A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday March 21, 2020

Crystal sat on the counter as I entered the kitched and I smiled, “Damn it they’re good! And delivered on time even though it was a rush job.” I said aloud as a shook my head.

Crystal didn’t reach in in the slightest, her hands held up in peace signs as I walked over to the counter and picked up the elegant red box with the scroll work in the middle that read “The Company” just below it’s logo.

I opened the box and took out the high quality book that covered over the small remote control inside.

“Welcome to your new purchase, please find all of your operating instructions in this book and enjoy!”

I smiled even more as I flipped through the book and images of Crystal’s “processing” were plastered across the pages. I’d have to read it later, but for now it was time to enjoy my birthday present to myself.

I pressed the large pink button on the remote and Crystal blinked several times and then hopped down from the counter, her high heels clicking on the wooden floor of the kitchen.

“Like, oh my god! Baby!” she squealed as she tossed her long blonde hair over her shoulder, wrapped her arms around me and rubbed her tits in to my chest.

She titled her head up and I mine down, our lips connected and our tongues probed each other’s mouths as my hands reached down and grabbed her ass. I let go of one side and gave it a good hard slap. Crystal moaned with each blow until she couldn’t take it any more and broke our kiss.

“Oh god baby, slap that ass! Slap it hard! It makes me so horny baby!”

I pushed her back slightly and slipped the dress from her shoulders, it fell to the ground to reveal the two large round globes on her chest.

She grasped her hands behind her back and gave her tits a shake, “Do you like em baby? I so love my big fake tits!”

I reached out and grabbed them, giving them a good hard squeeze, “Oh god yes baby! Harder! Slap those big fake tities!”

Unwilling to wait any longer, I placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. She wasn’t even half way down when her fingers attacked my pants, getting them off with surprising skill just as she landed on the floor. Her mouth quickly wrapped around my hardening shaft and the room was filled with the slurping sounds of her giving me head.

After a while I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her up, turned her around and bent her over the counter, sending the bags and balloons flying everywhere. Her hands flew around to her ass cheaks, grabbing each one and pulling them apart.

“Oh god baby, stick that cock in my ass! I love my tight little asshole used! Stick that big hard cock in there and make my scream!”

I did, and she did. Her screams echoing throughout the house as I pumped her ass for all she was worth.

I looked down at my cum dripping slowly from Crystal’s ass as she laid sprawled across the kitchen island. I could just hear some fait giggles and moans coming from her, but it looked like it would be a while before she was ready for another round.

Of course the old Crystal would never have given a french kiss, let alone a blowjob or anal sex. And she’d never spent more than two minutes in the kitchen at a time.

The old Crystal was a straight up gold digger, and not a very compliant one at that.

Which was the point. She’d burned through several of my, I guess you’d call them friends, in my social circle and she figured she’d hit the jackpot when I’d shown interest in her. Not to brag, but my money is old money and I’ve been on the most eligible bachelors list of the city for several years.

Those two thing tend to bring in women like Crystal, looking to win the lottery without putting out any effort. Which were perfect candidates for “The Company”. They seldom had any family or connects to the community, and the few that did were easily weeded out. Crystal had been a perfect candidate. So we started dating just two months ago and I put in the call.

It had almost all gone wrong when she refused to move in with me, she held out for several weeks which really put “The Company” in a bind for the deadline I’d given them. But of course they were professionals and had come through in spades.

I grabbed the red box from the floor, putting the remote and book back in it, then turned to walk to my study as little sounds continued to come from Crystal.

Once there, I walked over to the large bookshelf, slipped my hand between two of the books and found the hidden finger print scanner. A loud clunk followed along with the bookshelf dislodging from the wall slightly. I swung easily open to reveal the small room behind it.

A large TV was on the wall to the left, with a large comfortable chair across from it. The entire back wall was another set of book shelves, some filled with books, other with artwork, but right in the middle was the shelf I approached.

Placing the red box on it, along with the dozen or so other’s that it held, I smiled once more as I counted them. 15, the Crystal anniversary.

I gave a low chuckle and walked back out, closing the bookshelf behind me with another loud, solid clunk as the locking mechanism took hold.

Crystal wouldn’t last the whole year of course, I’d grow tired of her and pass her off to someone else, but I was going to have fun with her while she lasted. And besides, I was already looking forward to my 20th anniversary of using “The Company”, I was sure I would enjoy finding a cute little china doll to play with for it.

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