Miranda snapped the photo and watched it upload to the cloud where it was added to the ever-growing collection of similar photos from the last year.

Before that, she’d never considered taking a selfie, let alone having a gram or snap account. She took the phone in both her hands and typed away at the message before posting it, “All ready for the big night! Can’t wait!”

She double-checked her makeup one last time and then made sure everything else was perfect before walking out of the bathroom to Henry who was patiently waiting. She stepped right up to him and let his arm slide around her waist, his hand finding her ass cheek and her smile widening as it did.

He quickly led her from his penthouse, down the private elevator to the waiting limo, where she had time to reflect on how different the Baron’s Ball was going to be for her this year.

Last year she’d strode into it, dressed in a power suit, confident with the underling she’d chosen to escort her from work for the evening. He had been the eye candy last year, but this year there was no doubt that she was it.

Of course last year she wasn’t even in the same league as this year. Not to say that she was ugly or anything before, but she had no time back then to focus on her looks, she had been too busy blazing a trail through her rivals big and small alike. Finally being invited to the Baron’s Ball was proof that it had worked!

The most prestigious event of the year, it was filled with the top CEOs and financiers from around the country. It was going to be the event to take her company over the top and be a force to be reckoned with for decades to come.

And she had thought it had gone so well too. She’d managed to wiggle, some would say butt, her way into conversations with the most influential people in the country and she’d stunned, others might say annoyed, them with her wit and charm.

It was at the end of the night that she’d “joined” a group of men and met Henry. At first she’d paid him little attention, she didn’t recognize him as someone important and the others seemed to be ignoring him as well. He was a little overweight, balding, but had a strong presence and something else she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Slowly each of the other people in the group faded away until she was left alone talking to Henry.

It was still strange to her, she still couldn’t remember what they talked about, but what she did clearly remember was her heart starting to race, her face starting to flush and a growing wetness to her vagina.

When he’d suggested they retire to his hotel room, she hadn’t been able to find the words to say yes or no. Instead, he’d simply taken her hand and she’d followed along behind him.

As soon as they’d reached his room, and they’d stepped through the doorway, even before the door had fully closed, he’d spun her around pushing her back against the door and kissed her. Her tongue darted out into his mouth, and his into hers, as he pinned her against the door.

Before she knew it, she was on her knees, his dick in her mouth, still pinned against the door as he stroked in and out of her face. Her hands had flown down to her sopping wet pussy, but her fingers seemed unable to make contact as she whimpered and moaned.

He’d used her like a cheap hooker he’d picked up in the bar, finally pulling out and grabbing her hair, forcing her to crawl on all fours as he pulled her over to the bed and on to it. Moments later her pants were down around her ankles along with her panties and he was ramming his hard shaft deep into her.

She could still remember the sound of her own voice, not saying any words, but grunting and groaning like a slut in heat.

When the orgasm finally came, it sent her mind far, far away.

She didn’t know how long she had been there, or how long she had been out, but Henry had left at some point, leaving only a handwritten note beside her head with only a phone number on it and his name.

The limo coming to a halt brought her back to the present and the door beside her opened, revealing a red carpet and a thousand flashing cameras. She took the proffered hand and stepped out of the limo, Henry was right behind her and quickly slipped his arm around her waist once more. Then, she wiggled her ass and jiggled her tits as they walked into the Ball, her wide smile and vapid eyes making her look like nothing more than another piece of arm candy.

Inside was a mixed blessing as they walked around. Henry spoke only to a few people, but he made sure to make an appearance at every group. Miranda hung dutifully on his arm, smiling and nodding, letting out a giggle once in a while. She felt the men’s eyes on her of course, even some of the women’s, looking her up and down. Her tits drew the most attention of course, and whenever she caught someone looking at them, she made sure to jiggle them, even if they didn’t move all that much.

She had never had tits before, god how she hated that word, even though she couldn’t even think of the other one anymore. They had been an addition a few months after that first night with Henry.

Of course, several other things had happened before that, including the first text she’d received from the number Henry had left in the note. The first text had just been an address with a time and date a few days later. She’d wanted to ignore it, but instead, she’d shown up right on time, to find Henry waiting. They hadn’t gone out or anything, instead Henry had just let her in, bent her over the arm of the couch in his living room and fucked her right then and there.

