God why hadn’t she listened?

But honestly, who believed in curses anyway?

Well she sure damn well did now! That’s who!

Kristi leaned back, her ass pushed up on the edge of teh pool table, her giant tits squeezed in to the shinny material of her outfit as she waited for her husband to come down stairs.

It was her own fault of course, she’d been the one to insist they get a pool table for the basement, and even been the one to cheap out and refuse to get a new one. They’d gone around to all kinds of places to find one, each one being outside of her imaginary budget and her husband getting more and more frustrated.

That is until they found a small antique shop just outside of the city that had advertised a pool table for sale, cheap.

Kristi had insisted they check it out and managed to haggle the seller way below their asking price. Kristi had thought she’d hit the jackpot, especially when the guy started spew out the nonsense about the curse.

She’d blown him off and they’d paid him, he’d even thrown in free deliver and setup!

A week later the table was in their basement and Kristi was ecstatic. It was late Sunday night when the guy had finished and so, after admiring the table, she and her husband had gone to bed.

Seeing how happy she was, he’d tried to make the best of the ordeal and try and initiate sex, kissing her bare neck as his hand slipped around and stroked her small breast.

She wasn’t having any of it and just brushed him off. He’d huffed about it, but didn’t do anything so she went to sleep and thought nothing more of it.

The next day, when they she arrived home, she could hear the sound of ball colliding coming from the basement and so she headed down to join him. He was part way through a rack and he looked up and smiled, “Wanna play?”

A mischievous grin crossed her lips, she’d wanted the table because in her colledge days she’d been a real shark and had been missing it, but her husband didn’t know that.

“Sure, what are the stakes?” she asked.

“Well if you win…” he started and she interrupted him.

“You’ll clean out the garage.” she finished for him, folding her arms in front of her. He let out a sigh, she’d been after him all year to clean it out, and this seemed like a good way to get it done.

“And if you win…” she’d started and he finished for her.

“… we’ll finish what I started last night.”

She rolled her eyes, knowing full well that she’d be able to beat him and not have to, but that even if he somehow got lucky she’d be able to put him off.

“Fine…” she huffed, “Race to 7.”

It was maybe five minutes after they started that she realized she’d made a huge mistake. If she’d thought she was a shark, then he was a pro. He easily moved the cue ball around the table, setting up perfect shape. He made breakouts that she thought were impossible and when they were, he hooked her solidly.

He even broke and ran two tables on her and in a little less than half an hour he’d beaten her 7-2.

He smiled and gave her a little slap on the ass, which he knew she hated, as he passed by, “See you in the bedroom.”

He’d gone to bed early after that and she’d delayed as long as she could before joining him, hoping he’d gone to sleep and she wouldn’t have to put up with him. And she almost thought he had for a moment until his hands reached around her and his lips were once more on her neck.

She tried the old headache line and the classic I’m tired line and he’d relented, but then something had happened. A sudden warmth spread across her body and instead of turning over and going to sleep, she turned over and kissed him.

It was the first time they’d had sex in at least six months and she couldn’t stop herself no matter how hard she tried.

The next day she’d tried to write it off as some kind of guilt fueled sleep sex or something. She put it out of her mind and went on with her day.

It was a few days after that when she heard the balls clacking from the basement. She wanted to ignore it, but something in the back of her mind nagged at her until she went down to find her husband playing by himself.

He smiled, “Want a rematch?” he asked.

Her lips parted to say no, having no desire to be beaten again, but instead she heard herself say yes and even agreeing to the same race! But the real kicker was the stakes, he wanted a blowjob!

It wasn’t long before he beat her again and instead of turning and leaving, she’d walked over to him and dropped to her knees, providing the agreed upon stakes right then and there.

After that she quickly realized that the table was cursed, and that she could not say no to a match or whatever stakes he suggested.

It took him a little bit longer, but once he did, well, he quickly took advantage.

The next wages was to grow out her hair, she’d always kept it short, just above her jawline, but he wanted it to reach all the way down to her ass. That’s when they were both surprised by the curse. As soon as she lost, her hair started to grow, a few inches every minute until it was all the way down her back.

The curse didn’t just make her do whatever the wager was, it fulfilled the wager! And to top it off, no one even noticed there was a difference. She asked a co-worker the next day and she’d simply replied that Kristi had always had long hair.

And so here she was, the big tittle bimbo of her husbands dreams. Everyone thought that’s what she’d always been and she had no way to prove otherwise. Hell, she didn’t even really know if Kristi was her real name. What would have stopped him from changing it as part of the stakes and having her forget about the entire thing as well?

That’s when an idea popped in to her head, her husband had never mentioned playing pool before and even had claimed he wasn’t that good really after winning several of their matches. Maybe the curse was responsible for that too? Maybe whoever made the challenge was the one that always won?

She didn’t know for sure, but who knew how curses worked anyway? It was worth a try.

And so here she was, her ass seated against the table waiting for her husband to come home so she could challenge him.

She didn’t have to wait long to hear the front door open and her named called out, “Kristi?”

“Down here baby!” she yelled out and a moment later she heard his footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Hey baby, wanna play a match?” she asked, shaking her tits from side to side.

“Sure, sounds good. What are the stakes?”

She smiled, “If you win, I become your perfect little bimbo fuck toy.”

“Babe, you’re already most of the way there…”

She giggled, “Yeah, but I know you want my tits bigger and my brain smaller, so I’ll become whatever you see in your minds eyes as being perfect.”

He smiled and nodded, “And if you win?”

“Like, the only sticks and balls that I’ll have to play with are in your pants.”

He smiled, “That seems fair, alright, race to 7 as always.”

She nodded and went to get a cue and soon enough she was winning! She won the first 3 games before he even got a real chance at the table and she was up five nothing before she knew it.

He made a valiant effort to come back, winning three games before she finally finished him off.

She jumped up and down, sending her tits bouncing after she potted the last eight ball and squealed in excitement, only to stop when she started to feel her body start to change.

Her tits ballooned out even more, her waist shrunk, her hair lightened until it was a platinum blonde, her lips plumped up. She looked at her husband in confusion, “Like, what’s happening?” she said with a pout.

He let out a chuckle, “Babe, I know it has gotten harder and harder to think things through over the last few weeks. I mean, after all I’ve been dumbing you down slowly but surely. But even I didn’t think you’d gotten this dumb yet. I mean the way you worded the bet was perfect!”

She scrunched her forehead as she started to feel her head spin, “Like… what?”

“I guess I’ll have to explain it, though I doubt you’ll retain it. You said ‘that I’ll have to play with’. If you have to play with them and they belong to me, arnt’ you going to have to convince me to let you? And what better way to convince me than to be my perfect little bimbo fuck toy?”

Kristi let out a moan and her head spun and she put the pool cue down on to the table and tried to steady herself. It passed quickly and she looked up at her husband, desperate need in her eyes.

“Oh my god babe! Like you totally won! Come and, like, get your prize!” she cried out as she leaned on to the pool table and hiked up her skirt, showing off her bare pussy.

Not nearly soon enough he was pounding her pussy. her giant tits sliding across the felt with each thrust as cries of joy came from her lips.

His stick was in her pussy and soon enough he’d be emptying his balls in to it as well, at that’s what she needed more than anything else.