“Like, oh my god, just show him your tits already!” Shawna huffed and rolled her eyes at Crystal.

“But, like, my ass is my best asset…” Crystal whined back at Shawna.

“Fine, like, I’ll do it.” Shawna replied and pulled at the slip not that barely held the tiny white top together. It fell away and she giggled as the cool air instantly hardened her nipples.

Shawna give her tits a little jiggle and smiled at Tom behind the counter, “Like what you see mister? *giggle*”

“I do… I do.” Tom replied, smiling broadly before pushing two small pink packets across the counter towards the two women.

“Thanks Mister!” Crystal cried out and quickly grabbed both packets in one hand and Shawna’s hand in the other as she dragged Shawna from the QuickMart.

“Awe, come on mister, what else do you want?” Shawna whined as she and Crystal stood in the QuickMart, both of their tops were open and their skirts were hiked up around their waists.

“Yeah mister… what?” Crystal chimed in as well, her eyes fixated on the small pink packet in Tom’s hand that he was absently flicking with a finger.

Tom didn’t reply but instead walked over to the edge of the counter where both women saw he was naked from the waist down, his hard shaft standing at attention.

“Ewwwwww…” the both cried out and wrinkled their noses at the same time, but instantly fell silent as Tom ripped the pouch open and let the glittery pink dust fall down and coat his shaft.

“Like… I…” Shawna started to say, desperate for the pink powder but not quite that desperate.

It was too late anyway, Crystal and simply dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around Tom’s dick without any hesitation.

“Too bad Shawna, better luck tomorrow.” Tom said and Shawna’s lower lip quivered as she hesitently did up her top and pulled down her skirt. She walked from the QuickMart, glancing over her shoulder the entire way to the slupping sounds of Crystal sucking Tom off.

Shawna had tried to stay away, she hadn’t seen Crystal for three days, but the need had finally gotten to great. As she walked in to the QuickMart she knew she’d eagerly suck of Tom for another packet of the pink substance.

By the time she’d arrived at the counter she’d already peeled away all of her clothing, but her heart sank as she arrived. She could hear slurping sounds coming from beneath the coutner and she knew Crystal must already be well on her way to getting today’s packet.

“Hello Shawna, back are we?” Tom asked with a wolfish grin on his face.

“Yeah, like, I really need it…” Shawna whined.

Tom held up a small pink packet, “You mean this?” he asked and she just nodded her head and hug it low when she finished.

“Then why don’t you come around behind the counter and see if you can get it.”

Shawna’s face brightened a bit as she quickly made her way around behind the counter, where just as she suspected Crystal was naked and busily sucking on Tom’s dick.

Tom grabbed a hold of Crystal’s hair and pulled her back off of him, several lines of saliva connecting his dick to her face as he did so as Crystal tried to extend her tongue far enough to make contact with him once more. Instead Tom pulled her to the side, kicked her feet towards Shawna and then reached down and grabbed one of her breasts, squeezing it and then slapping it, before leaning her back about half way.

Crystal propped herself up on her elbows and looked up at Tom, her eyes never focusing past his dick, but Shawna watched him rip open the packet and then lean over, push Crystal’s legs a part and then sprinkle the pink powder on her pussy.

Shawna’s lower lip quivered and she let out a little whimper as she slowly lowered herself to he knees, then bent over and crawled between her best friends legs. Finally she lowered her head down and a few crystal’s of the pink dust made it to her nostrils. Her whole body collapsed down, her face buried in Crystal’s pussy as her tongue lapped eagerly at Crystal’s sex. The pink powdered went directly to her head, sending her on a euphoric high as pink cotton candy filled her head.

She hardly noticed Tom walk around behind her, barely noticed his hands take hold of her hips, didn’t resist as he pulled her ass up in to the air, laped even harder when his dick pushed up against her sphincter and in to her ass.

When he came inside of her, all she could do was cum along with him as she gave Crystal yet another orgasm of her own.

Tom looked down at Crystal and Shawna, his cum dribbling out of Shawna’s ass, Shawna still lapping away at Crystal’s pussy and Crystal blissed out on the orgasms that she was having.

The two women had been the bane of his existence for as long as he could remember. Always teasing him, looking down at him, making his life miserable throughout high school and even after. But like so many women these days, they’d gotten a taste of the pink powder that was sweeping across the country and he’d moved quickly to make sure they knew he had a supply of it. It had quickly effected their minds, reducing their intellect, increasing their libido, eliminating inhabitions. After a couple of weeks they’d even seemed to forget that they’d known him since they were kids, calling him ‘mister’ like he was some old man.

Now he had both of them hooked on it, and he’d already started to wean Crystal off of it. In a week Crystal would be his eager cock hungry slut without the powder. Shawna was another story though, the high and mighty leader of the popular clique was going to have a much harder fall.

Shawna had flouted her natural good looks, including her large breasts, to anyone and everyone throughout her life. He’d leave her on the pink powder for a few more weeks, having her make changes to herself to get her next hit. First it would be her hair, the gorgeous natural brown would be replaced with a teased out bleached blonde. Then would come the plastic surgeries, inflating her tits and lips.

By the time he finally weaned her off of the drug, no one would confuser her for a natural beauty. Everyone would know immediately she was nothing more than a fake plastic fuck doll.

Tom reached down and gave Shawna’s ass a swat, “That’s enough Shawna.”, and then walked around the two of them, returning back behind the Crystal.

“Ok girls, time to clean up.” Tom said and Shawna looked a little confused but Crystla knew exactly what to do. turning around and kneeling in front of him, Crystal quickly start to suck at Tom’s dick. Shawna caught on quickly enough and joined Crystal in sucking the last of Tom’s cum from his body.

He still had a couple of hours left on his overnight shift, but he ws sure they’d fly by with the two of them helping to pass the time.