More messages had come, and after each one she had found it harder and harder to think of anything else. When would the next one arrive? How long would she have to wait? How was he going to fuck her this time?

After a month, it was all she could think about and her company had started to suffer the consequences. When she’d missed out on one of the major financing meetings with investors in the second month, it had been the beginning of the end. By the end of the third month, she’d sold off her company for pennies on the dollar.

Of course that had given her even more time to think about Henry, what did Henry want? What could she do to please him more?

With nothing else to distract her, she found herself spending more time at the gym. More time at the salon talking about her makeover. More time browsing the Internet for a surgeon.

By the end of six months, no one would have recognized her. Gone was the powerful CEO, confident in her destiny to be a great leader, replaced with a pretty barbie doll that followed every fashion trend.

She had sold off her large condo and virtually everything else she owned. Cut herself off from the few friends that she had and moved into a one-bedroom apartment near Henry’s place. She’d filled it with shoes and bags and dresses and makeup, until she had everything a barbie doll could want.

She still received the messages from Henry, they still made her heart flutter, her pussy moist and they were still the center of her life. Henry still used her like a cheap hooker though, fucking her plumped-up lips, or big round tits, or her tight little cunny and then tossing her aside, sending her back to her little apartment to wait for the next time.

It had been like that for the last six months, until earlier in the week at least. Instead of just an address and date/time, the message had been different, “Going to the Baron’s Ball on Saturday, make sure you’re the best arm candy you can be… my place, 7 pm.”

Miranda had spent the rest of the week shopping and at the salon. Now as the Ball started to wind down, she knew she had done all she could, even if she had wanted to fight it with every breath she took.

It was only then that she noticed Henry guiding her towards another hall in the hotel, away from the main ball, towards the back of the hotel. In front of the doors were two large men, with slight bulges under their coats where large guns were concealed. A simple nod from Henry parted them as they opened the doors and Henry guided her in.

The room was darkened, much smaller than the main hall, maybe only 50 people were in it, but at the far end was a stage and Henry was guiding them towards it. Instead of going up on to it though, they arrived just to the side where a line of a dozen beautiful women stood, a single gap between the second and third of them. Henry placed her right in the gap and then her mind spun for just a second before the room went quiet.

Miranda remained there as Henry walked away. She remained there as a man walked up on to the stage and started speaking, though she heard none of his words. She remained there as the woman at the head of the line walked up on to the stage and something seemed to happen for a few minutes. She remained there as the first woman walked off stage and the second woman took her place.

Then, as if someone had snapped their fingers, the world came alive as she walked up on stage and stood beside a large monitor, as she heard the man behind the podium to her right speak for the first time.

“Ah, ladies and gentlemen, this is lot 3. Some of you may recognize Miranda Stolls from last year’s Baron’s Ball, but then again, some of you may not.” He said with a chuckle.

“As a reminder, here’s a quick video…” he said and the monitor beside her came to life. It first showed one of her old promotional videos from when she was CEO. Her dirty blonde hair, while neatly kept, seemed stern somehow. Her voice was confident and strong as she spoke to what was obviously a larger audience. When it was over, another video started to play, this time it was video from last year’s Baron’s Ball, showing her pushing her way into groups and being generally obnoxious.

When the second video ended a series of photo’s started to play in a sideshow. She recognized them all as she’d taken them herself. Each one showed the progress from CEO to barbie doll that she had taken. The man behind the podium spoke over them as they played.

“As you can see, Miranda, or as she now likes to be called, Mandy, was a real ball-buster…” he said, waiting for the muted laughter from the crowd before continuing.

“However, one of our great patron’s has taken her under his wing and, as I’m sure you’ll agree, made some improvements. However, that is not to detract from this lot’s significant skills. She graduated top of her class, with an Executive MBA from a top-three school. Speaks 5 languages; English, French, Spanish, German and Mandarin. Is well versed in both domestic and international business and I’m told plays the violin proficiently.”

“Now then, can I get an opening bid of 100 thousand?” the man said and Miranda pushed her chest out while grasping her hands behind her back. As the auction proceeded she posed in different ways, showing off her body to those in the audience.

