Jen leaned over the footstool, her ass in the air as she concentrated on the game she clutched in her hands.

The stupid thing seemed to be taking up all her free time lately, which was bad enough, but it wasn’t even her’s to make it all the worse!

It was her dirty old neighbour’s, Roger. She’d popped her head over the fence one day when she’d heard him rustling around on the other side, thinking she’d catch him peeping on her once more, only to find him playing the damned thing.

She would never have guessed he was a gamer, he seemed far too old for that, but then again he was kind of a geek so it shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise.

He’d caught her looking at him before she could drop back behind the fence and she’d had to talk to him for a big, partway through he’d started talking about the great new game he had to beta test. When he’d offered it to her, she’d taken it out of politeness more than anything.

He’d only let her play it for a few minutes and then taken it back from her, as soon as it left her fingers she felt a twinge of regret and frowned just a big. It was just a few more minutes of small talk before Roger finally excused himself and she thought little more of it.

At least until that night, when she dreamed of the game for some reason. Dreamed of how much she’d enjoyed it, of how much it was a let down as it was taken from her.

When she woke up that next morning it had only taken a few seconds of consideration to decide that she’d pay a visit to Roger and see if she could play it a little bit more.

That little bit turned in to an hour the first day, more the next, and by the end of the week, she was spending several hours a day furiously tapping the buttons of the game.

Jen felt her feet being spread apart, but ignored it, the game taking all of her attention.

Then there were hands squeezing her ass, then they pulled at her torn shorts, sliding between her legs until the tiny scape of material that covered her pussy ripped apart and left her exposed. But the game still commanded her attention and even the fingers that ran up and down the outside of her pussy and the growing wetness couldn’t change that.

A little jingle sounded from the game as she neared the completion of another level and she let out a moan, pleasure coursing through her from it, and certainly not the hard shaft that was sliding in and out of her pussy.

She grew closer and closer to completing the level, all she had to do was one more thing…

“Of fuck Roger! Pound that tight little pussy with your big hard cock!” she cried out as the level completed and an orgasm crashed over her.

Her hands fell limp, only just managing to hang on to the game for dear life. Her head was pulled backwards though, Rogers tight grip on a clump of her hair as he continued to pound in and out of her until she finally felt him release inside of her and another orgasm crashed over her.

He finally let go of her head and it collapsed over the side of the footstool. She didn’t know how long she laid there, an occasional moan and giggle escaping her lips, but eventually she managed to right herself and stand up once again.

The sound of her heels echoed in the room as she walked over to where Roger was sitting, she sat down on his lap and handed him the game, “Thanks for letting me play Roger.” she cooed as she leaned down and kissed him, her tongue probing in to his mouth as his hands grabbed her ass.

“No problem Jen.” he replied when she broke off the kiss, “If you come back tomorrow I’ll have the next level for you to play, I think you’re really going to enjoy it.” he said, letting his hand move across her ass until his finger found her sphincter and then circling it several times.

“Mmmmmm… I can’t wait!” she moaned as she closed her eyes and let her head lean back for a moment until he stopped.

She stood back up and walked towards the front door, making sure her ass wiggled from side to side as she did. Once outside she walked back to her house, wondering if it wasn’t time to move in with Roger, after all, she was already spending most of the day there anyway.

Maybe if she offered to clean his house, make his meals and be available to fuck her any time he wanted he’d let her play the game at night as well.

A smile crossed her lips as she closed her door behind her and considered what she could wear the next day to improve her chances.