It had been her eyes that had drawn me to her initially. Big and bright, vibrant with clear intelligence behind them Trixie had been a rising star in the university faculty.

That was all gone now, well except for the big and bright eyes of course. They were still there, but they no longer had the intelligence behind them they once did. In fact, most people didn’t even notice them any more, but I did.

It was still the first thing I looked at when she walked in to the room. Most of course looked right at her tits.

And that was to be expected really, I mean they were huge. Larger than I had intended to be honest, but sometimes with new technology, well, you just get the unexpected sometimes.

She hadn’t been flat chested by any means, I’d say a nice C cup. But as one of my first human subjects of the device, well, it had worked a little too well. The device was simple enough, it worked with the insecurities and vulnerabilities of the subject to bring about the change that it was programmed with.

In Beatrice’s case it had been easy enough to get her to agree to try the device. She’d been intrigued by the theory I’d spun to explain it and she’d wanted to see if the results were what I was claiming.

Once under the influence of the device, it had taken a good four hours for it to worm its way in to the deepest crevices of her mind. Once it had though, it was only a matter of a fraction of that time to start her down the path to where she was now.

“Hi Trixie, how are you today?”

Her smile light up her face as she wiggled her way over to me, her tits jiggling with each step she took, “Oh my god baby! I’m sooooo good! *giggle*”

She tossed her arms around me shoulders and leaned in, planing a kiss on my lips as she pressed her tits in to my chest and gave them a wiggle. I broke off the kiss after a moment and she smiled at me as she licked her lips.

“So, are you all ready for your big day?” I asked.

“Oh my god, totally! I, like, can hardly wait! *giggle*”

“Well then, I’d hate to keep you waiting, let’s go right in.”

Trixie giggle in response as I turned and slipped my arm around her waist and guided her in to the next room of the university. Inside was a long table with three men sitting behind it. I closed the door behind us as we entered and the guided Trixie to the center of the room.

“Hi guys! *giggle* Like, it’s so good to see you again!” she said as she waved at the three men and wiggled her tits from side to side.

The three men behind the table looked confused for a moment until they finally looked up to Trixie’s face and recognized those eyes once more.

One of the men began to sputter, the other two were still trying to pick their jaws up off the floor.

I took a step away from Trixie and she let out another giggle and then started to dance to unheard music. A few minutes later she was naked and gyrating around the floor like a cheap stripper, which was appropriate as that was what she’d been doing for the last month as work.

When the next song started in her head she turned over and started crawling towards the desk where the dean and two department heads sat.

I took my leave and closed the door behind me, an hour later when she emerged from the room she was still licking her lips and had a bounce in her step that told me that my tenure at the university was secure while I worked on improving the device.