“Ooooooo…” Kimmy cooed as she raised her hand to her temple and closed her eyes, “Like, oh my god, it’s happening again! *giggle*”

The first time she’d felt it, it was like the worst headache she’d ever had, like someone using a sledge hammer on the inside of her skull. But that had been so long ago, when she still fought against it.

That first time had been the worst, she’d been at her desk, staring at her computer screen, working diligently at the bank. She giggled again at the absurdity of her old life, the life where she was a nobody, a life full of stress, a life wasting away.

Not at all like now, now it was the most pleasurable experience she could recall ever having! And her life was so much more exciting and stress free!

All she had to do was go along with whatever new ideas were put in her head and everything worked out for the best.

Like the time she received the idea to start going to the gym everyday. Or the time she received the idea to get breast implants. Or the time she got the idea to dress like a complete slut. Or the time she got the idea to be arm candy for the CEO of a local startup. Or the time she got the idea that she was nothing more than a sex object for her boyfriend to use any way he liked.

Since then she’d been passed around to dozens of men, powerful men, men that soon tired of her and passed her on. She didn’t mind of course, she knew somehow that she’d done what she was meant to do and they all seemed very satisfied with her performance. And each time it had happened again, a new idea had popped in to her head and she’d gone off to the next man that would use her.

She’d been on her own for a few days now, maybe a week? Since the last man had tired of her, and she had been expecting it to happen even before this. She let out a little gasp as the pleasure coursed through her and peaked.

And then suddenly a new idea popped in to her head… porn.

She had been wasting so much time just focusing on one man, she should be recording it and selling it for anyone who wanted to see her!

The ringing of her phone snapped her back to the present and she picked it up and answered, “Like, hello?”

“Hi Kimmy, this is Kevin from Adult Star Management Group. We specialize in representing women who want to become porn stars and I’ve been given your name as someone I should talk to.”

“Like, oh my god! That’s sooooo amazing, I was just totally thinking about how much I wanted to become a porn star! *giggle*”

“That’s great to hear Kimmy. Why don’t you come over to my office and we can get you signed to a contract right away. I’ll text you my details, how does that sound?”

“Like, totally awesome. But, like…”

“Yes Kimmy?”

“Like, don’t I have to audition or something first? Cause, like, I’ll totally suck your cock or do anything else you need baby!”

“Well, I am told you have a nice big set of fake tits. Tell you what, I’ll fuck those when you get here and see how you look with a load of cum all over your face. Does that sound like a good way to audition?”

“OH MY GOD YES! I can’t wait! I’ll come right over!”

Kimmy hung up and quickly packed up her things she’d brought to the pool, almost running back to her condo to get ready for her audition.

Kevin hung up the phone and set it down as he looked at the photo of Kimmy on his computer. Like the other girls that were sent his way, she was stunning and he had no doubt that porn was the last thing she had to do to support herself.

But like all the other women he was sent, Kimmy was enthusiastic about her new career and he knew she wouldn’t even read the contract she been signing shortly.

She wouldn’t notice the 30% commission he would be receiving, the 50% commission that would be going to the numbered corporation that he had long ago realized he wanted to know nothing about.

Instead she’d only be focused on when her first scene would be and if there was anything he wanted her to do to get ready for it. From the photos though, it looked like she already had all the assets that she would need for a very successful career.

It wasn’t always the case, some of the women were beautiful to say the least, but didn’t have that porn star look that the industry demanded these days. Those women spent a month or two getting ready for their new careers.

Kevin knew something was off with them all of course, he’d recognized a few of them from the tabloids, hanging off the arm of some CEO or DA around the city for a few months before being replaced by another beautiful woman. He’d even once done some research on one of them and found her law degree and announcement of her passing the bar exam. The buxom bottle blonde that had arrived at his office couldn’t even string two sentences together without breaking out in a fit of giggles, let alone argue a case in a court of law.

But he had long ago made peace with his concerns, it really had just come down to the money was too good to pass up.

At least that’s what he told himself, it wasn’t the continuous string of drop dead gorgeous women willing to perform any sexual act he wanted that came in to his office. No, no, he wasn’t a sex addict or anything like that, was he?

A slight headache came over him and he raised his hand to rub his temple. It passed after a moment but a new idea had come to him.

Perhaps it was time to expand the business? The first women that had been sent to him were almost at the end of their pron careers, but that didn’t mean they still didn’t have value. Perhaps if he found them somewhere to stay, somewhere where men could visit them and pay for their time for a while?

Yes, that sounded like a good idea indeed, and he knew just who to contact about it.

Kevin picked up the phone and dialed the number, never realizing that before that very instant he had not know it, and waited for the person at the other end to answer.