By the time she had done a full 360, the bidding was up to $150 thousand.

“200.” a man in the audience said calmly and Miranda’s eyes tried to focus in on him. If she had been able to do anything but grin like an idiot, the horror on her face would have been evident.

It was Johnathan Kemp, she had “fired” him a year and a half ago after receiving several complaints from his EA. There had not been anything concrete, he had been two careful for that, be it had been clear that if the EA wanted to get ahead in his area, then she had to give some head.

In the end, it had been easier to just give him a golden parachute and let him find some other company’s EA’s to harass.

“210!” a voice called out and Miranda managed to turn to look at the man. She didn’t recognize him right away, but her memory from last year finally placed him as someone she’d pushed aside to get close to one fo the major financial players at last year’s ball.

“250.” Johnathan called out and she watched the other man’s face twist in frustration and his voice went silent.

“I have 250, do I have 260?” the auctioneer called out and waited.

“260?” he pleaded with the crowd once more.

“250 going once…” the auctioneer said as Miranda desperately hoped someone else would speak up.

“250 going twice…” Miranda wanted someone, anyone else to bid and hoped someone might see her desperation in her eyes.

“Sold!” the auctioneer cried and Miranda stepped out of her pose and walked off the other side of the stage where Henry was waiting for her. She once more took her place at his side as they walked to the side of the room, where several private curtained off areas were. Stepping into one, they didn’t have to wait long for Johnathan to arrive.

Johnathan’s eyes lingered only a moment on her before he turned to Henry and extended his hand, “A pleasure to make your acquaintance Henry, if I may be so familiar of course. I’m Johnathan.”

“Oh I don’t stand on protocol and all that nonsense. A fine purchase by the way, some of my best work.”

“Yes, I was surprised to see her on the auction sheet. I didn’t expect to have such an opportunity come my way so soon.”

“Well, it is kind of a tradition at the ball. I always find a project to bring to the auction for the next year.”

“Oh? Have you found someone tonight already? If not…”

“Yes, I have my eye on that new DA from New York, Sandra Chow. Not quite as convenient as Mandy was, but I’ll have her here in a matter of weeks”

“Yes, yes of course.”

Miranda wanted to scream, scream at the top of her lungs for Sandra Chow to run as fast as she could from the ball. She knew all too well what would befall her tonight, but instead, Miranda stood quietly as the two men talked about the downfall of another powerful woman.

“Now then…” Henry said and reach out and took hold of her hand for a moment before taking hold of Johnathan’s and placing it in hers.

It was like a light switch had been turned on. Her breathing quickened, her face flushed, her nipples hardened, her pussy moistened… Johnathan owned her.

She knew it to the bottom of her soul. Just like a few moments ago, when she would have done anything Henry had asked her to, she would now do anything Johnathan asked. Her body, her mind, they belonged to him now. She would do anything he asked without complaint.

“And finally…” Henry said as he pulled a small black book out from his suit jacket pocket and handed it to Johnathan, “You’ll find a variety of trigger phrases in there that I think you’ll find useful. Along with my contact information in case you would like any additional changes made… for a small fee of course.”

“Of course, of course. And how much of the old Miranda is…” Johnathan nodded in agreement then waved his free hand in the direction of her head.

“Oh she’s still all in there. At the moment she’s just in what I call the submissive mode. Inwardly she may be fighting it, but outwardly she’ll go along with whatever you say with a smile on her face.”

Johnathan smiled and pulled her towards him, their facing coming close as he leaned in and kissed her hard, his tongue probing her mouth. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders as her tongue returned the probing and she squeezed her tits into his chest.

He broke it off after a few minutes and then looked into her eyes, “Tell me Mandy, did you enjoy that?”

She smiled, tilted her head down just slightly while still making eye contact and blushing, “Oh very much Sir!”

It had been something from what the EA had told her about Johnathan that made her say it, and she regretted it as soon as she saw the wolfish grin on his face.

“Sir, eh? I like that, keep it up Mandy.”

“Oh yes Sir, of course Sir.” she replied as she gave her tits a little jiggle for good measure.

