A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday April 04, 2020

I really do love going on vacation, even with all the hassle of the airport and security and customs, it’s always great to get away and relax.

Of course there are other benefits as well, you get to see the sights and be introduced to things you’d never have found at home.

Take for instance Tammi and Bambi here. They were sisters, though not twins, you could hardly tell them apart. Well at least from the outside.

From the outside they both seemed to be bubbly, happy, party girls on vacation. Both had spectacular bodies, though Tammi had clearly upgraded her tits at some point where as Bambi was still all natural.

It wasn’t until I dove in to their minds that the differences became obvious. Tammi was a year and a half older and was almost done college, where as Bambi had just started college this year.

The other big difference was in how each of them was paying for their schooling. Their parents didn’t have the money to send either of them to higher education, but not only was Tammi paying her own way, she was paying her sisters way as well.

Tammi was accomplishing this monumental feat by working as a stripper, hence the two large round globes on her chest. They’d paid for themselves easily, the only difficulty was trying to explain to Bambi and her parents why she had gotten them and how she’d paid for them.

After all, neither knew her real occupation.

I reached out and took a handful of Bambi’s ass and squeezed, “How’s she doing Tammi?” I asked.

“Like, god, she’s doing amazing!” Tammi replied, her one hand gently stroking her sisters head while the other gently stroked her own breast.

It hadn’t taken much really, I mean Tammi took a little more than Bambi, but both of them hardly counted as rocket scientists. Just a little push here, a little tug there, and soon enough they were both horny and willing for anything.

I ran my fingers across her ass and then down and over Bambi’s pussy lips, her ass gyrated in response and tried to push my fingers inside. I pulled them back, reached down and pushed her knees out, forcing her ass down on to the bed.

“What do you think Tammi, should I fuck her pussy or her ass?”

“Oh god baby, fuck her pussy! Fuck her pussy while she’s tonguing mine!”

I smiled and pushed up against her outter lips and then slide inside of her. I pushed forward and Bambi rocked forward as well, buring her face even deeper in to her sisters pussy.

“Oh god yes!”

Tammi thrust her hips forward and she reached up and grabbed both of her nipples, turning her head to the side and crying out.

Bambi rocked back and forth, in to her sisters pussy, on to my cock, again and again.

I watched Tammi’s first orgasm rock her, her sister quickly following suit. I held off as long as I could, counting two or three more orgasms from each of them until I finnaly let my load go and watched both of them violently jerk as the mental energy emanating from me slammed in to both of them.

I pumped Bambi’s pussy a few more times before pulling out and dropping to the bed beside them. Tammi quickly pushed her sister away and dove for my deflating cock, sucking every last drop of cum she could from it.

A few minutes later the two of them were cuddled down, one on each side of me, as they looked up at me with adoring eyes.

“Not bad for your first time girls.” I said, “Your going to make a great duo on stage.”

Tammi smiled and giggled a little, but Bambi’s lips formed in to a frown.

“What’s wrong Bambi?”

“Like, Tammi has such big tits and, like, mine are so small…” she replied, the frown deeping.

“Oh don’t worry about that Bambi, Tammi has a great plastic surgeon she’ll introduce you to. Isn’t that right Tammi?”

“Oh my god yes! He’s the best!”

“And once you both drop out of school and start working at the strip club full time you won’t have to worry about the cost either.”

“Like he’s so right! My big fake titties paid for themselves, in like, weeks sis!”

“They… they did?” Bambi replied, her face brightening a bit.

Tammi just giggled and nodded her head in response, Bambi’s frown finally disappearing and a giggle emanating from her as well.

“Good. That’s that. Tammi, pass me your phone.” I said and Tammi rolled over and grabbed her phone off the nightstand. She unlocked it and passed it to me. I opened up her contact list and added my number along with an address.

“Now, this is my number and this is the address of my club.” I said.

Tammi looked at it and smiled, “It’s, like, on the other side of the country…”

“It is, but once you’ve dropped out of school and Bambi’s gotten her upgrades, you’re going to be moving there and working at my club.”

The two girls squealed, but it was Bambi that asked the question first, “Like, does that mean you’re going to fuck us all the time?”

“I don’t know about all the time girls, but I’ve still got a pussy, two mouths, four tits and two assholes to fuck, so yes I’ll be fucking you again.”

They both giggled and then moved down my body, their lips finding my limp member, eager to bring it back to life.

I smiled as they did their best, vacations were great, even if they always weren’t quit as relaxing as I intended.

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