Tammy wiggled her ass as she walked across the patio by the pool towards her target. She’d called in every favour and marker she had and even given a out to finally get a unit in the exclusive condo tower, but she couldn’t afford more than a few months rent and that meant she had to work fast.

Growing up her family was dirt poor, they had nothing, but by the time Tammy went through puberty, she knew she had one thing that would make her life easier, beauty.

She’d wrapped her teachers and boyfriends around her little finger and steadily traded up from one to the next, but now at 26, she was finally going for the big fish.

Don Jefferson had divorced just a month ago and moved straight to number one on the list of most eligible bachelors. He also moved right in to his new bachlor pad in the city’s hippest condo tower.

Rich, handsome if a little older, and worldly, he was a tipple threat and Tammy wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to bag him for herself.

She waled past him and found a cot a little ways away and laid out on it for a bit, enjoying the summer sun. Then a quick swim, making sure not to mess up her hair, and right back to the cot. She didn’t have to wait long for his shadow to cross over her and she smiled up at him

“Oh fuck yes! Smack that ass!” Tammy cried out as she was bent over Don’s couch, his cock buried in her pussy and his and slapping down repeatedly on her ass.

She wasn’t sure exactly what had happened, one moment Don was smiling down from above her and the next she was taking his hand and following him to his place.

It wasn’t how it was supposed to go, she’d planned on a few dates before she went back to his place and a few more after that before she put out. But everything seemed to be going sideways and he hadn’t even really said anything at all other than a few grunts. He’d just pushed her over the arm of the couch, pulled down her bikini bottoms and pushed right in.

And she hated it when guys slapped her ass to boot!

“Come on baby, fuck my dirty little cunny with that big hard cock! Smack my big fat ass and make it jiggle! Harder baby! Harder! I’m gonna cum baby!!!!!” she cried out as an orgasm rolled over her and she collapsed forward on to the couch.

Tammy was on Don’s arm as the flash of the camera’s nearly blinded her. His hand was firmly on her ass, her tits were on display and she was pretty sure there was a ittle big of his cum still in the corner of her mouth from the blow job she’d just finished giving him in the limo on the way to the party.

Things had only gone downhill after that first day, she wasn’t sure what Don was, but she knew he was in her head… literally.

He had done something to her, made her his own personal fuck toy somehow. She never said no to anything he wanted, and she even often initiated whatever it was. Like the blow job in the limo, or the sex by the pool the other day, or prancing around his unit in the french maid’s outfit, or a dozen other things she cringed at.

She had tried to fight it at first, but had quickly learned it made no difference. All she could do was go along for the ride and hope that it ended sooner rather than later.

She could only imagine that was what his last wife had thought as well, only to spend three years married to him. When she was alone and the though crossed her mind, she shuttered at it.

But if there was one bright spot in all of it, it was that his eye had already started to wander. She caught sight of him the other night on her way back from freshening up, aka putting her lipstick back on after another blow job, talking to a bombshell brunette who was trying to flirt with him.

Tammy cried out as Don’s cock plunged in to her ass yet again, “Deeper baby! Harder!!! Fuck my tight little ass!”

Of course it was not nearly as tight as it had been a week ago, when Don had taken her anal virginity when she’d begged him to.

Her body twitched as she felt his cum enter her bowels and another orgasm crashed over her.

Tammy wasn’t sure if she was happy or not, though it had been obvious this day was coming. Don hadn’t fucked her in a week, since he’d gotten the new redhead. She felt bad for the poor girl, knowing what she was going through, but happy for herself in some way that her own ordeal was almost over.

Don had walked in to her unit, unannounced as always, and she’d known immediately that this would be the last time she saw him. She’d gotten dressed quickly, grabbed a few things and stuffed them in to an overnight bag, before following him down to his waiting limo.

They pulled up in to another condo building a few blocks away and took the parking elevator up to the first floor. From there he walked right up to the first unit and walked in just as he had a little while ago with her.

As soon as Tammy saw who was standing in the living room waiting for them her mind raced ahead in horror. It was his first wife, half naked with a massive set of tits plastered on to her chest and a smile on her lips. Right beside her was his last wife, kneeling at her side with her head cast downward.

“Another one so soon baby?” his first wife asked, patting his last wife’s head gently at her side.

Don nodded as he guided her over to them, then Tammy dropped to her knees, looked up at his first wife with wide eyes and the horror faded away.

Tammy was home. The place where she belonged. Where she would spend the rest of her life. Don’s doll house.