“Oh god, I can hardly breath!” Jane thought as she placed her hands on the counter to steady herself.

“What had gone wrong?” was the next thought, she’d used the nanosuit dozens of times before and never had a problem, but this time…

She pressed cancel on the controller several times to no avail, instead feeling the material constrict around her waist as the heels she stood on pushed her even farther in to the air.

She felt the nanosuit extend around her hands and finally encase her completely just as what little control she had left vanished and her body suddenly stood bolt upright.

She watched the slight reflection in the glass doors of the cabinets in front of her as her body continued to shift. Her breasts grow, her ass tighten, her lips puff up, her waist constrict, until what stood in the kitchen was the image of a perfect latex sex doll.

And then she noticed a slight movement behind her and a voice fill the room, “April fools honey!” Jake said and she fumed but was unable to show it.

He walked up to her and that’s when she noticed the controller in his hand, he waved it in front of her and she instantly knew he’s swapped out her’s for a fake one, which is why it did nothing when she pressed cancel.

“You know I told you using this…” he said, once more waving the controller in front of her, “too much was going to get you in trouble.”

“Besides, I owe you for last year.” the grin on his face sending a chill down her spine.

Ok, maybe she’d taken it too far last year, but even he had admitted it was a good prank afterwards, well maybe a few weeks afterwards. She had been sure he’d moved on though.

He placed his hands on her hips and turned her towards him, normally they were almost the same height, but now with her towering heels she was a good head above him. He just smiled, reached around and grabbed her ass and then motor-boated her inflated tits.

The pleasure was intense and she involuntarily parted her lips and let out a squeak, then another and another.

After a few minutes he seemed satisfied and took a step back, picking the controller up from the kitchen counter once more and tapping a few commands. She felt the nanites go to work invading her mind and a haze rolled over her.

Jbot walked behind it’s owner as he left his apartment, he had a full day planned and Jbot had an appointment as well.

Jbot was brand new and it’s owner had several modifications he wanted to make to it; nose ring, tongue stud, nipple rings, belly button piercing, and a clit ring as well.

Jbot could hardly wait to feel them against the Prince Albert it knew her owner had.

After all, it still had the memory of getting him fall down drunk and taking him to the same peircing shop he was dropper it off to shortly.