Cassandra twirled the end of her jet black hair between her fingers as the flash of the camera went off once more. Her other hand raised from her knee and slipped between her legs, gently caressing the slick black latex the covered her pussy. Well, covered it for the moment at least. She closed her eyes and let her tongue run over her painted lips as a moan escaped them, it wouldn’t be long before she pulled the material to the side and let the camera record her fingers diving deep inside of herself.

She loved every part of it; her pale skin, black and red hair, heavily painted face, slick black and purple latex. It turned her on like… well, like nothing else.

It had been a relatively new discovery, six months ago she’d just been another bleached blonde cheerleader at college with nothing more than dreams of being the next cover model on the swimsuit edition of SI.

Funnily enough, that was how she’d ended up here. She’d been looking to update her portfolio with some new head shots and her manager had recommended Johnathan as the photographer. She’d looked at his work and been impressed, he had samples of dozens of blondes and he’d somehow managed to make each one stand out.

They’d scheduled a photo shoot for the next week and she’d been surprised to find several racks of gothic and fetish gear in his change room. She hadn’t paid it any mind of course, doing up her hair and makeup and heading out to the studio. It wasn’t until about half way through the photo shoot, the flash of the camera causing her head to spin like no other had before, that her mind returned to the clothing.

Cassandra had a fuzzy memory of Johnathan saying something too her as the flash kept going off, but she couldn’t never remember exactly what. Not that it mattered, by the end of the photo shoot she’d agreed to come back the next day to pose some more for him.

And then again, and again and again! Each time she’d picked out something from the racks of outfits he had, each time a little darker and showing off a little more skin.

Finally, one day when she went to get her hair bleached once more, she’d said something she never thought she’d say, “What do you think about going darker?”, she’d asked the stylist and the poor girl had almost fell over.

Cassandra let out another gasp as her fingers pushed harder on the latex, pushing it slightly between her wet lower lips and she opened her eyes to another flash of the camera.

God she didn’t miss all that damage to her hair, in fact, she didn’t miss anything about that old life if she was honest. So repressed and crushed by the expectations of those around her, she no longer had to worry about any of that. And she certainly didn’t miss school, all those know it all teachers trying to tell her stuff she’d never use in the real world.

She let go of the strands of hair and her fingers grasped the sides of her top, pulling it to the side so her breast popped out. She repeated the process with her other breast and then grasped it firmly in her hand and squeezed it hard.

Then she pulled her latex panties to the side and started to rub her pussy just in time for Johnathan to step out from behind the camera and start to walk towards her. The camera continued to flash, taking photos on a timer as her eyes were fixated on his naked body.

Just as he arrived she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around his hardening shaft and started to pump back and forth, her fingers continuing to squeeze her breast and caress her clit.

She would have never given any man a blow job when she’d first arrived at Johnathan’s studio, but now it was the least she could do for the man that had given her so much. Sure she was never going to be on the cover of the swimsuit issue, but she had hundreds of men online willing to pay good money to see her naked, sucking and fucking to her hearts content, and she was even giving some of them private shows now.

And it was all thanks to Johnathan.

He took the photos they paid for, filmed the videos they masturbated too, setup the web site they subscribed to, and provided her with a never ending supply of clothing to wear. She was pretty sure he was making some money from the site, but that seemed only fair for all the things he’d done for her.

She felt his shaft stiffen and she pulled her mouth off of it, turning her head slightly to the camera as his cum flew from his tip and on to her face, each jet causing a small orgasm to wash over her. After the last one hit her face she smiled, opened her mouth and scoped them in, then slowly wrapped her lips around his tip once more to suck every last drop from him. All the while the camera continued to record it.

She looked up at him, his dick still in her mouth and couldn’t help but wonder when he’d ask her to move in to the building. She knew he had several other girls he’d helped in the same way living there, she’d figured out he owned the entire building just a little while ago, but wasn’t surprised at all to find out she wasn’t the first.

She’d seen a stacked blonde coming and going several times, a drop dead gorgeous redhead, and a pair of pixie cut brunettes that she was pretty sure were lesbians. She knew she’d fit in with all of them, she’d even had a few wet dreams about sucking on the blonde’s big tits, being in front of the redhead on her knees, and the two brunettes buried between her thighs eagerly licking away at her pussy. In her dreams Johnathan had been filming it all.