I had to admit, that even with all the changes I’d made to her, it still brought a smile to my face to see her like this.

Defiant, hiding her modesty, sure that she could still get away from me. And yet, utterly unperturbed about showing off her tits through the see through mesh of the body stocking.

If you’d asked her about it, she would have shrugged it off as no big deal, all women had tits after all, why would she hide hers?

Asking the same question about her hand covering her pussy and she’d had lectured you about a woman’s right to make her own choices.

The dichotomy of the logic was splendid to watch in her mind as I gently caressed and shifted her thought patterns. There was still so much to do with her, she’d easily entertain me for another six months or so. Maybe longer as I still hadn’t let her co-workers at her law firm notice the changes yet.

I smiled as I found an old memory in her mind of her first time before a judge. She’d spent hours getting ready that morning, putting her light brown hair up in to a bun, picking out the right suit and shoes, making sure she looked like the model of a young powerful attorney.

“Hey Barbie, let’s go.” I called out and the intense glare from her only intensified.

“Don’t call me that!” she shot back, “My name is not ‘Barbie’, it’s Babs!”

My smile widened, her name had been Brenda when I first met her, but she’d long ago had it legally changed.

“And where are we going anyway?” she continued.

“I’ve got a friend for you to meet, he’s a doctor, you’ll like him.” I replied.

“A doctor, what kind of doctor?”

“A plastic surgeon if you must know… I think it’s time to get those small tits of yours fixed, don’t you?”

Her hand finally came from covering her pussy and moved up her body to join the other one in cupping her tits, “Small! SMALL!” she nearly shouted, “My tits aren’t small! They’re nice big tits, everyone tells me so!”

A let out a chuckle as I walked up beside her, putting my arm around her waist and guiding her out of the house towards the car, “Don’t worry Babs, by the time we get to his office you’ll be in complete agreement with me about how small they really are.”

Then I gave her mind a little push and she leaned against me to steady herself and I looked down at her tits.

I had to admit, they were pretty large, but she’d had them all her life and it I wasn’t interested in more of the same. I enjoyed watching them change and this was just the next step in her journey.