A hands on kind of leader...

Friday October 23, 2020

Jessie lay floating on her back, unable to move, but fully aware as she had watched the clone growing beside her. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but now she was growing less and less sure.

Unfortunately, it was too late irregardless of her feelings. She had signed the contract, as if she’d really had any choice in the matter, and sold the rights to her clone to the collections agency.

She was deeply in debt, and the only remaining asset she had was her natural beauty. Though saying “only” downplayed it’s importance these days, a good clean, healthy clone was worth a small fortune to the right buyer.

The slight humming of the cloning tank came to a halt and Jessie new that the procedure was complete. A few minutes later a technician entered the room just as her motor function started to return. Curious, but with limited time, she forced her arm to slip under the clone’s legs and gently caressed the newly grown skin. It felt a little strange, but Jessie suspected that was more the after effects of the procedure on herself than anything to due with the clone.

A moment later, the clone was pulled out of the water and by the technician and another man who had come in to the room as well. The second man then wheeled the clone out of the room and Jessie knew she would never see it again, or at least hoped as much. As otherwise she would be seeing whomever purchased it and transfered their consciousness in to it.

“How are you doing Jessie?” the technician asked as he finally came over and bend down over her.

“I… I’m… ok.” she managed to say, forcing her lips to form the words as she still felt like a ton of bricks had been laid on top of her.

“Good, good. Well that completes your part of the process. If you can just verbally confirm we are done?”

“S… sure.” she said as the technician held out the tablet he’d been working on in front of her, the display showing her face back to her along with some text at the top of it for her to read.

“I, Jessie Monroe, confirm the cloning process is complete and the clone has been removed for further processing.”

“Thank you.” the technician said as he pulled the tablet away and tapped on it several times.

“Alright then, let’s get you taken care of then.” she heard him say and she felt a sudden jolt shot through her body, exactly like the one that had a few hours ago and paralyzed her in the tank.

The technicians smiling face came in to view as he leaned over, her body once more immobile.

“I’m sorry Jessie, well honestly I’m not, but you’re too valuable to let slip through my fingers. I mean, just one extra clone will set me up for life…” he said as he grabbed something outside of her sight and then slipped it on to her head.

“But a dozen? Or more? My god I’ll be rich beyond my wildest dreams! And all I have to do is break a few laws.”

He stood back upright and Jessie tried to scream, but to no avail, she knew what he was going to do, and if he’d looked he would have seen the fear in her eyes.

But instead he tapped on the tablet once more and Jessie felt the device come to life and her mind fade in to a haze of confusion.

Jessie wrapped her lips around her side of Masters cock as her clone did the same to the other side as the slide back and forth along it’s length.

Or was she the clone and was Jessie on the other side?

It was so hard to tell since Master had created another clone of her and “copied” her consciousness in to it. They had identical memories and minds at that point so there was no real way for Jessie to know which was which.

Master could of course determine it if he wanted to, a simple genetic scan would have revealed the company signature in the clones DNA, but he hadn’t had to do that in quite some time. Not since he’d created the 10th clone of her for sale a few months ago. Since then it had just been the four of them in his mansion just outside of the city.

Jessie’s mind wandered to the other clone as the two of them ran down the length of Masters cock and slipped all the way off. Jessie repositioned herself sightly to take Master fully in to her mouth and slipped all the way down his length.

“Master, I love sucking your cock so much!” her own voice emerged from the clone (or herself?), and she wondered what the other clone was doing right then.

Master had made her the same way as the clone she was with now, but had used the programming helmet on her extensively since then. There was very little left of Jessie in that clone, remade in to a domestic servant, she wiggled her ass around the mansion in a french maid’s outfit all day long.

Jessie felt Master stiffen and she quickly pulled back off of him, letting her clone squeeze in beside her as each reached up with a hand to start jacking him off.

“Please Master, cum on my face!” the two of them squealed in unison and he did exactly that.

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