Alexandria laid across the table, turning her hat around and putting her feet up in to the air as she held the controller in her outstretched hands, “I win again loser!”

“Yeah, yeah… I know. But then again you are the pro so I don’t feels so bad.” Sam replied, tossing his own controller on to the table in front of her.

“Awe… poor baby doesn’t want to try again?” she taunted him as she rolled on to her side.

“Want has got nothing to do with it… some of us have a job you know.” Sam half scolded her.

Alexandria’s face turned serious for a moment, “Hey… you know I’m good for the rent, right? I’m just having a bit of a slump in the tournaments…”

“Yeah, I know. I didn’t mean it that way.” he replied and smiled, Alexandria’s face returning to it’s normal playful visage.

Sam stood up and headed in to his bedroom to change for work, his head slightly nodding from side to side. Alexandria wasn’t good for it of course, and hadn’t been for the last three months of rent she was behind. But at least he had a good job and didn’t really need the money.

Of course when she’d first crashed at his place after breaking up with her last boyfriend he’d been more than happy to let her stay. He’d been in the friends zone with her ever since they’d met at their first internship together.

They’d both graduated university with computer science degrees, but where as Sam had accepted the job offer from the internship after graduating, Alexandria had decided to take a chance at pro gaming. And she’d had some success to begin with, winning several tournaments. But then the other players had caught on to her style and soon she was losing more than she was winning.

Of course he’d played it cool when she had first been staying at his place, giving her space and time, hanging out once in a while and gaming. But after a month or so he’d made his move and she’d shot him down. He’d quickly apologized and salvaged what little self respect he could, but it was clear it was never going to happen between them.

That is until he’d been working late one night in the office, when he received a strange e-mail. It had obviously been mis-addressed to the entire division instead of just one person and just a few moments later the automated recall message had arrived, but not before he’d gotten a look at the contents and saved the attachment.

He was pretty sure he was the only person to get a chance to see what one of his co-workers was doing and the very next day the office had been raided by the FBI as Sam watched the very person who had sent the e-mail be lead off in cuffs.

They’d interviewed everyone, including him, and eventually things had returned to normal. When he was sure it was safe, or at least a sure as he could be, he’d pulled a copy of the message to a thumb drive and taken it home. He’d poured over it for several weeks, tweaking the code to fix a few obvious problems and then installed it on Alexandria’s computer when she was out one night.

Alex tossed the controller at the base of the TV and pouted, “Shit! You beat me again!” she whined as she looked over at Sam and for the life of her, couldn’t figure out how he’d gotten so much better than her over the last few weeks.

He’d been an easy mark since the day she’d met him, but now he’d gotten the upper hand somehow.

She ran her fingers through her recently styled hair and bit her lower lip, maybe it was all the extra time she was spending on her hair and makeup? Or maybe the extra time at the gym?

Oh she was still gaming a lot, but instead of just spending her free time browsing the net or something, she’d started to do other things. Like her hair.

“Yep, that’s five in a row… you know what that means!” Sam retorted and she rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know… hold your horses…” she replied and stood up, walking through the dining room to her room.

20 minutes later she walked back through the dining room and stood at the doorway to the living room and fluffed out her hair before clearing her throat a bit.

Sam looked up at her in the skimpy red outfit and smiled. A tingle ran down her spine and her nipples hardened as she smiled back. She stepped forward, placing each foot in front of the other as she wiggle her hips in the unfamiliar heels. She arrived right in front of him as he sat on the couch, then she spread her feet and straddled his lap, setting her bum right on his crotch.

As soon as his hands touched her hips another tingle ran all over her body and she let out a small moan before she could stop herself.

She’d never thought she’d have to go through with it, after all, what were the chanced he’d beat her five times in a row? But here she was, giving Sam a lap dance, and if she was honest, it was turning her on.

She ran both of her hands through her hair and then down over her breasts as her hips wiggled and her body shimmed. Then she put her hands on his chest and pushed her hips hard against his crotch as she closed her eyes and let the feeling of his hard shaft against her moistening pussy take her breath away.

When she opened her eyes, she looked down at Sam, the hunger in his eyes sending an unfamiliar chill all over her body. Before she knew what she was doing, she leaned down, kissing him on the lips, her tongue probing his mouth.

Sam broke off the kiss, even though he didn’t really want to, and pushed Alex off of his lap on to the floor. He watched the wild look in her eyes as her fingers dove for his zipper. It wasn’t long before her mass of black hair was bobbing up and down his shaft.

The program had worked better than he expected, it had only taken a few days before Alexandria had shorted her name, started paying more attention to her looks, and even started to innocently flirt with him.

Of course when he’d suggested the lap dance bet for a free month of rent, she’d eagerly agreed to it.

He’d only expected to get a lap dance from her, but when he’d seen the look in her eyes as she’d started, along with the force that she was rubbing up against his dick, he’d figured she was ready. And now, as the slurping noises of her giving him a blow job filled the room, he knew it was time to take it to the next phase.

Lexi waited in the restaurant and wondered how much longer Sam would be. It wasn’t like he was late or anything, but more that whenever she was around him her pussy buzzed so nicely!

She was about to pull her phone from her clutch when she saw him walk in to the restaurant and her whole face lit up and she wiggled her tits at him as she gave a little wave with her arm pressed up against her body.

“Hey babe, how was your morning?” Sam asked and she tossed her hair back and to her other shoulder.

“Like, oh my god babe, the gym was amazing and the hairdresser totally thinks I’m ready to go lighter! *giggle*”

“That’s great babe. I can’t wait to see you as a bleached blonde!” Sam replied and her stomach was filled with butterflies as her pussy tingled even more.

It wasn’t long before they ordered and the food arrived, a salad for her and a burger for him. They ate and she nodded as he talked about work and other things. When they finsihed, she excused herself to freshen up and walked to the bathrooms in the back.

Sam watched Lexi’s ass sway as she walked in the tower heels. It was almost enough to make him forget about work, but not quite. He was still going each day, mostly as a pretense to avoid any undo suspicion, doing his job just like he always did. He’d long since used the program on his boss, and his bosses boss though, they now saw him as a model employee that could do nothing wrong and had given him the maximum raise they could.

There was an opening for a manager of special projects that he was a shoe in for and once he had that there would not be as much reason to do any real work each day. He’d have a dedicated staff that would look out for his best interests and take care of the day to day work.

He stood up and paid for the lunch with cash, walking back to the restrooms himself and in to the mens room. He walked over to the handicapped stall and found Lexi sitting on the toilet waiting for him. Her hands cross on her lap, her dress still on but her tits hanging out, her head titled back slightly with her mouth open and her tongue out and eyes closed.

He unzipped his pants and slid his dick between her lips for his daily blowjob. He couldn’t wait until he had his new job and he could hire her as his personal assistant. Because while the daily lunch meetings with her were a lot of fun, it was going to be so much better in his private office.