“Hey… uhm… are you Mike?” the blonde asked hesitantly as she stood in the middle of the park.

I smiled at her, “Yeah, I’m Mike.”

“D.. Don said you might… might be able to hook me up?” she asked, running a finger through her hair and hooking it over her ear as she looked down at her feet.

My simile broadened, knowing full well Don hadn’t said any such thing. But he had let her overhear his name and where he could be found. It was all part of the process.

“All depends… whatcha looking for?”

I watched her face flush, “Uhm… Bimbozine?” she asked.

“Ah, yeah, I can hook you up with that.” I replied and watched her face light up with excitement.

It wasn’t that different than th excitement I saw on heroin junkies when they knew they were about to get a fix, and my the looks of the girl’s chest, she’d been hooked for a while.

“Great!” she cried out, louder than she’d expected and I watched her almost crawl back in to herself as she looked around to see if she’d drawn any attention to them.

“Don was… was charging me $100…” she continued, quieter.

“Yeah well, I’m not Don. Let me guess, you’re coming to me because Don cut you off right?”

She pouted and nodded her head sullenly.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll give it to you for $50… but I’ve got a little studio setup back at my place and we’re going to take some photos.”

Her mouth dropped open, she clearly wanted to argue, but I could also see the excitement still in her eyes.

“Just… just photos? Nothing more?”

“Yep, just photos… unless you want to do more?”

“No! No! Photos… photos would be fine.”

I fished a small baggie of pink powder from my pocked and slipped it to her, she didn’t hesitate in opening it and snorting the whole thing. I let out a little chuckle but she didn’t notice, the Bimbozine had already gotten a hold of her.

I grabbed hold of her hand and started walking back towards my place, she skipped along behind me, high as a kite, not a care in the world now that she had her fix.

I was her third dealer, moving her between dealers was part of the process and I had worked my way to the middle of it. A few more and I’d be moving up to the next level and that was where things would be getting good.

She was already pretty far along in the physical changes that the bimbozine induced, few had breasts as large as her by this stage, but looking at her face she probably had been a very pretty girl to start with. Most likely some college girl that had gone to a party and met her first dealer there. Might have even asked for it, bimbozine was well know to help with concentration and focus, at least in small doses.

Of course the problem was that it was also highly addictive and small doses weren’t enough for very long. Her first dealer’s only job was to get her introduced to the drug and on her way to being addicted. She’d probably been passed off to Don a few weeks after that, as Don’s job was to get her truly dependent on bimbozine… and then cut her off. First though Don had let her overhear him complaining about me, how I was cutting in to his territory and undercutting him.

Don would have cut her off after he told her that money wasn’t enough any more, that she needed to “entertain” some of his friends if she wanted another hit. She’d refused of course, she was still clinging on to the idea that she wasn’t just another junkie, that she could control the growing urges her body felt.

My job was to get her naked, and in front of a camera. Get her to masturbate while I took photos, and afterwards sign the release for them so they could be published online.

There was a whole back office team already working on a profile for her, collecting information and photos to use. With how pretty she had probably been, they might already be publishing content for her to prime the clients when she was ready.

It would take me a couple of weeks to get her to the next stage, I’d probably even get a few blow jobs out of her before I eventually told her that she needed to let me fuck her while I took photos. She’d once again balk at that, and remember about Dave, the next dealer in the process that I’d ranted about in one, or more, of our previous photo sessions.

Dave’s job was to get her on video, which would go well enough for a few weeks until he told her about the cam site he was going to sign her up for. Depending on her addiction, she might simply agree at this point or she might get passed off to the final dealer she would have. Either way she’d end up working for us as a prostitute of some kind.

I was currently working on three girls, this one making four, and I needed another half dozen before I’d get prompted to the next level. That’s where the real fun was, you got to keep one of the girls you convinced to become cam models, as a bonus of having done a good job.

I took a look at the blonde beside me and wondered if I should stretch this one out, I could already see the bimbozine had plumped up her lips some more, she might be fun to hang on to.

With a smile on my face and a little skip in my own step I turned off the sidewalk and headed up the stairs to my apartment, what was an extra few days to wait for my promotion? I’d meet my quota in no time, with or without this one, so why not see if she was any good, after all, if I found someone better I could just pass her off if I did.