“Tom, you can’t be serious?” Debbie said as she took out the costume from the package.

Tom looked sheepishly back at her, “Well, it was all they had left…”

“Yeah, but look at this bra! It’s got to be at least three sizes too big for me! And oh my god, I am not going out in public in this!” she cried out shaking the tiny thong panties in her fist.

“Look, just try it on, if you don’t like it… I don’t know, you can wear mine.”

She rolled her eyes at him and shook her head, “You might as well give me yours right now then… but alright.”

She picked up the package and walked out of the kitchenette towards their bedroom to change, it was only a few minutes later that Tom started to hear the moaning coming from it.

He rushed in to their bedroom to see Debbie rolling around on the bed, her fingers buried between her legs rubbing the thong with all her might. As she rolled over he got a good look at the near bursting top that she wore as well.

But Tom didn’t see the walkie-talkie anywhere and so he looked around the room until he say the discarded package on the floor. He rushed over and found the cheep plastic device inside and held it up to his mouth.

“Officer DeeDee Blows, please come in, this is central. Officer DeeDee Blows, please come in. Over.”

Debbie stopped rolling on the bed and sat straight up, “Oh my god! Like, I’m Officer DeeDee Blows!”

Tom finally got a complete look at Debbie, now a dead ringer for the image on the front of the costume package.

“Roger Officer Blows. New orders from the top. Detective Rod Hardon will be arriving onsite shortly. He has complete operational control. You will follow all of his orders. Over.”

“Like, confirmed central.”

“Roger Officer Blows, remain where you are until he arrives. Over.”

Tom quickly headed back to the kitchenette and changed in to his costume, a long trench coat with a detectives badge hung over the breast pocket.

The shop keeper had told him that it would last a full twenty four hours, and that she wouldn’t remember anything but a hangover. He wasn’t going to be taking any chances though and quickly took charge of the situation, making sure that Officer Blows lived up to her name several times that night.