Rhonda sneered and turned her head away as the unwanted gaze from the man at the bar caught her eye.

Why were old, ugly men always the ones to make their stares at her beasts the most obvious?

Well that wasn’t really true if she was honest. After all she’d just broken up with Jim not three hours ago for the exact same thing. They’d been sunning on the beach when she’d caught him staring at a hot brunette with the biggest rack Rhonda had ever seen.

Hence her current somber mood and no time to deal with creepy old guys as she drowned her sorrow in yet another glass of red wine.

At least she’d managed to get a room to herself when she’d gone to the front desk and told the manager about her situation. He’d even given it to her at a severely reduced rate.

She’d gone back to her old room, grabbed all of her stuff and moved it quickly to the new room. Then, called the airline to get a seat change to ensure she was no where near her ex-boyfriend when she flew back home at the end of the week.

Fortunately they didn’t live together, so all she had to do was throw out a pile of crap when she arrived home and she’d be done with him.

Rhonda rolled out of bed and rubbed her forehead… perhaps she’d had a little *too* much wine yesterday. She went in to the bathroom and had a nice hot shower and then headed to the beach.

The warm sun felt good and soon her hangover was gone as the sound of the crashing waves soothed her mind.

Eventually, her stomach rumbled and she headed to the restaurant she’d spend most of the previous night at drinking. She was seated in the same general area and ordered her food, and a glass of wine, one would hurt would it?

Everything arrived quickly and she picked at her food, hungry but with no real desire to eat, she took a sip of her wine and her eye once more caught the same old man staring at her.

Her first instinct was to sneer once more, but instead her face remained placid and she realized that, unlike the day before, it didn’t really bother her. Her breasts were great after all, why shouldn’t men stare at them?

She took another sip of wine and turned back to her food to finish her meal.

Rhonda woke up the next morning, her fingers between her legs as she masturbated for what seemed like the first time in years.

It wasn’t of course, she wasn’t a prude or anything, but her ex had always had a higher sex drive than her so if she needed release, he was always more than willing to provide it to her.

Her fingers danced over her pussy lips and clit until the familiar feeling crested and she grunted as her body shook from the orgasm.

It was a little strange though, in the past when she masturbated she would always think of a famous actor or model, but this time it hadn’t been a particular person, so much as a type of person. In her mind he had no face or name, but was older, much older than her. And dominating, she could feel it in her very bones just by the way she imagined he stood over her.

She shrugged it off as just something in her subconscious trying to compensate for the little boy her ex had been and headed to the bathroom to take a couple pills for the headache that was still dogging her even though she hadn’t drunk nearly as much wine last night.

Rhonda sat at restaurant by the beach and nibbled at her food. She leaned forward, making sure her cleavage was visible to everyone around. A smile crossed her lips when she noticed the older gentlemen at the bar staring at her.

He smiled back and she bowed her head and blushed furiously as her nipples hardened through her bikini and her pussy buzzed.

God he was so handsome! And confident! He didn’t care what anyone else thought about him, he knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to look right at it!

By the time she looked up again he was at her table.

“Hi, you looked lonely over here. I think I’ll join you.” he said and pulled out the free chair and sat down across from her.

“*giggle* Ok.” she replied as she played with her hair with her fingers and tried to stop her other hand from slipping between her legs.

“Oh my god fuck me! Fuck me!” Rhonda cried out as she crouched on all fours on her bed.

The sharp slap of the man’s hand across her ass sent a wave of pleasure rolling through her. Before she could say anything he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back as he slammed in to her pussy once more.


Her voice reached a crescendo as she felt him release inside of her and her body collapsed on to the bed as it spasmed from the powerful orgasm.

“How is she looking John?” Dave asked as he looked over John’s shoulder at the monitors in front of him.

One was a live feed of Rhonda’s room, her body laying on the bed with Tom standing over her, flicking the last drop of cum from his dick and on to her.

The other was filled with graphs and charts and code that only John understood.

“Right on track Boss. The emitters in the room have her horny, submissive, and open to the subliminal suggestions we’ve been feeding her over the last couple of nights.”

“Good. Any complications you’ve found?”

“Nope. After we kicked her ex out of the hotel, he headed back home and is already shit posting her on social media. I expect the full background check to be back later today, but the initial one shows she lives alone, doesn’t have too many friends, and has an entry level job. All of which can be easily taken care of.”

“And family?”

“Father is already deceased, mother is estranged. No grandparents left either. She should be at the hotel full time in a few weeks after she returns home to take care of any lose ends.”

“Good. When does she depart?”

“In two days, Saturday at 1 pm.”

“Alright, have Tom continue to break her in tonight and then send her my way Friday night. Well, unless you want a go at her tonight of course.”

“Thanks Boss, but no. I’ve got Barbie booked for tomorrow night already. I’ve been waiting for three weeks for her schedule to free up.”

Dave smiled and shook his head, “Always the biggest tits you can get man, eh?”

“Yeah, what can I say.” John replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Alright, well Barbie did good work coming between Rhonda and her ex and all she had to do was walk by them, so I guess I can understand.”

Dave patted John on the shoulder and walked out. Barbie was definitely in high demand and the highest earner at the resort, perhaps it was time to give her some competition.

He smiled as he walked back to his office, imagining Rhonda with smiliarly huge tits and made a mental note to have her visit the plastic surgeon when she returned to the hotel full time.