Unit 2199283 remained perfectly still, it’s eyes closed and lips slightly parted as it stood on display in the shop.

There were many voices all around it, but they were indistinct, almost mumbled, which didn’t surprise 2199283 even in the slightest.

Of course there had been a time when the conversations would have drawn 2199283’s attention, a time before it was Unit 2199283. But now, 2199283 programming made it impossible for it to hear any conversation that wasn’t directed at it.

“Unit 2199283 here is a recent addition to the shop.” a voice said and 2199283 immediately opened it’s eyes, the black pupils surround by black iris looking towards the voice as it’s head turned towards the voice the spoke it’s identifier. It was a woman, well dressed, a tablet in her hand, one of the sales people that 2199283 had seen before.

“Unit 2199283 at your service ma’am.” 2199283 calm, easy voice spoke.

“An interesting colour choice…” another voice said and 2199283 turned slightly to the man standing beside the saleswoman.

“Yes, our marketing department had been creating some of these for research purposes.”

The man raised a finger to 2199283 lips and ran it across it’s lower lip.

“And this is… permanent?” he asked.

“Yes, bounded at a molecular level to it’s lips, it will never dull or transfer to another surface. Part of our latest line of custom materials.”

The man nodded and lowered his hand to 2199283 chin, turning her head to the left and then the right before his gaze fell lower, “And the chest size?”

“Of course we can customize it as you desire. We usually leave it ‘as is’, we find clients have very specific tastes in that area.”

“I can imagine.”

“2199283, turn around and assume position 3.” the woman said.

“Yes ma’am.” 2199283 replied and immediately turned around, bent over at the waist, spread her legs and reached around to spread its cheeks.

“As you can see the coating extends deep into it, both vaginally and anally. The material is self lubricating and very… pleasurable… I’m told.”

“I’m sure. And… what about… ” the man asked and 2199283 could tell he was waving his hand at her.

“Oh, the process has removed the need for any… defecation. Of course if you want that, there is an option…”

“Oh no, no. Not at all.”

“2199283 return to display mode.”

2199283 snapped back upright, turned around and once more closed it’s eyes. The sound of the conversation between the sales woman and the man fading from it as it did so.

2199283 did not know if the man would purchase it, only that it hoped to be owned soon, no matter who it was that purchased it.

After all, before being processed there had been nothing to compare to being owned and used in whatever manner it’s owner deemed fit. She had only been the youngest CEO of a forture 100 company in history and how could that compare?