I smiled at Betty as she scrunched her forehead trying to read the big words in the book that at one time would have been child’s play for her.

She noticed me standing there and looked up over her glasses and smiled, “*giggle Hiya babe!”

“Hey babe, trying to read that book again?” I said, repressing my laughter.

She pouted, sticking her lower lip out before replying, “Like, yeah.” she replied letting out a big huff at the end.

This time I failed and let out a laugh and her pout turned to a frown as she bounced on the couch a big, “Like, it’s totally not funny babe!” she said in frustration.

Of course it was funny, but perhaps not laugh out loud funny unless you knew the rest. You see, not six months ago she’d given *me* that book, complaining how immature and lazy *I* was.

It had been just another dig at me in a long string of them over the last year or two.

We’d hooked up in university, mostly because we both enjoyed a good party, came from good backgrounds, and were both in the same major.

It had gone well, we’d moved in together, studied together, graduated together… and then things had changed.

Betty had become laser focused on getting a job and starting her career in business.

I on the other hand thought it was about time we kicked back and relaxed a bit, explored the world a bit, while we were still young.

That had caused some friction between us, but not enough either of us were willing to give up on each other. Honestly though, we still had a great time in the sack and Betty was just as active as I was in that regard.

But things had been deteriorating more and more, until Betty had finally starting having “headaches” at night, until we were finally sleeping in separate beds.

I had been ready to leave until an old college buddy heard about my problems and messaged me about a solution… the pill.

I’d heard about it of course, it was whispered about like some kind of urban legend, but it was real alright.

It had been easy to slip one in her regular after dinner glass of wine. I had always been quite satisfied with her small breasts and ass, even after she put on a few extra pounds after university when she started working so much.

But my eyes bulged as I watched her body change that night. Her breasts rising and firming, her ass growing, her hair lengthening and her skin becoming perfect. Then I watched her eyes roll back in to her head as the pill hit her mind and I had chuckled and said it aloud before I even realized I’d done it… “Now who needs the How to Adult book? You’re going to be such a little bimbo I bet you won’t even be able to read it anymore!”

The orgasm had crashed over her and soon afterwards the “new” Betty looked at me with hungry eyes and we quickly retired to the bedroom for the rest of the evening… and the next day… and the day after that as I recall now.

But every once in a while I’d catch her like I had now, sitting in some pretty lingerie reading, or trying to, the book.

I let out another laugh and then reached out and took the book from her, setting it down on the coffee table before unzipping my pants as her eyes went wide and she gasped. Moments later her lips wrapped around my hardening member, her glasses went flying and I knew I was going to be late for work once more.

It was, perhaps, the only downside to the new Betty. There were so many women that had been reduced to giggling bimbo’s from the pill and no longer to do their jobs that qualified men were in high demand.

I’d actually applied for, and gotten, her old job, with a significant raise to boot.

Fortunately, most of the men in the office had bimbo’s of their own at home. Nobody made a fuss when I was late, as most of them were in the same situation just as often as I was.

My eyes flicked between Betty’s bobbing head and the book on the table and another laugh came to me… perhaps Betty couldn’t read that book, or do any of the “adult” things in it, but she sucked cock like an adult film star so that was something at least.