A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday November 21, 2020

Dahlia looked up in to the light, her clear blue eyes showing no sign of intelligence, all the while her mind whirled around in circles. The two tubes attached to her nipples pulsed as they pushed the fluid that slowly filled her breasts in to her body, causing waves of pleasure to coincide with each one.

She knew there was nothing she could do to stop what was happening, she’d been in this same place so many times over the years, but that didn’t stop her mind from trying to figure a way out.

She could still remember the first time, almost a hundred years ago, that she’d been subjected to the machine. Or more aptly, a long ago retired predecessor of it. The first machine had been huge, with massive tentacles and tubes running from every which way to her body. She’d been strapped down on to the table and left there as it modified her over several days.

The worst had been after it was finished with her physical form, it invaded her mind, trapping her forever inside of her own body.

Over the decades the machine had advanced, becoming smaller, faster, and more capable. The current machine that was working on her was little more than a small box attached to the ceiling with the two tubes running down from it.

She felt the pumping stop and the tubes detach from her nipples, an almost sense of loss filled her for just a second before the light started flashing faster than any human eyes should be able to see.

Her eyes remained fixed on it, open and unblinking as she felt the data coming down in to her mind, the new personality being written directly in to her.

The light blinked one last time before going dark and for the first time in a half an hour she closed her eyes, just for a second before opening them and looking in to the mirrored surface of the wall in front of her.

This time her hair was blonde, her lips full, her breasts several sizes larger, and her skin had a sheen to it that made her look like some kind of plastic doll. She had seen the rest before, each time she was reassigned the machine had altered her to suit the preferences of the person she was assigned to, but the skin was something new. She wondered for just a moment if it was a new addition to the machine or just something that hadn’t been applied to her before now.

Either way, she had no more time to marvel at the change as the new personality took control and turned from the mirror and exited the room. Once outside, she walked down a nondescript hallway to another room that was filled with clothing. Without hesitation she walked right to a rack of bikinis, picked up a pale yellow one and slipped it on, before walking to the other side of the room and finding a matching pair of yellow heels that were at least 4 inches tall.

Her new outfit complete she walked from this room as well and towards what she knew was the pickup area, where her new assignment was surely waiting.

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