A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday May 09, 2020

Even now the glasses were still programming her. Once the mighty SolarGirl, Kiri hadn’t left the garishly lit room that she now stood in for months.

She had tried to remember what had happened so many times, but each time she had tried she’d found herself masturbating until the orgasm that followed consumed her.

Of course she could remember waking up, strapped down to a table, red sunlight filling the room. She could even remember the faces of the technicians as they came and went, placing the glasses on her head, working on the computers, poking and prodding her body.

And then one day she was here, an enclosed room without windows. Only two doors, one to a bathroom and the other… well she knew it lead outside but she had never gone through it. In the main room was a chair, a couch, a poll and a bed.

Her first thought had been to run, to flee through the door and she’d tried to do it, but her body had stopped a few feet in front of it and refused to move any farther.

She’d explored a, found noting of interest and then went back out to the main room and plopped down in the chair to wait. She didn’t have to wait long, she assumed they were watching her every move even though she didn’t find any cameras, as a woman in a white coat came in carrying a tray with food and water on it. Though she didn’t notice it at the time, she also had a shoulder bag that contained fresh clothing for her.

Kiri was starving and she took the food and ate it. While she did the woman walked behind the divider and in to the bathroom where she hung the shoulder bag on a hook and then returned, waiting for Kiri to finish eating.

It was only after the woman had left that Kiri realized the glasses were still on her head. She’d tried to remove them, but like the door, her body refused to comply. After several attempts she grew curious as to what the woman had done in the bathroom and found the bag waiting for her.

Looking inside was a skimpy blue outfit and knee high boots. She wrinkled her nose at it and preferred to stay in the drab medical garb she had woken up in. But a flash of the glasses stopped her in her tracks and several minutes later she was standing in front of the mirror, deck out in the ridiculous outfit.

For the first week, that had been her life; wake up, wait for food, change outfits and return to the main room to be bored for the rest of the day. The outfits seemed to cycle through several variants, many were parodies of her old uniform, but a few like the one she wore today were not.

Finally, on the eighth day, or at least as close as she could tell, things changed. Her routine started out the same as always; wakeup, eat, change, wait. But part way through the day the glasses flashed and she sat bold upright in the chair. Then she stood up and the door opened and in walked two men in white coats. One carried an ornate free standing ice bucket with a bottle in it, the other a small table with glasses and assorted snacks on it.

When they left, Kiri had walked over to the table, taken a glass and poured champagne in to it. Then walked over to the middle of the room, spread her legs apart and placed her free hand on her hips and waited.

This all had surprised Kiri quite a bit as she fought each and every action as hard a she could but to no avail.

A few minutes later a man oped the door and walked in. He was small, or at least average in comparison to her statuesque physique, and she didn’t recognize him. She remained still as he walked up to her, pulled a slip of paper from his pocket and stuttered, “P… p… program number… number 3.”

The glasses flashed once more and she didn’t see him put the paper back in his pocket, but when they finished she smiled, reached up and removed the glasses as she handed him the champaign, “Here you go Sir.” her voice echoed in the room as the sound of her heels on the floor did as well as she walked over to the table and set the glasses down.

Then swayed her hips as she returned to him, stood behind him and began to massage his shoulders, “Oh! You have so much stress Sir! Let me help you with that.”

It wasn’t long before they were on the bed and she’d found the root cause of his stress, his erect penis, and proceeded to help him relieve that stress with her lips.

When he left some time later, she nearly jumped up from the bed and raced to the door. Free of the glasses, but not their programming she stopped mid stride at the table, turned, and picked them up once more, placing them on her head.

The weeks that followed were a continues loop, replayed again and again. Those first few days had very few men come in to the room, but now, after months, she had several visitors a day.

And she’d gone through all kinds of programs. She’d figured #3 was little more than a comforting listener with an oral finish. #1 was a villain simulation where she “let” herself be defeated and then “resist”, ineffectually of course, the consequences. There were dozens more that she’d gone through, but #9 was the worst. And not because of how humiliating it was.

The man standing in front of her stuffed the paper back in to his pocket and smiled as the flashing of the glasses finished and she handed him the champaign. Without a word she took the glasses from her face and folded them closed, setting them on the table and then walked over to the bed.

She faced it, spread her legs and turned around to look at him, her hands on her hips. Then she raised a hand and slapped her ass as hard as she could, “Are you going to come over her and fuck this ass or not baby? You’d better have a big hard fat cock to shove in it as SolarGirl needs a good anal fucking like the anal whore she is!”

He didn’t need any further encouragement and almost sprinted over to her. She leaned forward and place both hands on the bed, pushing her ass even farther up as he arrived. A moment latter his hand landed hard on her ass and she squealed in excitement, “Fuck yeah baby, spank SolarGirl’s ass! Spank it hard! SolarGirl has been such a naughty little whore!”

A few more slaps landed before he gripped her tiny shorts and pulled them down along with her garters, then pushed her forward on to the bed face first. Without further ado, she heard his pants hit the floor and then his erect dick push up against her sphincter.

“Come on baby, put that man meat in SolarGirl’s ass! Oh fuck yes! You’re so fucking big! You’re going to split SolarGirl’s ass in two with that fucking monster cock!”

She screamed, and cried, and whimpered, and begged for more as he stroked in and out of her ass. Finally he reached forward and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back and he pushed in deeper still.

“Oh god baby yes! Put that cum in SolaGirl’s dirty whore ass! I’m fucking cuming baby! I’m fucking cuming from you fucking my aaaaaasssssssssssSSSSSS!!!!!!”

She cried out at the top of her lungs as she felt his warm seed fill her bowels and then collapsed on to the bed as soon as he released her hair.

He slapped her ass several more times as his semen dripped out of it and then he left, leaving her there like a discarded rag. She managed to clench her ass tightly closed and roll over, placing both hands on the edge of the bed for just a moment for she knew the programming would make her stand up and place the glasses on her head once more.

She took in a deep breath and tried to put it out of her mind. Program #9 was the worst, not because of the humiliating things she said, or the degrading acts she did, or even these few moments at the edge of the bed to herself.

It was the feeling she felt throughout the program and even now could still feel the afterglow of; pure, unadulterated bliss. The orgasm that had shook her as his cum flowed in to her ass was real. The need, the desire, the passion behind the words, just as real.

Oh she said the words, acting the part, for the other programs. Her body shaking and her face twisting in to a mask of bliss when they called for an orgasm, but she never felt one with the other programs, only program #9.

At first she had thought it was some trick being played on her, she had simply refused to believe it. But now after running through the program dozens of times, she could not deny it. And she also not deny the fact that these last few men that had come in, she’d found herself quietly hoping they would select program #9, only to experience a slight sadness when they hadn’t.

The programming kicked in once more and she stood up, walked to the table and placed the glasses on her head once more. Holding her ass cheeks tightly closed, she wiggled her way in to the bathroom and finished undressing before taking a shower.

A long hot shower in which she only unclenched her ass at the last possible moment and experienced another, smaller, orgasm as the cum ran down her leg.

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