“So tell me Crystal, what’s wrong?” Ben asked, knowing the answer but enjoying the confused look on the poor girl’s face.

Crystal, for her part, hated the question, the condescending way it was asked and the fact she had no choice but to answer it.

“It’s… it’s… it’s my… my… tits.” she managed to get out as she gripped the counter even harder behind her.

The smile Ben returned to her statement only made it worse.

Crystal knew Ben was a warlock, and not some sham artist or anything, but an honest to gods warlock. The problem was she hadn’t known that when she moved into the apartment building. If she had, she’d have run screaming.

Warlocks were far and few between, it was just plain bad luck that she’d ended up here, and even worse luck that she’d somehow caught his eye.

At first, it had been little things, things she didn’t even recognize had changed. She had always been mindful of her diet, so what if she was all of a sudden a little picker about it?

Going to the gym had always been a habit, two or three times a week was all she needed to stay in pretty good shape. It was when she realized she’d been at the gym every day for almost two weeks that the first inklings that something was wrong crept into her mind.

By the time she realized she’d bought an entire new wardrobe, she knew something was desperately wrong.

And the only thing she could think to do about it was run to Ben and tell him. When she finished she knew that it hadn’t been her idea, that he must be the cause of it, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Just getting it off her chest had taken away any fear or doubt she had and she’d thanked him and left. After that, every week or so she’d do the same thing, and so here she was again.

“Well Crystal, it’s good that you told me. It just so happens I have a spell that might be able to help with them.”

“A… a spell?” she managed to get out, not really wanting to hear the answer.

“Yes, though it might not be quite what you think.” he said, fishing a small vial from his pocket.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it will change your tits, but only to what someone else wants them to be.” Ben replied with a wicked smile.

Crystal’s hands hesitantly lift from the counter and reached out towards the small vial. Her eyes darted between it and Ben’s face, until her fingers finally took it from him.

“Just drink it down and then take my hand.” Ben offered and she couldn’t do anything but take the vial between her lips and drink.

She set the vial down on the counter and then reached out and took Ben’s hand. A moment later she felt the spell take hold and she gasped.

Her nipples hardened even more, if that was possible as her tits suddenly tingled with pleasure.

“Did I forget to mention the side effect? Heightened sensitivity I’m afraid.” Ben said as she let out a moan.

Before it was over she felt the tiny white shirt she was wearing started to grow tighter and tighter, until the topmost button gave up. The rest followed suit until finally, the material gave out with a loud rip.

When it was over she managed to look down at the two large orbs that stuck out from her chest, they blocked the view of everything below them and even the slight chill in the air in the apartment sent rippled of pleasure through them.

Her hands reached up and squeezed them and her knees almost gave out as she gasped and moaned.

Her fingers found her nipples and pulled on them, sending spasms throughout her entire body.

Crystal blinked several times and smiled, “Thank’s Ben, I always feel better after talking to you.”

“No problem Crystal, drop by any time.”

Crystal turned and walked from the kitchen, not concerned in the slightest that her tits were still in full view of anyone she passed.

She only thought of the shopping she was going to have to do to find new tops that she would fit in to.

As she walked down the hallway towards the front door, her vision passed over the series of photographs that hung on the wall, each one with a small brass plaque at the bottom of it with a name.

They were all remarkably the same, a big titted blonde down on all fours, their arms and legs bound, wrapped up in a black and white skin-tight latex outfit, horns on their heads, a bell around their neck and a tail sticking out from their ass. Each one with a look of pure bliss across their faces.

She paid no conscious attention to them, but somewhere deep inside of her mind she knew what they were, the warlock’s familiars.

And in that same place, she also knew she would be joining them on the wall all too soon.