Jenni gave me a dirty look as she stood by the tree, then her eyes dropped down to the sex doll and she pouted before they darted over to me relaxing in my favorite chair.

“But… but… like.. I’m suppos’d tabe your sex doll!” she whined.

She’d been so happy when she’d started to unwrap the box, but the whining had started as soon as she realized what it was. It only intesified when I had her blow it up and peaked when I’d had her dress it.

I smiled sympathetically back at her, “Come over her Jenni…” I said and patted my knee.

She pouted some more but wiggled her ass over and sat down on my knee. Her head dropped and I took her chin and lifted it slightly as I turned her face towards mine, “Now is that any way to say thank you for getting a present?” I asked in an admonishing tone.

Her lower lip quivered as she responded, “N… nah… no…”

“Then what *do* you say?”

“Th… thank you baby… I lu… lu… love my present.” she managed to get out while still looking completely disappointed.

“That’s a little better. Now take a good look at the present I’ve gotten you. Look at how her legs are spread, her lips are parted, her eyes completely empty of any thoughts.”

Jenni let out a little moan as her own legs spread out slightly, her lips parted and I watched the thoughts start to drain from her mind.

“You’ve come a long way since last year Jenni, but you’re not the perfect little sex doll your present is are you?”

“J.. J… Jenni wants to be…. Jenni needs to be… *ohhhhhhh*” she moaned as my fingers slipped between her legs and I started to rub her clit.

“That’s right and your present is going to help you out so much. She’s going to teach you how to stay perfectly still, how to remain completely silent, while your being used. Only making the tiniest of squeaks no matter how much use you get.”

A small noise came from between her lips, it wasn’t a squeak, at least not yet, but it would be soon enough. I parted my legs and let Jenni slide down between them, parting my house coat, my hardening shaft sprung forth and I guided it up to her lips. Taking each side of her head I slid her down my shaft and then back up, again and again until my cum sprayed in to her throat.

When I let go of her head she collapsed the rest of the way on to the floor and laid there spread out, cum dripping from her mouth.

I smiled down at her and felt a great sense of pride in her. Just over a year ago the crusading DA had been on a rampage through the city, culminating in delivering a slew of indictments against me at Christmas. She had been on TV Christmas day gloating about the “presents” she had delivered and she was sure she wouldn’t be getting any thank you letters in the mail.

It had taken me months to fight off the bulk of the charges, but that wasn’t enough. I had set out to completely discredit her and it wasn’t long before she had been fired from the DA’s office in disgrace. After that it had been a simple thing to reach out to some of my contacts to arrange for her too be taken away and given a new outlook on life.

I’d had fun these last few months parading her around town as a bimbo trophy girlfriend, but it was time to move on. She was scheduled for some physical upgrades in the new year and then a quick update to her attitude would leave little more than a real sex doll left.

Fortunately there were dozens, if not hundreds, of other underworld figures she’d caused problems for over the years as a DA and I had reached out to a few of them already to see if they would be interested in renting her for a while. So far I had her booked up through the summer, though I had already reservered her for myself next Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!