A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday December 01, 2020

“Uhm, like, are you sure this is app… appr… like, ok to wear?” Sindi asked as she raised her hand to her temple and gave it a rub.

The headaches had been getting worse and worse over the last few months and the only way she seemed to be able to quiet them was to just let her mind wander and not thing about anything.

“Of course it is babe. You’ve worked hard to get that body, no reason not to show it off.” her boyfriend Adam said in a semi-flippant way, almost to suggest there could be no other answer.

“*giggle* Yeah, like I did!” the agreement with Adam lessened the headache significantly and her mind wandered off to other thoughts. Thoughts like how much time she’d spent in the gym, or how excited she was after the surgeon unwrapped her implants for the first time.

She let out another giggle, just because they felt so good, and let her hand drop down from her temple and clasp her other hand behind her back.

“Like, you’re so smart Adam!” she said as she sashayed her way over to him and kissed him passionately. His hands slipped down between the straps of her “skirt” and grabbed her ass, giving it a squeeze and confirming that it had been the right one to wear.

“Mmmmm… like, we could just stay in instead… *giggle*”

“That is tempting, but I have to go to this party, it’s important.” he replied, and then let out a sigh before giving her ass a little tap.

“*giggle* Like, ok.” she replied with a pout and then headed towards the door, Adam following behind as she wiggled her ass as she walked.

Adam watched Sindi kneel between Don’s legs and suck his dick in to her mouth, her head bobbing up and down as many other women were conducting various sex acts as well around the pool.

He let out a little sigh, Don was the senior partner at his law firm and had every right to Sindi as such, but that didn’t mean he didn’t feel just a little twang of jealousy. After all, he’d been training Sindi how to give a great blowjob for months. She might have graduated at the top of her class at Harvard law, but the woman hadn’t been able to suck a cock for the life of her when she’d been assigned to him!

But that was the way of all things in life he guessed, the worker bee’s do, and the bosses reap the rewards.

“Hey Adam, I see Sindi is just about ready for her… promotion… hahaha.” George said as he walked up and slapped Adam on the back.

Adam replied with an appropriately hearty laugh of his own, George was another of the senior partners, and if the rumours were true would be replacing his current trophy wife with Sindi as soon as Adam was finished with her.

“I hear good things about you Adam, and by the look on Don’s face, I’d say they’re all true. Have you ever considered tax law?”

Adam raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Well, it has been intriguing to me since university, even though I’ve never had time to pursue it.”

“Hahaha, that’s a lawyers answer if I’ve ever heard one! Why don’t you drop by my office on Monday and we can discuss some opportunities for you. Have you seen my new secretary Debbie? A very exotic looking woman, but with some very strange ideas about what her job is.” George said and then turned and walked away.

Adam had been at the firm for five years, performed well, always delivered on his billable hours, and had garnered a certain reputation for excellence with the ladies that had been assigned to him.

He still didn’t know what the process the senior partners used on them was, but he was sure of what it did. All that was needed to get them to go in whatever direction you wanted was a little push here, a little pull there, and some patience. Patience being something the senior partners had little of, but they did have underlings that had it in spades, like himself.

Adam took a look back at Sindi and watched Don pull her up off his dick and spray cum all over her face. Her body jerked as the orgasm came over her, just like he’d trained her to do.

He only had another week or two of work to do with her, then she’d been moving on to George or someone else. George suggesting that his next project should be Debbie along with the veiled offer to come work for his group gave Adam a unique opportunity.

He’d have to think about how to approach it over the weekend, but if Sindi was getting a promotion, there was no reason why he shouldn’t as well.

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