Lexi gently bit her nail as the familiar tingle in her pussy grew as Grant sat down across from her. God she was such a horny slut for her boss, she could hardly believe it had been a whole year already.

“Hiya boss!” she half squealed as she slipped a foot from her heels and stretched out her leg, finding his crotch and rubbing his dick under his pants.

“Lexi, how’s my little sex kitten tonight?” he said with a smirk.

“Horny boss, just like always! *giggle*” It was so true, though a year ago she would never have admitted it.

She’d had Grant’s job at one point, or at least the job he’d had when she’d first started working for him. He’d been promoted twice since them, promotions she’d wanted at the time. Back then she’d thought she was some kind of high power executive with a bright future ahead of her, but Grant had seen through her facade even if she had denied it.

She could still remember fighting against the demotion, the whine in her voice as she cried out how unfair it was, the squeal she made the first time he entered her pussy, the slurping sounds of the first time she gave him a blowjob under what had been her desk.

By then of course she was no longer in denial. The buzzing in her pussy each time she saw him and the mind blowing orgasms each time she received a load of his cum, left no doubt that she was just a horny little slut and she’d do anything to get her next fix.

So when he offered her the secretary position, not a personal assistant like the other exec’s had, she accepted. Even with the significant cut in pay.

When he gave her the new office dress code, she’d complied completely.

When he sent her links to makeup tutorials, she’d studied.

When he gave her the membership to the gym, she’d gone each day since.

When he sent her the list of words she was no longer allowed to use, and kept adding to it each week, she watched every word she said.

Her thoughts snapped back to the present as a second man slid in beside Grant and they shook hands, it was Ben from work. He’d worked under her back before her demotion as a low level researcher. Lexi quickly slipped her foot from between Grant’s legs and back in to her shoe.

“Lexi, you remember Ben don’t you?”

“Like, of course! Hiya Ben!” she replied with a wide smile and a little wave.

“Hey Alexandria…” Ben started but Lexi interrupted him.

“Like, don’t call me that!” she said with a pout, “I’m Lexi! *giggle*”

“Oh, of course… Lexi.” Ben corrected himself with a smile.

“So Lexi, I have some good news and some bad news for you.” Grant said, “The good news is that I’ve been given the CEO position.”

“OH MY GOD! That’s amazing boss! I’m so happy for you! *giggle*” she cried out with a squeal.

“Thank you Lexi, but the bad news is that the CEO position already has a personal assistant and I no longer need a secretary.”

Lexi’s face crashed down, “But… but… but…” she stuttered with her lower lip quivering.

“Oh don’t worry Lexi, I’m not firing you… that’s why Ben’s here.”

Lexi’s eyes flashed over to Ben, a little hope returning to her face.

“You see, I’m promoting Ben to management and it’s a new position so I’m assigning you to be his slutty little secretary. Ben is your new boss.”

Lexi’s pussy quivered at the words as she let out a little gasp and her head titled backwards just a bit.

Her head titled back forward and her eyes fixated on Ben, “Like, oh my god boss! I’m going to be the sluttiest little secretary you’ve ever had! *giggle*” she said as the buzzing in her pussy grew more and more urgent.

She stood up and grabbed Ben’s hand, nearly dragging him to the back of the restaurant where the restrooms were, swaying her ass from side to side with each step as she did so. She pushed him in to the men’s room, in to one of the empty stalls and dropped to her knees.

Fishing his dick from his pants, Lexi was determined to show her new boss just how slutty she was going to be each and every morning he came in to the office.