Donna sucked on the fruity drink as she watched across the street at the hotel, her camera sitting on her lap. Her client’s husband had entered the building an hour ago and would be out any time.

It was his weekly hookup with his mistress and she’d spent months trying to get a photo of the two of them together as they either entered or left the hotel.

She parted her lips and let the straw slip back down in to the drink, only to have a few drops of the liquid dribble down between her tits. Which was a good thing as she certainly didn’t want to get them on her camera. She set the drink down and used her finger to run along the side of her exposed cleavage to scoop them up and then gently sucked on her finger, savouring the sugary drink.

She looked down at her tight black top and even tighter white skirt and shook her head slightly. Perhaps they weren’t the best “surveillance” clothes, but they definitely showed off the work she’d put in to her body in the last few months.

She’d never really considered implants before this job, her breasts were large enough, perhaps a D cup, though age had taken some toll on them. But the bubbly blonde mistress had a set of cans on her that had made Donna do a double take. Donna had hundreds of photo’s of the woman, in all kinds of outfits, showing them off to whoever glanced in her general direction.

At first she’d just shook her head in disbelief, but then after weeks of tracking her, something had wormed it’s way in to her mind. What was wrong with big fake tits?

Nothing of course, as long as the woman wanted them.

And Donna had quickly come to realize that she did want them. Big fake tits that stuck out from her chest and announced to the whole world that they were there.

As part of Donna’s background check on the blonde, she’d learned which doctor she’d gone to and she had made an appointment. She’d had her beautiful new tits for almost a month and she couldn’t help but show them off as much as she could.

If that meant spending some more time at the gym, so what?

If that meant spending more time each morning doing her hair and makeup, so what?

If that meant buying a whole new wardrobe of skimpy outfits, so what?

Donna looked up just as the blonde bimbo walked out of the hotel, her client’s husband no where to be seen. Donna raised her camera and snapped several photo’s, including several extreme closeups of the woman’s tits, before setting the camera back down in her lap.

A cab stopped and picked the woman up and then drove off while Donna waited for him to leave as well.

Donna slowly crept down the hallway of the hotel towards room 604, it was the same room every week and while the blonde bimbo had left over an hour ago, her client’s husband had still not emerged.

She approached the door and just as she was about to put her ear to it, it swung inward and he stepped out in to the hallway, bumping right in to her.

And by bumping in to her, she meant bumping in to her tits, which were always the first thing that made contact with anything in front of her.

“Oh, excuse me Miss.” he said, his eyes locked on to her cleavage.

“Oh… oh that’s no problem…” she stuttered, not sure what to do.

“Say… you wouldn’t be available to hire would you? Money is no object…” he said, finally raising his gaze from her tits to her face.

Donna’s face turned pale white as all the blood drained from it in horror, he thought she was a hooker!

“I… I…” she stumbled out not seeing any way out of the mess she had created

“I… I might be… do… do you like my… big fake titties?” she asked hesitantly, saying the only think that she could think of to say.

“Oh, yes, yes I do.” he replied, reaching out and pulling one side of her top to the side and then the other, exposing her erect nipples to the cool hallway air.

He grabbed hold of one of them and half turned back in to the hotel room, pulling her along behind him, “Oh! Oh god!” she said and then let out a low moan.

Before she knew what was happening she was flat on her back, her top tossed to the side, his dick sliding between her tits, his hands slapping each on in turn as she did the best could to hold them at the base and keep them together.

She titled her head up as best she could, trying to get the tip of his dick in to her mouth with each thrust. He finally grabbed the back of her head, held her in position as his cum spurted out from between her tits and on to her face.

Her orgasm rocked her to the very core as she arched her entire body and then collapsed on to the bed, weak from it.

For his part, he pulled out from between her tits and slapped his softening member against each of her tits in turn, sending the few remaining droplets of cum in it all over her tits and chest.

She hardly noticed him get up from the bed, still on her high from the orgasm, but she definitely noticed the flash of her camera going off, several times.

She felt the bed bounce just a bit as the camera landed beside her and she let her head flop over to the side to see it. The display had landed facing her and the last photo of her spread out on the bed, cum all over her tits, chest and face was still on it. But it was the gooffy smile and blissed out look in her eyes that send a shiver down her spine right to her pussy.

“See you next week Donna, and tell my wife to stop having me followed or the next one I’ll send back to her as a sex crazed drooling mess… got it?”

“Yeah sure, whatever you say…” Donna replied through the haze of pleasure that still permeated her.

Thomas shook his head as he walked out of the hotel room and let the door close behind him. His wife had a strange sense of humor sometimes.

It wasn’t like anyone could follow him without his knowledge, his powers made that impossible, just like hers did.

But every once in a while she’d send some poor sucker his way, as kind of a gift he guessed. Not that he ever turned them away of course, Donna and the others were always fun to play with for a little while at least.

And smiled and started to whistle while he walked towards the elevator. He shouldn’t complain too much he guessed, after all he’d found a nice young struggling actor who was moonlighting as a PI just last week and he was already on his wife’s tail.

He wondered if the young man would fare better than the last one he’d sent her way? He did check in on them once in a while and the last time he had the man had been the center peice of a gay BDSM club. Thomas had taken pity on him, at least a little, and altered his mind so that he enjoy it. Unlike his wife, he did not have such a vindictive streak in him and thought all of his toys should enjoy being played with.