“If you don’t mind me asking… what are your plans for her?” Henry’s voice suddenly broke the tension between Johnathan and her.

“Well, I’ve recently been promoted to CEO and have been having a hard time finding a good EA that won’t go running to the board every time I suggest something as simple as a blowjob. And Mandy here is overqualified for the position so there won’t be any complaints from the other EA’s about her just being eye candy. Though she’s definitely going to be that too of course.”

“Very good, well, I’ll leave you to it…” Henry said as he parted the curtain and walked out.

Miranda sat at the small desk out in front of Johnathan’s office, the earpiece of her phone picking up the conversation she was having with the Shanghai office, “*Yes, of course I’ll give him the message Mr. Lau. Yes, it has been a pleasure speaking with you as well. I hope you have a very pleasant day.*” she said in perfect Mandarin and then hung up the phone.

She typed the message up and e-mailed it to Johnathan, her long perfectly manicured nails clicking on the keys of the laptop in front of her.

It had been three months since she started as Johnathan’s EA, and while at first many of the “more experienced” EA’s had complained about hiring the “bimbo”, the all soon learned that she was more than up for the job. Even now, as she stole a glance over at the EA in the office across from Johnathan, she could see the mix of anger and confusion in the poor woman’s face.

Anger at the fact that she hadn’t gotten the promotion. Confusion at both how a stereotypical blonde bimbo could speak 5 languages and why someone with her skills was still an EA instead of running her own business.

Miranda looked down at the clock on her laptop and then reached down and grabbed her purse before heading to the bathroom to “freshen up” before lunch. When she returned, the EA across the way had already left for lunch and so Miranda opened Johnathan’s door and step inside, his voice filling the outer office as soon as she did, and silence returning as soon as she closed it.

She walked up to his desk and set her purse down on a chair, patiently waited for him to finish the call. Clasping her hands behind her back and pushing her tits out, causing the tight-fitting dress to almost lost its battle to keep her tits inside.

It wasn’t long before he hung up the phone and looked up to her, “Sir, did you get Mr. Lau’s message?”

“Yes I did.”

“Very good Sir. You’re 1 o’clock has also confirmed and I’ve also sent you the details on the meeting Sir.”

“Very good.” Johnathan said as he stood up and pushed his chair back. Miranda walked around behind the desk and dropped to her knees, unzipping his pants and taking his limp dick between her lips. It wasn’t limp for long of course, in the last three months she’d learned exactly how he liked his blowjobs, and before long she felt his hand grip her hair and pull her up on to his desk.

As he did she pulled at her dress and popped her tits out just in time for them to press against the cool top of his desk.

She spread her legs just in time for him to pull her dress, which only just barely covered her ass, up over on to her back, exposing the large pink jewel of her anal plug. He pressed his thumb against it, pushing it deeper inside of her, before twisting it around from left to right and back again.

“Oh god Sir, I love it when you do that!” she said in a breathy voice as the fingers of his other hand slipped between her legs and found her dripping wet pussy.

“Mmmmmm…. please Sir, put your fingers in my horny little cunny!”

He obliged her as her other fingers wrapped around the plug and started to pull it free, the large bulge stretching her sphincter to it’s limited, “Oh god Sir, yes! Yes, pull that plug out of my ass Sir! Please Sir, please… I want your cock in my ass so bad Sir!”

He obliged her on that as well and she squealed in pain as he did, “OH MY GOD SIR, YOU’RE COCK IS SO BIG SIR!”

He rammed it deep into her ass over and over again as she cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure with each stroke.

“Yes Sir! Deeper Sir! Harder Sir! Fuck my ass like the horny little slut I am Sir!” She cried out.

He quickened his pace and she felt him stiffen even more, “I need it Sir! I’m going to cum Sir! Your cock is driving me over the edge Sir! I’m gonna cum Sir! CUUUMMMMMIIINNNNGGGGG SSSSSSSIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!” she cried out a she felt his release into her ass.

She collapsed on to his desk and wiggled her ass, letting out a soft giggle, “Mmmmm… Sir, that was amazing Sir!”

