A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday December 28, 2019

Diana opened the box and parted the wrapping and frowned, the sparkly “stripper” shoes had her symbol on them but they were clearly an unwelcome joke.

But from who was the question. There were only so many people who knew her secret identity and the package had been addressed to her home so it wasn’t like it had come in through the League’s headquarters or anything. She flipped through the names in her head who might have been behind it but for the life of here should couldn’t imagine any of them sending her such a thing.

She reached down to close up the box once more before she disposed of it and the light caught some of the stones in them, catching her eye and before she had thought about it, her fingers reached in and touched the shoes. Her frown lessened slightly as her fingers traced over the gold stones that formed her logo until a small smile crossed her lips.

Perhaps she wouldn’t throw them out, they seemed well made and it was a shame to junk them even if she would never wear them…

Diana tossed and turned, sleep had come but her dreams were restless and erotic. She kept dreaming of a man, well she assumed it was a man as his face and body were always blurry and ill-defined. He kept touching her, touching her in places she had never let a man touch her before, but it felt so good that she couldn’t help herself and she kept letting him do it.

His hand was between her legs, his fingers rubbing her clit, her breathing was rapid and ragged as she suddenly sat bolt upright in bed as an orgasm woke her from the dream.

She collapsed back on to her bed and let out a huff, and then a sigh.

She swung her legs over the side of the bed and the loud clop echoed through her bedroom as she put her weight on the sparkly heels. A glint of moonlight reflected off of them and she smiled as a small shiver of pleasure ran over her body giving her goosebumps.

It had been a week since they had been delivered to her and they had never made it to her closet, instead sitting on her nightstand for a few days before she’d felt… compelled?… to wear them one night as she slipped between her sheets.

She’d told herself it would only be for a minute, just to see how they felt. She’d taken a few steps away from the bed in them, then a quick lap around the room. She’d had hardly been able to believe it, but they were the most comfortable shoes she’d ever worn!

Without thinking any more about it, she’d returned to bed, slipped under the sheets and gone to sleep, with the shoes still on.

The next morning she’d woken up and started to go about her day, only realizing they were still on her feet when the noise of them hitting the tile floor of the shower made her realize they were there. She’d put them by her bed and left them there for the rest of the day.

The next day she’d put them back on until she’d had to go out for a meeting at the League’s headquarters. Yesterday, she’d worn them all day long except for a quick trip down to the store for groceries.

Diana sat in her living room chair, her legs crossed, her stripper heels bouncing slightly as she let her leg swing in and out as she watched TV.

She’d been watching a lot of TV lately, but not the usual programs she had liked in the past like nature documentaries, political news shows, and history docs. No, she’d found a whole new kind of show that seemed to become an obsession for her, these shows were filled with vapid vain women that dressed in skimpy outfits and fought over the stupidest of things.

She couldn’t turn her eyes away.

A slight chill in the air come across her and her nipples hardened instantly, “Oh!” she let out in surprise and reached down and pushed the lacy lingerie out fo the way and took hold of one of them.

She half-closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she bit her lower lip and a moan escaped her lips as her hair fell over her shoulders and down her back.

She’d woken up at her normal time and spent several hours getting her hair and makeup just right before putting on the new lingerie and settling into watching her shows. It was new of course because before she’d gone shopping earlier that week, she hadn’t owned any lingerie.

The pleasure from her nipple continued to spread out over her body and she leaned back into the chair, uncrossing her legs and spreading them wide so her other hand could reach down between them. Soon her fingers were in her pussy, her breathing was rapid as she worked herself to climax for the first time today, though it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

Diana felt the thrill of excitement as she stepped into the elevator as the man who had just stepped out of it did a double-take and stared at her until the doors had closed behind him.

The attention was thrilling but expected, after all her two large tits were desperately trying to break free of the tight white top she wore, her short skirt only just covered her ass and the tiny little plaid tie that acted as a choker only just made it’s way to the top of her cleavage. She was quite sure he’d never even noticed the sparkly stripper heels she was wearing.

