Kim couldn’t believe she was stuck here, in the middle of nowhere with her creepy uncle. Well, not really her uncle, just a family friend, but none the less, creepy.

She tossed herself down on to the flannel sheet of her new bed and wrinkled her nose at the coarseness of it. Then, rolling over she pulled out her phone and and started her music playing only to be greeted with a “no connection” error message.

“John, what’s wrong with the signal here?” she called out to her uncle who was in the living room of the single story house.

“There’s nothing wrong with it… there is none out here.”

“Ugh!” she thought as she navigated to her wifi, “What’s the wifi password then?”

His response was a chuckle and she knew why when no hotspots came up in her list. She sat bolt upright and stormed out to the living room.

“You’re telling me there’s no Internet here?!?!?!” she almost screamed in panic.

He smiled back and simply shook his head.

Her mouth fell open for a moment and then she turned around and headed back to her room. It was bad enough she wasn’t going to spend the summer with her friends, but now she was going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, without any music, social media or online games too!

She almost want to cry, but that wouldn’t do any good and in the end it was her own fault anyway. If she hadn’t gotten suspended from university for the semester, and hadn’t yelled at her parents, or a dozen other things, she wouldn’t have been here. She should be grateful that John had let her “cool down” at his place, it was either that or find herself out on the street.

For the first few days, Kim had mostly kept to herself, taking long walks in the trails around John’s home. One good thing about being in the middle of nowhere was that there was no one else around and John had hundreds of acres of property right up a large conservation area.

She had returned from her most recent walk to the sight of the large earphones and antiquated mp3 player on her bed with a note on top of them.

She picked up the note and read it, “Kim, I know it’s been hard these first few days and though these might help pass the time. Forgive my taste in music, I doubt it matches your own, but it’s all I had on hand. John.”

A slight smile crossed her lips as she set the note down and picked up the earphones, they were large and bulky, nothing like her sleek wireless buds she normally used. But the mp3 player clearly wasn’t new enough to support hers so she guessed they would have to do. She slipped them over her head and powered on the player, scrolling through the songs, mostly old rock and roll and some pop from the 90’s and 2000’s, she picked something that she recognized.

The sounds was terrible in comparison to her phone, a slight ongoing hiss permeated the background of the music, but it was better than nothing and so listened as she laid down on the bed with the first semblance of civilization she’d had in days.

Kim woke up and rolled over, the earphone slipping off her head and she smiled while letting out a huge sigh. It wasn’t the first time she’d fallen asleep with the headphones on in the last few weeks and the music was still softly playing over them as the laid beside her.

At first she’d only found a few songs that she was wiling to listen to, but after a few days, she’d started to explore more and more of the music until she just let it play random songs for her. It had been a huge relief when she no longer had to think about which song she wanted to listen to and just let the device decide for her.

She reached over and pressed stop on the player, then slipped out from between the sheets and stretched out, her naked body feeling the warmth of the sun coming in through the curtains.

Her hands then ran down her body, first over her breasts and finally coming to rest on her butt. She still couldn’t believe how good it felt to sleep naked!

She’d been a PJ’s girl all of her life, but had just seemed to “forget” one night to put them on. The next morning she’d woken up feeling refreshed and better than she ever had. PJ’s hadn’t touched her body since.

She walked around her bed to the door, cracked it open a bit and listened for a moment. She could hear John in the kitchen and so she quickly stepped out of her room and tippy toed down the hallway to the bathroom for a shower.

Her grin was from ear to ear as she did, just the though of being caught naked as she moved from her room to the bathroom sent a shiver down her spine to her pussy.

That was something else that was different in the last week or so, her pussy had been very needy and so she’d been masturbating a lot. It wasn’t like she was a prude or anything before, she’d masturbate once a week, or maybe every two weeks, she had needs after all. But this was different, yesterday she’d masturbated three times. Once in the shower, which she was sure would be repeated in a few minutes, a second time one of her walks under a tall tree, and a third time in bed before she drifted off to sleep.

The shower session had been good, but the afternoon and night time ones, when she had the music playing over the headphones, had been amazing. She’d been able to move her fingers in and out of her pussy with the rythm of the song and had orgasmed just as the song ended as well.

Kim leaned against the wall in her swimsuit and listened to the music. If she’d been able to see herself through the eyes of when she’d first arrived, she would have noticed several things. First, there was no pool or lake anywhere near John’s home. Second, that she hadn’t brought a swimsuit with her. And third that unless there was a reason not too, like when she showered, the headphones were always on her.

Of course she couldn’t and so the only thought that was running through her mind at the moment was how horny she was. She’d already masturbated twice and it wasn’t even lunch time yet. Her fingers had been good, but these last few days she’d been yearning for something else that she hadn’t quite been able to figure out yet.

The sound of the kitchen door opening just managed to penetrate the music and Kim looked up to see John coming in. Her eyes widened as her lips parted and she gasped ever so slightly as the realization came to her. What she needed was a good hard cock.

She pushed herself off the wall and walked over to John, who was looking in the fridge for something, she arrived to him just as he turned around. The smile on his face was wolfish and she instantly knew he could see the craving in her eyes.

Without saying a word, she dropped to her knees, undid his belt and pants, pulled them around his ankles and wrapped her lips around his hardening cock.

She carefully set the player down beside her and started to bob up and down his shaft in time with the music. It didn’t take long for him to explode in to her mouth and her own orgasm came as well.

Kim felt John’s hands on her hips he thrust in to her doggy style and moaned each time he did so. Good it felt so good to be fucked by John.

So good in fact that it was pretty much all she thought about these days. She’d talked to her parents last week as usual but had found nothing they had to say to be of even the slightest interest. So what if the new semester at university was just about to start again? No, she didn’t want to come over and discuss it or anything else for that matter. No, she wasn’t ‘imposing’ on John in the slightest, he assured her of that.

In fact John had been assuring her of several things these last few weeks since she’d blown him in the kitchen. Like how good of cocksucker she was, and what a horny little slut she was, and how docile and submissive she was. But most importantly, he assured her she was a good little girl.

And god, that made her pussy quiver every time she heard him say it, so she knew he was right.

She felt John slam hard in to her and grunt as he releaesd inside of her. Her back arched as she through her head back and cried out in pleasure, “OH GOD YES!!!!”, as she came hard.

Kim walked out in to the kitchen, naked as she was most of the time these days, naked and horny. Well naked except for the headphones of course, she had to have her music after all.

It was only a few minutes later when John opened the kitchen door and walked in, smiling as he held a plastic bag in his hand.

She smiled back at him and walked over, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and giving him a passionate kiss.

“I’ve got something for you…” he said, stepping back and holding out the platic bag.

“Awe, you shouldn’t have!” she gushed as she opened the bag and her face lit up even more if possible, “Oh my god! Thank you!”

She emptied the bag on to the kitchen table and started to rip open the boxes. He was so thoughtful, wireless headphone, a new player and he’d even filled it with music already!

She couldn’t wait to listen to all the new music on it and absorb it all.