Sheila ran her thumb over her lower lip as she looked up at the doctor, “It… it’s feels so soft!” she exclaimed as she brushed the stray strands of hair to the side.

“Yes, the transfer was completely successful, 100% compatibility! Very rare indeed.” the doctor replied as he tapped away at the tablet he was holding.

“Can I… can I stand up?” she asked.

“Give me a minute here… ok, you should be good to go.”

Shelia slowly sat upright and then moved her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. She wobbled slightly but managed to keep her balance.

She ran her down her tight, youthful body, and squealed in glee, “It’s amazing! I feel so young!”

“You are young, at least physically. As requested we’ve locked your new body to a physical age of 21 years. Of course all of your ID will still have your chronological age of 52 on it.”

She took a step forward, and then another, until she was in front of the full length mirror on the bathroom door of her recovery suite. Her reflection was perfect, just as she’d designed it!

She turned back to the doctor, “Anything else I need to know about the procedure?”

“No, no. The proceeded went perfectly. Compatibility is fine, feedback and response is perfect, motor control and processing is at 100% as well.”

“Good! When is my driver scheduled to pick me up?”

“Yes, well about that. I’m afraid there’s been a slight problem with your payment…”

Shelia raised an eyebrow and shot him an accusatory glare, “What do you mean… problem?”

She of course knew exactly what he meant, she’d lost everything in the divorce from her husband when he’d shacked up with that 23 year old hussy. But she had enough time before her ex-husband’s lawyers emptied all of the accounts to “prove” she could afford the procedure and write the check. The bank shouldn’t have had enough time to bounce it yet.

“Well, check fraud is a felony and your ex-husband has been notifying all parties that have pending withdrawals about the freeze on all of your accounts…” the doctor replied and the tapped the tablet several more times.

She frowned and was about to go off on the doctor in an attempt to bluff her way out of the problem, but her mouth refused to open and her body refused to move.

“Fortunately, your ex-husband was more than willing to cover the cost of the procedure, and is now the legal owner of that body. However since we were already started the procedure when this all came to light, your original body has already been destroyed. Which means we have no way of transferring you back into your original body and you no longer own this one. Your ex-husband, once again, has come to the rescue and has agreed to allow you to remain in this body, in a… reduced capacity.”

Another tap on the tablet and Shelia felt data streaming in to her mind. No, not streaming into it, pushing her to the back of her own mind. Data on cleaning and cooking and other domestic tasks. It wasn’t long before she knew what was happening, she was being pushed to a secondary personality in her own body, the primary being a loaded in was a maid!

She tried to fight it, push back against the data, but there was no way to do so. Her new brain was digital and the tablet had complete control over it.

The doctor tapped the tablet one final time and Shelia felt her body relax and then stand in front of the doctor.

“Name?” the doctor asked.

“Fifi.” her voice replied in a bad french accent.


“I am ze maid mousier.”

“Very good.” the doctor replied and then tapped the tablet a few more times. More data streamed in to her mind, but this time it nestled itself between the new maid’s personality and her own. The data was disgusting, filled with pornographic images and knowledge.

Shelia sobbed inside of her own mind, trapped, unable to fight back and knowing that she would soon be delivered to her ex-husbands home.

But the worst was the knowledge that not only did her new mind contain copious amounts of knowledge of how to sexually pleasure her ex-husband, but that it contained just as much information about how to sexualy please women as well.

And that meant that she’d soon be licking her ex-husbands new hussy’s pussy just as much as she’d be sucking his dick.