She smiled at her own reflection in the elevator doors and adjusted her tits until the elevator came to a stop at the floor she wanted. She strutted down the hallway until she found the right room, fished a key card out from beside her left tit and pushed it into the lock, a thunk followed by a green light brought a chill to her whole body.

Diana pushed the door open and let it swing closed behind her, inside the room was a large bed and on the other side of it a table and chair. In the chair was a man who seemed blurry and indistinct, Diana’s heart raced as she wiggled her ass around the bed and stood in front of him.

She jiggled her tits and licked her lips, turning around she wiggled her ass and bent over, pushing her skirt up and giving him a good look at her naked pussy. Her fingers slipped between her legs and rubbed her moistening slit before she stood back up and turned around. Her fingers came up to her lips and she suckled them slowly until all of her pussy juices were gone.

“Do I please you Sir?” she asked, her eyes full of need behind the thick frame glasses she wore for appearance only.

“Perhaps… show me the rest.” he replied and Diana smiled eagerly.

Her hand went up to her glasses and grabbed the frames with two fingers as she pulled them from her face and spun around. A sudden flash of light filled the room as she completed one more rotation before coming to a stop in front of him once more.

Gone was the simple white outfit, replaced with a rhinestone-encrusted costume of red and blue and gold. It hugged her body rightly, but left her tits hanging freely. In plunged down between her legs, but split in two, running at each side of her pussy and ass, leaving both free of any covering.

Diana dropped to her knees and wiggled her way between his legs, her tits pushing firmly against his crotch as she pushed them together with her hands. She looked up at him, the glasses long gone, her face cake on with red and blue makeup, “Please Sir, let Wonder Whore save you from that awful hardon I can feel pushing into my tits.”

She couldn’t tell if he smiled, but his blurry hand reached down and touched her cheek, she leaned into it and when his thumb pushed up against her lips she eagerly sucked on it. As she did, she let go of her tits and worked his pants until they were down around his ankles. She maneuvered his shaft between her tits and wrapped them around it, giving him a titty fuck as she continued to suck on his thumb.

Eventually, he pulled his thumb out and she dove down on to his cock, her tits releasing it from their grasp as she bobbed up and down. He didn’t let her continue for long, instead grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling her up as he stood up as well. He grabbed hold of her hips and turned her around, giving her a push towards the bed, she eagerly fell forward and bounced on it, spreading her legs wide, the sparkly stripper heels firmly planted on the floor.

His cock touched her outer lips and she let out a moan, “Oh fuck yes! Fuck Wonder Whore’s tight little cunny Sir! Wonder Whore loves your big hard cock inside of her!”

He pushed in hard and she cried out in pleasure. He pulled back and she whimpered in disappointment.

“Deeper Sir! Fuck Wonder Whore’s cunt deeper Sir!”

He pushed in again and again until the first of dozens of orgasms crashed over her and she eventually passed out from them.

Diana woke up, her body sore, but a satisfied feeling running throughout it. She rolled over and looked at the ceiling, her brow furrowing at the unfamiliar sight. She sat bolt upright as memories of the last month or so flooded back to her, and then let out a scream of pure anguish.

She could feel the shoes still on her feet and knew they had been responsible for whatever twisted plot had been unleashed upon her. She could remember each and every step as whatever magic had been cast on them twisted her life around piece by piece. Her muscles tensed as the memory of resigning from the League filled her with rage.

There were two things that disturbed her even more than that though; the first was that no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t make out the man’s face, the second was that even now as rage filled her, the memory of the orgasms from last night was making her pussy wet.

Diana lay there for quite a while, trying to quell both the rage and the moistness until she had managed at least to push the rage to the back of her mind. She stood up from the bed and twirled around, filling the room with a flash of light as her costume disappeared and her clothing returned.

At least if she could call what she was wearing clothing of course. She shook her head and let her hair fall against her chest as she closed her eyes and let out a sign, the feeling of the material of the tie on her chin. She walked over to the nightstand and put her glasses back on.

Then, hoping against hope, she headed to the bathroom, desperate to find a robe or something she could cover herself with.

As she left the hotel room, clutching the robe around her tightly, she didn’t even notice the sparkly stripper shoes that still adorned her feet.

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