Tracy leaned back and closed her eyes, a soft moan coming from between her lips as the smart bed gently vibrated under her. It quickened a bit, then more, and then even more so as the moan became a gasp and she dropped back on to the bed, her back arching as her fingers dove under her panties to find her moist pussy waiting.

‘God I love this bed!’ she thought as the pleasure built up and eventually an orgasm washed over her.

She’d been skeptical of the bed at first, how could any bed “improved every aspect of your life” as the marketing claimed? But with a “double your money back” guarantee, how could she really go wrong?

And the sales agent at the store had been very enthusiastic about it, even giving her “employee” pricing!

Tracy rolled over on to her side, reaching over to the lamp and shutting it off, before rolling back and drifting off to sleep, hardly noticing the slight vibrations still coming from the bed.

“Oh god yes! Yes! YES!” Tracy cried out in to the pillow that muffled her voice. She was face down on the bed, her breasts pressed hard up against it, the vibrations of the bed causing her nipples to stand at full attention. Her legs were pulled half way in, pushing her ass high in to the air as her fingers worked her needy pussy.

It was her third masturbation session of the day… fortunately it was the weekend and so she had lots of time. It was the same as the last three weekends, her needy little pussy had been demanding more and more attention. She was masturbating before work, after work and before bedtime, but the weekends had devolved in to an almost constant stream of attention to it.

Her free hand slapped her own ass and her whole body shook as her fingers also found her clit once more, sending another orgasm through her.

She didn’t know how long she laid there, her ass in the air, her hands flopped down at her sides, but at some point her pussy was demanding attention once more and so she obliged it.

Tracy was masturbating on her bed as usual when her phone rang. She picked up her phone from the nightstand, one hand never leaving her pussy, to see who it was. Smart Luxury Unisex Trundle Mattresses.

She’d hung up on any number of calls that had interrupted her masturbation but her finger immediately answer this one.

“Hi, can I speak with… Tracy Martin?” the voice on the call asked.

“I… I… oh god… I’m Tracy…” she managed to get out between gasps as she plunged her other fingers once more in to her pussy.

“Hi Tracy, this is Jeff just checking up on your recent purchase of one of our smart mattresses. Are you enjoying it so far?”

“Oh god… oh god… yes! YES! YES! I LOVE IT!” she cried out.

“That’s great Tracy. I’d like to drop by and inspect the mattress if you don’t mind, to make sure everything is in tip top shape.”

The memory of Jeff flashing in to her mind, he was in his late thirties, a little overweight, slightly balding, but the image of him in her mind send a wave of pleasure over her.

“Wh.. when… when can you get here?” she asked, her voice sounding desperate.

“Well, I’m at your front door right now actually…” Jeff replied and Tracy dropped her phone instantly, pulled her fingers out of her pussy and nearly ran to the front door.

She opened it and Jeff was standing there, ogling her naked form, but she didn’t care. She grabbed his hand and pulled him in to her house, all the way back to the bedroom. She fell on to the bed, rolled over and pulled her legs under her, “Puh… puh… please… inspect it!” she begged him.

His hand reached out and grabbed her ass cheek and she moaned in pure bliss.

Moments later he was fucking her needly little pussy like no one had ever done before. The pleasure she’d been able to give herself with her fingers paled in comparsion to the glorious cock that was inside of her now.

Orgasm after orgams come over her, until finally she felt him release inside of her and the pleasure was too much.

Jeff swiped a few times on his tablet after pulling out of Tracy and cleaning up, this was the best part of his job, and the only reason he stayed on it sales. He’d been long ago recruited in to management but turned it down, like most sales people did at the company.

Double checking Tracy’s details, he confirmed phase one was complete and submitted her for permanent assignment. He sometimes wondered where they ended up, a few he’d seen as trophy wives to the rich and famous, one he’d seen as a porn star, another he’d seen in a downtown bar dressed to the nine’s for whatever “date” she was on.

Perhaps after this year’s bonuses came out he’d finally look in to accepting that management position. After all, as top salesman of the year for the last four years running, his bonus for making it 5 straight would be his pick of the next year’s customers.