A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday October 03, 2020

Lindsay knelt beside the wall, the leash loosely wrapped around the small hook, she could have easily removed it and walked away but she was content to remain exactly where she had been left.

There had been a time when that would not have been the case of course, six months ago she had been the head of the campus feminists group, leading rallies against the misogynistic college institutions that wanted to do exactly this… keep her on her knees.

But the months of training had driven those ideas out of her head and replaced them with the proper ones she now held. It was silly of her to think her mouth was supposed to be used for talking, her body hidden away under clothes, her mind thinking for itself.

No, she had learned the lessons of the training well. Her mouth was there to pleasure her masters member. Her body was there to be shown off. Her mind was there to accept any thoughts her master placed in it.

She felt a slight tug on her leash and she looked up to see her master taking from the hook. Instantly her mouth opened and she extended her tongue to show him she was eager to please him.

Instead he pulled her forward, the cool metal of the collar on the back of her neck drawing her down on to all fours. The collar, along with the matching bracelets and anklets, marked her as his property and remembering the day they were welded together made her pussy wet every time.

She followed along behind him out of her room and towards his, until they came to rest just beside his bed. He patted the bed several times and she crawled up on to it, quickly taking the position she knew he liked, her face down and her ass up.

He slapped her ass several times and then played with her pussy, as she moaned and wiggled her ass in response. Not soon enough his cock slide in to her pussy and she gasped in pleasure.

She moaned and grunted, squealed and gasped, as he thrust in and out of her, until he released inside of her and her whole body shook.

It wasn’t long before she felt the tug on her collar again and she crawled off of the bed, knelt at her masters feet and looked up longingly at him.

How could she have ever protested against him? As the dean of the college she had spent months outside of his office, screaming her protests at the top of her lungs, but now she couldn’t imagine a life without his cock inside of her.

He took her back to her room and once more gently looped her leash over the hook before leaving. Lindsay could still feel his cum inside of her and she knelt contently, eager for the next time he would use her.

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