“You know, the real challenge had been the antenna… I’ve got to give to them of ingenuity.” Chuck said as he watched the buxom woman standing at the edge of the patio. Beside her were a half dozen other hostesses, all in the same outfits, of varying shapes and sizes.

“What? Oh, yeah, I guess.” Tom replied, Check could tell he really wasn’t paying much attention.

“I wonder what happens when you remove them…” Chuck continued, rubbing his chin slightly, the greying stubble rough under his fingers.

He and Tom had been sent to the resort to scope out their competition and find out as much about how they had overcome the limitations of the technology as much as possible. He’d been an engineer for the same company since he’d graduated university, even if it had been bought and sold a dozen times since then.

At the moment it was owned by a large conglomerate that wanted to out do their long time rivals in every way possible, and so they had been dispatched to find out what they could.

Chuck reached out and picked up his beer and then took a swig, “Well, I think I’ve picked out my unit to ‘review’ tonight… how about you?”

“Fuck… look a the size of the tit on that one!” Tom said, clearly not listening to the question he’d ask, as he pointed behind Chuck.

Chuck craned his neck over his shoulder and looked at where Tom was pointing. And indeed a blonde with tits bigger than her head was standing there.

“Yeah, well, you should see what the biomed group is releasing next quarter…” he replied, turning back around and taking another swig of his drink, finishing it off.

He slammed the glass down and stood up, “Well good luck kid… but I wouldn’t wait too long if you want that one, she’ll probably get snapped up pretty quickly.”

Chuck patted Tom’s shoulder a couple of times and then walked straight towards the hostess he’d been eying for the last 10 minutes. He smiled as he arrived and she responded similarly.

“Good evening Mr….” she paused for just the briefest of moments before continuing, “Sandal, how may I serve you this evening?”

It wasn’t Chuck’s real name, just some phony one the company had come up with as a cover story. He wondered if they did the facial recognition on board the implant or if they sent it to he cloud to process? The antenna would certainly give them enough bandwidth to do it either way.

“Well I was looking to have some company in my room tonight, would you care to join me?” he asked, immediately realizing it must sound rediculous, like asking a toaster if it wanted to toast.

Another briefest of pauses, “Of course Sir, you are a VIP guest had have full access to all of the hostesses.”

He smiled and slipped his arm around her waist as she did the same and they walked out of the bar.

Chuck looked down at the perfect ass of the hostess that was face down on his bed. Beside her was his laptop along with the small device he’d activated to put her in to sleep mode. He’d had to do a lot of guess work about the device when he’d designed it and was very happy when it had worked.

From the computer ran a cable that laid across her back and extended up to her neck where it attached to the small port that was usually concealed by the choker that was part of her uniform. The laptop was working away, trying everything it could to get in to the OS of the implant, but he had very little idea of what it was doing. That was software, he was a hardware guy.

Instead he walked up to her head and reached down, giving the two antenna a tug to see if they would come lose. They didn’t, staying firmly in place. After a bit more poking at them he found they were connected together where they crossed, ensuring that you would have to undo her entire hairdo to get them out. A smart idea, and he was sure her programming wouldn’t allow her hair to be released except in certain circumstances.

Probably in places like the hotel rooms where each room had it’s own hub and could communicate directly with the implant without the need for the external antenna.

He took a seat on the bed beside the laptop and waited… and waited… and waited… until if finally beeped and displayed the completed messages across it’s screen.

Chuck unplugged the cable from both the computer and the hostess and then shutdown the laptop, putting both away in to the carry case he brought them in.

A quick re-positioning of the choker around her neck and he was ready. Reaching over to the device, he walked back in to the bathroom and shut it off. He immediatly heard the hostess come back to life as he placed the device inside the fake shaving cream can it had arrived in.

He walked out of the bathroom and smiled as the hostess proped herself up on the bed with her elbows.

“Now then, what should I call you?” he asked.

“You may call me anything you wish Sir, but my assigned name is Tammy.”

“Tammy it is then…” Chuck said as he crawled on to the bed and over her.

He leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips, she eagerly responded in kind as they made out on the bed.

After all, Chuck was a hardware guy and he had to make a thorough inspection of the hardware they were trying to copy. To that end, he intended to leave no cavity unexplored.