“Like, oh my gawd!” Kelli cried as the buttons of her dress popped open and she grabbed the sides of it quickly to stop from exposing her tits completely.

It was getting harder and harder to do though as for some reason the two pieces of fabric seemed to be getting farther and farther apart. It was only a few seconds later that her long pink nails came in contact with her hard erect nipples and she let out a low moan from the pleasure it caused.

As she did, her tongue slipped out and licked her puffy lips and she felt her bleached blonde hair touch the top of tits as well.

She managed to regain some semblance of control and shook her head. What was going on? She had small b cup breasts and short brown hair!

Then a slight breeze came between her legs and her dress, that had once been knee length she was sure, did nothing to stop it from tickling her bare pussy.

Her hands flew down to the hem of her dress and tried to pull it lower, but all that she accomplished was to release her tits from the confines of the fabric and let them bounce freely of it.

Before she could understand why it had happened, her dress split in two right around her waist. The top half receding up her body until it was little more than two tiny straps over her shoulders and just enough material under her tits to hold them up as if they were on a shelf. The bottom half likewise dove down towards her hips until there was little more than a purple miniskirt left.

Finally things stopped changing and she was left standing in the middle of the room, she looked around, near panic in her eyes. Then, everything clicked in to place.

She looked at the man standing just in front of her and smiled, “Like, hiya mister! *giggle*” she said as she clasped her hands behind her back, stuck her tits out even farther and jiggled them from side to side.

He smiled back and spoke, “So Kelli, how are you feeling about things now?”

“Like, oh my god you were totally right! This dress is, like, completely slutty! *giggle*”

“And you don’t mind I called you a slut?”

“Like, no way! Cause, I’m a total bimbo slut! *giggle* Let me totally show you!” Kellie replied and stepped forward, then dropped to her knees and expertly used her long pink fingernails to open the man’s pants and fish his cock out from them. Her puffy pink lips wrapped around it and expertly brought it to full attention before she slammed it down her throat time and time again.

It wasn’t long before she tasted his precum and popped off his cock, leaning back she took him in her hands and started to pump him.

“Like, totally cum on my big slutty titties baby!” she enthused as she jacked him off, when she finished talking she extended her tongue from her mouth just before the first stream of cum hit her tits, and in lots of time for the third and fourth to find her mouth and face.

Her body spasmed each time a stream hit her from the orgasm that it caused. When no more were forth coming, she dove back down on to his still hard cock and sucked every last drop of cum she could from him, using her hands to massage his balls, hoping to coax every last drop from them.

“Not bad slut.” he said as he placed his hand on her forehead and pushed her back off his deflated dick.

A shiver of pleasure ran through her from the praise and she leaned back and stayed seated on the floor, unsure if her legs would even hold her upright if she tried.

She looked down at the cum that still plastered her tits and smiled again and played with her clit for a few minutes, closing her eyes and running back in her mind the memory of it. When she opened them again, he was gone and she frowned and then pouted, she couldn’t suck his cock any more if he wasn’t there.

And then an idea hit her, sure he was gone, but there had to be other guys around she could suck and fuck!

She giggled and managed to stand upright, fix her skirt, pull the tiny top up just enough to cover her nipples and then started walking to the door, cum still on her tits and face.