A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday August 10, 2019

Kathy felt the warming water run over her fingers and closed her eyes as the soothing sensation calmed her mind. Things had been so hectic lately that she needed the respite that the bath would give even if kneeling on the cool tiles, sticking her ass out, had hardened her nipples uncomfortably.

A few months ago she would never had knelt like this, with only a towel wrapped around her hair, but she found it impossible to wear any clothing when she was at home alone these days. Just like she always found herself presenting her ass in some pleasing fashion, or at least please to whatever men might be looking in her direction.

It was Gary’s fault of course, oh she wasn’t exactly sure why or how it was his fault, but she knew it must be. After all, she’d been having the most vivid dreams of him lately.

Dreams in which she was often on her knees, just like she was now, but in her hands was his dick instead of the water the flowed over them now. Of course it didn’t stay there long and soon enouugh it was always in her mouth, or pussy, or…

Kathy shook her head as the water grew hot and she turned it down slightly and added some bubble bath to it. Then, after the water had filled the tub, she slipped in to it and relaxed.

She let the bubbles surround her and soon a smile formed across her lips as the warm water did wonders to relax her. Her eyes fluttered closed and once more her mind wandered to Gary.

He had joined the company where she worked as a receptionist just over six months ago and she still couldn’t figure out why they had hired him. He was a chauvinistic pig, always making lewd comments to the female staff, none more so than his boss Kimberly, the VP of sales.

Well that wasn’t true if she was honest, Kimberly did receive more of his attention than almost anyone else, except that is for Kathy herself. For the first few days Gary had paid Kathy little attention, other than to make a few sexual innuendos as he passed by. But that all ended the day he saw her walking to the bathroom, after that he’d unleashed a constant bombardment of comments on her ass.

Without thinking about it, Kathy’s fingers slide from the side of the tub, under the bubbles and found her pussy.

She’d complained to Kimberly about it, but found to sympathy, as Gary had brought in a dozen new clients in the first few weeks and showed no sign of slowing down.

It was a few weeks later that Gary’s verbal assault had escalated to physical contact. At first it was just a touch of her hand, or a brush against her arm. But then he was touching her face, running his hand down her back and finally brushing up against her ass.

Kathy’s fingers pushed in to her pussy and she let out a gasp.

The worst part of it was that every time he touched her, her body liked it more and more. At first it was just a tingle in her nipples, then they hardened more and more. Her pussy started to buzz until she could feel it moisten. Just last week he’d grabbed her ass firmly in one hand and she’d actually smiled and touched him back!

She’d literally run to the bathroom afterwards and spent a good 20 minutes masturbating in the stall.

Kathy let out a moan, “Garrrrryyyyyy….” she half whispered and then her tongue pushed out from between her lips and licked all the way around them.

She could almost feel his hand on her ass still, his firm grip, the way he jiggled it slightly. But she wanted more, she wanted to feel his hand slap down on her ass, feel the heat it would generate, feel her ass jiggle from the force of the impact, hear the gasp her own voice would make from it, listen to the words she knew would come from her own mouth, “Please Gary, again! Slap my ass harder! Pleassseeeee Gaaaarrryyyyyy!”

The water splashed over the sides of the tub as her body arched with the force of the orgasm that came over her and then she slumped back in to the water and let out a little giggle.

Her mind wandered to her closet and her smile widened, she had just the perfect dress to wear to work the next day, something that would for sure make Gary take notice. Maybe, if she was lucky enough to get him alone for a few minutes, she could make sure he knew that her ass was his for the taking.

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