the casual way he’d portrayed what he’d done to her.

She’d been the VP of the division he’d worked in as a researcher and she’d suspected there was something going on in his group ever since his boss had suddenly quit and recommended Todd to replace him.

Todd of course was not management material and she’d ignored the recommendation, but it wasn’t long before the new manager had quit and recommended Todd as well.

She’d finally decided to find out what was going on and invite him to an interview. He’d walked in, a broad smile on his face and far more confident than he should be. He held a small device in his hand and before she knew what was happening, she was offering the job to him.

She hadn’t been able to understand what was going on at the time, but before long the paperwork was done and Todd had his new job. Unfortunately, he really wasn’t management material and soon enough he was failing miserable at it.

She’d had to call him and his senior manager in to her office to dress them both down, but by the time the two of them had left, Todd was the new senior manager reporting directly to her!

Of course he was no better as a senior manager and so she’d decided to fire him, calling him in to her office, ready to let HR know. That had been the last day she worked at the office and ever since she’d stayed home, her home, where Todd now lived.

At least Todd had told her what was going on, how the small device he held let him override her mind and make it do whatever he wanted. He’d had a breakthrough, but it was very limited by range and he was sure he could take it even farther, he just needed some more resources from the company.

Since then he’d been changing her bit by bit. More time at the gym, a new colour for her hair, even the new tits that now rubbed up against his legs as she bobbed up and down his shaft.

She felt him stiffen and release in to her mouth, she sucked every last drop out of him as an orgasm washed over her.

It was, perhaps, the one thing she had to give to him. She’d been a stone cold bitch before, her body simply didn’t get much pleasure from sex and so she saw little use for it. But now, now his cum caused a cascade of pleasure throughout her body, resulting in the best orgasms she’d ever felt. Ever imaged there could be.

She popped off his dick and smiled, letting out a giggle as she took his shaft in her hand and slapped it against her puffy lips several times, “Like, that’s it baby! That was totally the best! *giggle*” she said, and while she might not of chosen that exact way to say it, it was true and it wasn’t some construct of the device.