A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday July 20, 2019

Mandy looked to her right and sighed inwardly, Sandy had messed up again. She’d put on the wrong panties and now they weren’t dressed identically like Master had told them to.

Master had told them all kinds of things of course, like how they wanted to be two identical fuck dolls for his pleasure, how their old lives didn’t matter anymore, and or course how they should always be dressed the same.

But there was something different about Sandy… maybe she wasn’t as smart as Mandy, or maybe it was something else, but Sandy always seemed to mess up.

Mandy turned and looked back towards Master, grabbing her jacket like Sandy was. It was bad enough they weren’t dressed identically, to be acting differently would only make it worse!

Of course, worse wasn’t always bad, she thought to herself and giggled inwardly. The memory of the previous night when Sandy had shown up with the wrong top on and Master had spanked them both for a good hour, was still fresh in her mind. How hard her nipples had gotten, how wet her pussy was, how good each of the orgasms felt… it was enough to make her almost want to lie to Master and tell him it was her that had come with the wrong panties.

But it didn’t really mater, they were identical fuck dolls and so they would get the same “punishment” either way.

Mandy took a step forward and Sandy did as well, “Master…” Mandy said.

“We’ve…” Sandy said.

“…been…” Mandy said.

“…bad.” Sandy said as they both hooked their fingers around their mismatched panties, spun around and bent over at the waist as they both pulled them down around their ankles.

Master’s hand landed on their ass cheeks at the same time and both of them let out a gasp followed by a moan. They both turned their heads to each other and leaned gently in, their tongues intertwining as the next slap landed and Mandy felt her nipples tighten under the black tape that covered them.

It wasn’t long before they were both cumming and Mandy could hardly wait until later when she would get a chance to thank Sandy properly with her tongue for messing up yet again.

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