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Saturday October 24, 2020

Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

The first post in this series is here. All stories in the serires tagged here.

Tammy held the camera out at arms length with one hand and pulled a few strands of hair with the other as she snapped the selfie. Her fingers flew across the display as she typed out the caption, “Private is the only way to fly!”

Well, semi-private at least, but no one had to know that. She wasn’t sure what had happened, but the private jet service had screwed up and a second passenger had been booked on the flight with her somehow. She was still waiting for him to board, but at least that gave her enough time to post a few more selfies to her social media accounts.

She rolled her eyes at the internal disgust she felt at all the creeps that followed her, but that was the cost of being a social influencer. They were good for something at least as they kept her subscriber numbers up and that allowed her to charge even more for the sponsored posts she did.

Just as she was about to snap another selfie she heard footsteps coming up the stairs of the plane and she looked over to see who would be ruining her private flight.

As he stepped in to the plane, a shiver ran down her spine. There was a dark aura all around him, almost sucking the lick out from the space, but in the middle of it were two bright red glowing eyes.

She instinctively looked away, dropping her phone in to her lap and focusing directly on it and she scrolled through her recent posts. In the background she could hear the man take his seat and then the stairs being raised up and the door to the jet sealing shut.

Thank god it was just a short flight, just over an hour long, she didn’t want to stay in the same place as the man for any longer than she had too. Moments later the plane taxied out on to the runway and they were in the hair, climbing up and up and up.

When the plane finally leveled off at their cruising altitude, her eyes darted over to the seat across from her and she instantly decided to switch to it so she didn’t have to look in his direction.

Without thinking about it, her eyes shot up to check if he was watching and the two red embers locked with her eyes. This time, her eyes refused to look away and a small whimper escaped her lips.

And then she felt it start, it was hard to describe what it was, almost like a thousand ants crawling over her skin all at once, but different as well. The first thing she noticed were her pants, the perfectly white fabric started to shift, the soft cloth becoming slicker, shinier, until became some kind of plastic. Then the plastic started pulling up from her feet until only a small mini skirt was left around her hips. Her top changed in a similar fashion, but reteating from her neck and waist at the same time until a small band of black and white plastic wrapped around her chest.

Next was her skin, her pale complexion remained, but the small imperfections that were scattered around her body started to vanish, leaving behind perfectly smooth skin with almost an artificial look to it.

Then she felt her face start to shift subtly, and her chest not so subtly.

She screamed inside of her head for it to stop, until the screaming stopped and the glowing red emberes of his eyes consumed the last of what she had been.

Tammy Toy stood up and walked over to her client and smiled, lifting her plastic skirt up around her waist and pulling her top down to meet it. She extended a finger to her mouth and licked, then rubbed it over her collegen filled lips. After a moment she slipped it down between her tits and then continued to her pussy, rubbing her clit in a circular motion.

“Tammy Toy loves to play with her pussy! Tammy Toy wants you to play with her!” she said in a voice that could have been made by a doll who’s string had been pulled.

And that’s what she was, a human doll that made her living by being a plaything for the rich and famous. She had many followers on her social media accounts, though few of them could afford to play with her, they still loved to see her selfies of the vacant expression that was always on her face, her giant fake tits and the almost plastic look of her skin.

She dropped down to her knees and wiggled her way between his legs, her tits pushing in to his crotch, and she could feel his hard cock in his pants.

This job was just a quick one way flight, but she had taken the opportunity to book several other appointments for after they landed and she was sure there would be lots of new photo’s for her accounts even if this client didn’t want any taken.

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