It was a lie of course, it had been terrible and no orgasm had come, it had been one of the first trigger phrases he’d read from the small black book that Henry had given him. She wasn’t allowed to have orgasms anymore, though she still acted like she was having one each and every time Johnathan cam in, or on her.

The cool metal of the anal plug perked her up as Johnathan pushed it back into her ass, and then a hard slap landed on her ass cheek, “Thank you Sir!” she retorted as soon as the blow landed and then giggled before standing up from the desk.

Of course she went right back down to her knees, taking Johnathan’s deflating shaft into her mouth and sucking out every last bit of cum that she could. When she was done, she pulled up his underwear, tucked him in before following suit with his pants.

Once he was taken care of, she stood back up, her tits still hanging out, her dress still around her waist, and clasped her hands behind her back once more. Johnathan squeezed her tits and played with the nipples for a few minutes before finally returning to his chair and waving her away.

Miranda quickly walked around to the front of the desk, stood right in front of and started to straighten up. First pulling her dress up to cover her tits and then down to cover her ass and pussy. Picking up her purse, she pulled out a compact and started combing out her hair, checking her makeup and was about to clean off a small drop of cum at the corner of her mouth with her pinky.

“No… leave that there.” Johnathan said and she lowered her pinky from her mouth and instead smiled.

“Of course Sir.” she replied and continued to fix the rest of her appearance until she was satisfied.

“Is there anything else I can do for you Sir?” she asked

Johnathan looked up from his computer, “How’s the Bitterman account coming along?” he asked.

“I have my weekly meeting with him tomorrow Sir. He seems quite amendable to working with us Sir.”

Miranda shuttered inwardly at the thought of the meeting the next day. Bitterman had been the losing bidder to Johnathan at the auction and had approached him a few weeks later. Johnathan didn’t have any interest in sharing her of course, but Bitterman’s company was another matter altogether. It was small, but had groundbreaking technology that everyone was after.

Her weekly “meeting” with Bitterman was of course just an excuse for him to use her in any demeaning and humiliating way he could think of.

“You know he’s offered me a lot of money to sell you to him…” Johnathan said offhandedly.

“Oh Sir, I’m so glad you have chosen to keep me. I’ll do anything to be your property Sir.” She enthused, without any need to fake it.

Johnathan might bend her over each day, fuck her ass and make her walk around with his cum stuffed inside of her, but Bitterman did things to her that Johnathan could never imagine. Bitterman was a genius, not just in the technology he had invented, but in ways to use her body in the most humiliating and disgusting ways.

And she was sure that if Johnathan ever sold her to him, she’d never see the light of day again.

“Well, I do enjoy fucking your ass, so I guess for now I’ll keep you. Maybe I should get you a bigger pair of tits, what do you think Mandy?”

“Oh Sir, I’d love to have a bigger set of tits for you! You could squeeze them, slap them, fuck them and cum all over them Sir!”

“Yes, yes I think I like that. Whey don’t you give your surgeon a call and see what he can do.” he said and then looked down at his computer once more, waving her away.

“Oh yes Sir! Right away Sir!” she replied and turned from him, wiggling her ass with each step as she walked from his office and sat back down at her desk. As she did so she set her purse to the side and placed her earpiece in once again, finding her surgeon’s phone number quickly and dialling it.

As the receptionist on the other end answered, Miranda looked up and saw the other EA had returned from lunch and was looking over at her, her face aghast at what she saw. The poor woman raised her finger to the corner of her mouth and motioned to Miranda about the cum that was there.

Miranda smiled back at the EA and giggled a bit, nodding and licking her lips, but making sure to leave it where it was.

“Dr. Thompson’s office.” the voice came across her earpiece.

“Oh, hi! This is Mandy Stolls, I’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Thompson.”

“Of course, let me see… how’s next Friday at 2 pm?”

“That would be perfect, thanks!”

Miranda hung up and started typing on her laptop, 2 pm would be perfect. Johnathan could fuck her ass over lunch, she could still get to the doctor’s office on time and still be back and Johnathan’s condo before he arrived home in case he wanted to use her again.

As she worked, Miranda started mentally cataloging her clothing, which ones she’d have to throw out, which ones she might be able to still fit in to. After all, she might be eye candy, but she was still the smartest eye candy in this or any office.