Babs looked over at Ron as she pressed her lips to the mug, god did she want to suck on his cock so badly!

Of course that was nothing new, she wanted to do that all the time. Or have his cock slide between her big fake tits. Or have his cock buried deep in her pussy, or best of all, her ass.

She wondered what it would take to get his attention away from the laptop he was working on at the kitchen table, and get it where it should be, her body.

She let out a soft sigh and then had a flash of inspiration. Quickly finishing the now lukewarm drink, she positioned the mug between her tits, the handle pointing outward as she twisted it back and forth as she pushed it between her giant melons. It was hard to get it all the way down between them, it pushed them hard out to the sides causing her top to strain under the pressure, but she managed to do it in the end.

Satisfied, she stood up on her towering heels and turned towards Ron and walked over to him, the clicking of shoes echoing in the room. Ron looked up just as she arrived in front of him.

“Like, Rooooonnnnnnn! My mug is totally stuck! Can you help me?” she whined as she jiggled her tits right in front of his face.

Ron rolled his eyes but smiled at the same time as he stood up and walked around the table to her, she turned to meet him and pouted as she looked down at the mug and her tits.

Ron shook his head several times, “It’s amazing the trouble you get to even after I fixed up that silly little head of yours!” he replied half exasperated, have amused.

Her pout turned in to a smile as he reached around and unlooked the clasp at the back of her top, the pressure releasing from its attempts at containing her tits. He let it drop to the floor and then pulled the mug from between her tits and set it on the table.

Then with both hands, he grabbed her tits and squeezed, eliciting a moan from between her lips, “Mmmmmm… yeah baby, squeeze my big fake tities!”

He squeezed them, sucked them, pulled on them, slapped them, and with each action she was more and more in heaven. Her pussy was dripping wet, soaking her panties, by the time he spun her around and bent her over the edge of the table.

Her arms flew to the side as he slide in to her pussy, sending her mug flying off the table and crashing to the floor, as her tits were pushed down in to the table top and slide along it with each thrust.

“Oh god baby! Fuck your super slut! Fuck me!” she cried out as her orgasm built higher and higher.

It was only when she felt his cum start to enter her that the memories came flooding back.

She was a superhero! Not some fake plastic sex doll!

He’d captured her, twisted her mind around until she no longer knew wrong from right, and then done the same with her body.

She manage to twist her head around and look at Ron, a mix of fear, hate, disgust, need, lust, and pleasure on her face.

“Oh yeah Babs, there it is… that’s so fucking hot!” he said as her orgasm crested and her eyes rolled back in to her head and she cried out in pleasure.

Babs didn’t know how long she was blissed out for, but like always, when Ron fucked her she came hard and long. She managed to raise her head up from the table just enough to see Ron back at his laptop, typing away on it.

Ron noticed the movement and looked over to her and smiled, “Back to the land of the living, eh Babs?”

“*giggle* Uh hun! *giggle*” she replied as she look in to his eyes and smiled broadly.

“Good. Go get cleaned up, I’ve got someone I want you to meet.”

“Like, ok baby! *giggle*” she said as she pushed herself up from the table and retrieved her panties and top that were on the floor. She looked over at the shattered remains of her mug and pouted.

Ron, taking notice, spoke up. “Don’t worry about it Babs, I’ll get you another one.”

Babs turned around and squealed a bit as she bounced up and down, “Like, really!?! Thanks Baby!”, and then turned and wiggled her ass towards the bathroom.

Ron continued to type away at the report:

Subject conditioning is fully embedded, no signs of leakage from the original personality or other defects have been detected.

All special requests have been achieved with trigger phrases and actions having been tested… multiple… times.

With payment received earlier today, delivery has been scheduled for 21:00 this evening.

No further reports will be submitted after this.

Ron hit save and then submitted the report before shutting down his laptop and putting it away.

His was a specialized job, with obvious perks, but also significants risk. But the pay made it worth while and this particular job had been easier than most.

With no super powers, Babs had been a push over and he’d completed the conditioning in record time. The physical changes had taken a bit longer, but that had just meant he’d had more time to test out the conditioning. And that was never a bad thing.