A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday April 25, 2020

God damn it! How was she supposed to have known the tattoo on his face was a remnant of his past as a slave in the pits?

Oh she’d known he was a warlock, that was obvious from his robes, but her families statue in the community should have been enough to avoid any repercussions from her snide comment.

And it would have been if not for the, now obvious, ties to his painful past that the mark brought up. Even now, as one of the most powerful warlocks in the city, he was forbidden to remove it. It contrasted starkly with the other warlocks and elders of the city, like herself at the time, they had perfectly porcine white skin and jet black hair.

The anger in his eyes had made her shrink back, but not fast enough as he’d raised his hand, extending his finger towards her head and spoke an arcane spell. Bright pink sparks erupted from his finger and landed on her forehead as she had been paralyzed in fear.

Finally, her fight or flight response had kicked in and she’d run screaming from the room. When she finally arrived home and noticed the crescent moon etched on her forehead, a perfect match to the one on his, she cried for hours until her mother and father returned home.

Of course they’d assured her that everything would be alright, that they’d make amends to the warlock and have him remove it, but that had failed. Not only did he have no interest in undoing the spell, the mark, just like his own, could never be removed.

Her family had appealed to the council, used their influence, tried everything they could, but in the end there was nothing to be done. She had held out as long as she could, almost two entire weeks, the need growing inside of her with each passing hour, but she’d finally been unable to resist.

She’d simply walked out of her home, with nothing but the clothes on her back and went straight to his home. When he opened the door, she’d let out a gasp and dropped to her knees and begged her owner to take her inside.

The mark on her forehead was that of a slave of course, and the spell had bound her to him in a way that no one could have resisted.

Over the next few months he remade her, adding more and more runes of power on to her body. Each one altering her in some physical or mental way,

Even now, her body covered in them, she knew he wasn’t done with her yet. Her mind and body were a symphony of pleasure each time he touched her in even the slightest way. Her lips, puffy and lush, sent small orgasms though her any time they touched his skin. Her nipples hard and erect from even the slightest brush against him. Her pussy moist and eager from any attention he gave it.

She had no control over those reactions, just as she had no control in calling him Master, or obeying his every wish or command.

But now, as she sat in her small bedroom in his home, she knew what was coming next. He had commanded her just a short while ago to prepare herself to receive a new rune on her body, and she knew what it would do.

Just like each of the previous times, he’d prepared her the same way for this one. He’d fucked her face for an entire week, roughly each time, bringing no pleasure to her, before he’d traced the runes on her body the expanded her lips and caused her to crave it with the very essence of her soul. He’d done the same with her breasts, mauling and smacking them hard over and over again before the runes converted the pain in to pleasure and need.

For the last week he’d been smacking her ass cheeks and fucking her ass hole relentlessly. She’d cried and whimpered through the pain, but now she knew that was about to end. Before the night was out she’d be begging him to fuck her ass, and there would be no pain, only pleasure from it.

After that, her downfall would be complete, or at least she hoped beyond hope that it would be. But she knew that it wasn’t. She knew where this was heading.

There would be more runes to remove any lingering limits, more to make her enjoy putting herself on display. When he was done, he would finally let her leave his home, but only to accompany him out to the most prominent parties in the city.

There she would set an example of his power, the high and mighty daughter of one of the most prominent families in the city, brought low and now nothing more than a vessel of his power.

Unable to delay any more, she stood up, undressed and removed her jewelery and piercings. She walked naked, humiliated and fearful for what came next, but she walked to it none the less.

She entered the chamber, the darkness only penetrated by the candles that filled the room and saw the wooden horse he’d been using the last week to fuck her ass and walked over to it, leaning down on to it.

Moments later she felt the sparks of his magic jump from his finger tips and land on her right ass cheek, then her left and then just above her sphyncter. She cried out in pure pleasure each time and knew there would be knew runes there when she looked the next morning.

Then she felt his cock push up against her asshole and she gasped as a small orgasm crested.

As he slide deep inside of her bowels, then pulled out, the pleasure brought more and more orgasms to her.

She could feel his pace pick up, her own pleasure along with it, when a strange thought entered her mind, would this be what it felt like when she finally met her family at a party?

Would the runes that he had yet to put on her body force her to draw pleasure from the act of humiliating herself in front of her parents? Would she be unable to resist the increasing orgasms, drop to her knees right there in front of them and beg her owner to use her right then and there?

The thought was intruppted by the massive orgasm coming from her ass as he unloaded inside of her, and all that was left in her mind was the hope that he would never pull out.

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