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So it’s been just over six months since I moved from Tumblr to WordPress and so I’ve had time to reflect on the change and will be making a few changes, but first a few thoughts:

  • Engagement on WordPress is nothing like it was on Tumblr, I’m grateful when it happens, but it’s sparse to say the least.  WordPress just isn’t setup to have the same kind of like/reblog system (even though the functions are there), nor does it have the user base to make that aspect of it work.
  • There isn’t the same kind of source material available on the platform for captions (or if there is the discovery of it is nearly impossible).  I end up pulling images from other platforms and upload them.
  • WordPress is a lot more flexible in many ways (scheduling, editing, formats, etc.) but also more limited (themes and other plugins that are missing in the free version).

On Tumblr I managed my queue with stories every other day and sexbot captions in between.  That’s no longer viable and without the feedback seems like a lot of work, so here’s what I’m going to do:

  • New image captions will be posted on a weekly basis, Saturdays at 3pm EST.
  • New FWPB will be posted on a weekly basis if I have one, on Sundays at 3pm EST.
  • Random other posts will be done randomly 😉

The other reason for this change is I’d like to have some more time to work on my short stories.  Trying to create (basically) daily content for WordPress has been eating in to my time quite a lot.

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