Linny walked down the street, her hips swaying and causing the pink frilly skirt to exaggerate the motion. In on hand was the lollipop she simply could never leave the house without, the other the groceries her “daddy” told her to go to the store and get.

There were a dozen or so men watching her, some more obviously than others, but all their eyes had focused on her shirt for a least a little while. Her towering heels clicked against the cement sidewalk as she turned the corner on to her own street once more and she almost felt relief until she say Mr. Henderson sitting on his porch.

As she reached his property she slowed down and place the lollipop back between her lips, slowly moving it in and out. As soon as she made it half way across his property she pulled the lollipop just out of her mouth and started to lick at it with her tongue fully extended.

After a few moments she pushed the candy back in to her mouth, turned towards Mr. Henderson, gave her tits a shake and waved at his with the biggest smile she could muster on her face, “Hiya Mr. Henderson!”

“Hello Linny, how are you today?” he called back.

She grabbed the lollipop from her mouth and pouted and stamped her feet, sending her tits jiggiling up and down, “Like Daddy made me go to the store! He said that… that I was like a big girl now, and that I had to… you know… pull my own weight around the house or something!”

“Well John knows best Linny, you’d best listen to him.”

“I know Mr. Henderson, like thanks.” she said before sticking the lollipop back in her mouth, turning and continuing on down the street to her home.

She wiggled her ass all the way up to the front door, opened it and stepped inside, closing it behind her. “Like, I’m home Daddy!” she cried out in excitement.

“That’s great honey, did you get everything on the list?”

“Oh Daddy, of course I did!” She replied and set her purse on the table by the door before opening up the bag she held in the other hand and rummaging around in it.

“Like, condoms, lube, birth control pills, a whole lot of lollies!”

“That’s great baby girl, come and join me in the livigng room.”

“Yes Daddy!” she replied and move as quickly as the high heels would let her to the living room.

She jumped on to his lap and gave him a big hug, pusing his face between her tits and shaking them from side to side, “Like, did you miss me Daddy?” she gushed.

In response he gave her ass a slap and she pulled back slight, “You know I did baby girl.”

She felt his dick harden under her ass and she let out a giggle as she wiggled on top of it, “Ohhhhh! Daddy did miss me!” she cried out as she wiggled her way back and then on to her knees.

Moments later, after her fingers had worked his zipper and pulled his pants down, her lips wrapped around his hard shaft and Lindsay was able to think clearly once more.

Lindsay’s lips still remained wrapped around John’s dick and her head continued to bob up and down, but the Lindsay, corporate raider and scourage of wall street knew exactly what was happening.

She wasn’t some little girl with daddy issues, she didn’t wiggle her ass and talk like a complete ditz, and John wasn’t her daddy either.

No, he had been the CEO of the last company she had targeted to takeover and sell off for it’s assets. Everything had been going fine, the takeover would have been completed in a few weeks, but John had resisted as best as he could and instead of a protracted battle, had suggest they met to discuss an amicable solution.

Seeing no reason to deny a chance to gloat, she’d agreed to the slighly unusual one on one meeting request. It had started out as usual, John arguing why his company was better as a whole, more valuable than just the sum of it’s parts. All of which was easily refuted by the numbers she had committed to memory from her financial team.

Then had come the personal pleas, which fell on deaf ears. But near the end of his sappy speech, he’d reached out and touched her hand, in what she had assumed was some kind of gesture meant to illicit an emotional reaction from her.

How wrong she had been, instead a tingle had raced up her arm and slammed in to her mind, the room spun, the world crumbled around her, and then John had started speaking.

She still didn’t clearly remember leaving the room, but a week later she had called off the takeover.

A month later she’d quit her job.

A month after that she’d moved out in to the suburbs, to a small home in a subdivision, leaving her old life behind.

A month later John had shown up for the first and she had greeted him at the door in the same outfit she now wore. The rest of her wardrobe was filled with similar outfits in baby blue and pink and yellow with similar slogans across them like “Daddy Knows Best”, “Daddy’s Little Girl” or “Daddies Do It Better”.

Lindsay wanted to bit off his dick that was still sliding in and out of her throat, but like every other time, her jaws simply refused to obey.

It was a mixed bless though, if she’d managed to do it she was sure she’d never come to the surface again, Linny was in charge almost all of the time. There were only three times that Lindsay every came to the surface, one was like now when she was giving John a blowjob, the second was when he was fucking her pussy and the last was when he was fucking her ass.

She could only imagine what twisted pleasure he received from knowing she was there, after all if anyone else had been watching they would only have seen Linny giving her Daddy a blowjob. Lindsay was never allowed to change anything or say even a word.

Lindsay felt John’s hand grab her hair and hold her down as his cum filled her throat and her whole body shook as the orgasm crashed over her.

As soon as he pulled her off of him, Lindsay once more vanashed in to the haze that was Linny’s world.

Linny titled her head back and smacked her own face with Daddy’s softening cock as she giggle and extended her tongue, “Oh my god Daddy, I so looooovvvvveeee your cum! *giggle*”

“I know you do baby girl, I know you do.” he replied and patted her head several times, “No go get cleaned up, I’ve got some friends coming over tonight who are eager to meet you.”

“Yes Daddy!”

John watched Lindsay wiggle her ass down the hallway towards the bathroom and then turned his attention to his phone. Several messages were on it from ex-CEO’s that had gone up against Lindsay in the past, all confirming their attendance later that night.

Lindsay had been a lot of fun over the last few months, but she was taking up too much of his attention and it was time time to get back to work, his company could mostly run itself, but he still felt the need to add his personal touch.

There always seemed to be someone sniffing around to try and take it out from under him, but he’d long ago learned how to deal with such people and Lindsay had just been the latest in a long line of them.

He was sure one of her old foe’s would be a fine fit for her new life and give her all the attention she now needed.