I do so love re-making the supers, they’re capable of so much more than the boring old humans that are the mainstay of my business.

My business, is of course, re-making people.

Most people are made broken at some level, perhaps through genetics or up bringing or environment, it really doesn’t matter. They are broken and those with the will and money to do so, can fix this.

There are three kinds clients that I have; those that want to fix themselves, those that want to fix someone else, and those that want to break someone.

The first kind of client is usually someone who has finally admitted that whatever problem they have, be it drugs or behaviour or whatever, they cannot fix on their own. This group of clients is relatively small, it takes a massive amount of self awareness to come to this realization and most people simply do not have the will to do so. However, those that do come to me in this way, find my services modestly priced and always successful.

One example that I had a few years ago was a young pop starlet, who had slowly broken down with a mix of bad relationships and alcohol. She had finally realized that there was no amount of self medication that was going to help and traditional therapy had left her feeling hollow and alone. She wanted to rebuild her life and return to what she loved doing, performing on stage. After a short visit to my facility she found a very stable relationship, released new music and last I heard had a lucrative residency in Vegas.

The second kind of client I have, those that want to fix someone else, are the mainstay of my business. These can be spouses or lovers who want to improve the relationship they have, but only on their own terms. These people are of course self centered and egotistical, people with money and power who simply want their ideal relationship, giving little or no thought to the other person involved.

These people pay handsomely for my services, you’ve probable seen a few of them in various gossip rags at the checkout line. Rich and powerful men with trophy wives hanging on their arms. A celebrity lesbian landing what had been a die hard straight women before the relationship. These clients are often repeat customers, coming back to make additional changes once they get a taste for what they can do. My only rule with these kinds of clients is that those that I remake, are always happy with the results.

And finally, the last kind of client I have is those that want to break someone else. These are the truly depraved amongst my clients, they do not want their targets to be happy, or be better, or really be anything other than exactly what the client wants.

These clients are often what many would call villains, and I see no reason to disagree with them. More often than not it is one of several government agencies, looking to turn a double agent, or swing an election. But once in a while, it is a true villain, a supervillain in fact.

That was the case here, a supervillain had contacted me sometime ago, placing a standing order on his nemesis, some bat themed night time vigilantly. I always have feelers out amongst the underworld and when the opportunity came up to acquire her, the wheels were put in motion.

This particular super has been holding this pose for three days, a normal human wouldn’t have been able to do it for more than a few minutes. But with super powers comes super stamina and strength, which opens up so many more possibilities. It will be interesting to see how long she can hold the pose for, whether the need for water and food or her strength and stamina will give out first.

The supervillian in question has plans to put her on display in public and needs to know exactly how long between “maintenance” breaks is required. I have to admit though, having her here these last few days has tempted me to keep her for a while longer. It’s not like I’ve notified him that I have acquired her yet, I could keep her for a few months or even longer and then, when I’m tired of her, pass her along to him.

Yes, yes, I believe that’s what I’ll do.

“Stand at attention.” I called out and the former hero slowly lowered her leg to the floor, placed her arms at her side and stood upright.

“Approach and assume position 12.”

She placed one foot in front of the other, crossing them over and wiggling her hips as she walked towards me. When she arrived she lowered herself down, bending at the knees and balancing on the platform heels. She placed her arms behind her back and clasped them together as she tilted her head up and parted her lips.

I smiled down and unzipped my pants, fetching my harding shaft out of them and pushing it between her lips. Moments later I was pounding in and out of her mouth as hard as I could, her body remaining perfectly still as she exerted only a fraction of her super strength to remain so.

I finally pulled out and slapped my cock against her face several times, “Position 6.”, I said and she rose upwards, turned and bend over at the waist, forming a perfect 90 degree bend as I unzipped the long zipper that ran from her lower abdomen to her lower back. I pushed up against her sphincter and shoved all the way in, her body still remaining perfectly still as I did so.

Moments later I unloaded in to her bowels and afterwards slipped out of her ass.

I headed to the bathroom to cleanup and then went to check on several other projects there were underway. A few hours later when I returnd, she was still standing there, bent over at the waist, a few dribbles of my cum dried on her ass and thigh, but the rest of my load still filling her.

I smiled, yes, these supers were so much more capable than mere humans. I am sure I will enjoy finding out just how much more capable over the next few months.