A hands on kind of leader...

Monday November 30, 2020

Miko bent over and reached down in to the the cabinet and picked up the training aid, god she loved this part of the day, it was simply the best!

Standing back upright, she mentally childed herself for forgetting to bend over at the waist and not bend her knees. The workplace health and safety training was so hard!

Carefully walking back to her desk, making sure that each foot crossed over in front of the other as she did, she managed to sit down without violating any more lessons. At least she thought she did, she wouldn’t be sure until the end of day review with her boss of course.

Logging in to her computer, careful to use the tips of the long fake nails she wore to hunt and peck each character that she typed, she let out a little giggle when the animated character on screen complemented her on her good work not mistyping her password this time. The same animated girl had a speech bubble appear beside her, “Are you ready to resume your training?”, it asked.

Happy that she no longer had to type on the keyboard, but could instead use the mouse, she click “Yes”.

“Great! Alright, let’s get you in position and then we can get going… Chapter 1…” the animated girl said and played a small video showing Miko how to sit.

First she pushed her bum down to the edge of the chair, then raised on leg up on to the desk while throwing the other as far to the side as she could. Then, setting the training aid on her lap, she unbuttoned the last few buttons of her blouse and pushed it to each side of her chest.

A moment later the character continued, “Ok, great! Now, let’s get started… say the following: Miko happy to meet you Sir.”

“Miko happy to meet you Sir.” she said aloud in a terrible broken English accent, sounding like she hadn’t been in the country for more than a few weeks instead of the third generation in her family to be born here.

“Great! Now say the following: Miko hopes her body pleases you Sir.”

“Miko hopes her body pleases you Sir.”

The words keep appearing and Miko continued to recite them outloud.

“Miko’s slutty mouth loves to suck Sir.”

“Miko loves her tits played with Sir.”

“Miko just a horny slut Sir.”

“Miko loves to fuck and suck Sir.”

“Miko has loved you for a long time Sir.”

Each one in the terrible broken English, missing words and mispronouncing others.

Then a chapter slide appeared on screen, “Chapter 2: Enable training aid now…”

Miko took the training aid from her lap and slipped it between her pussy lips, a low moan coming from her as she did so.

Another short video demonstrated it’s proper use and she followed along, sliding it in and out at the pace the video set for her. Then more sentences appeared on screen for her to repeat.

“Miko loves a big cock in her tight little pussy.”

“Miko’s pussy was meant to be used for your pleasure.”

“Miko thanks you for your cock.”

“Miko is just a horny, slutty, little cum dump.”

“Fuck Miko hard and deep, use Miko’s pussy, make Miko cum for you.”

The pace of her strokes increased until she could take no more training and her whole body shook from the force of the orgasm that came over her and she slipped off the chain and her ass hit the hard floor beneath her.

Jim did a spit take as he sipped his coffee and Miko crashed to the floor, he’d been watching her masturbate and repeat the training material for a good half hour.

Miko had been a fast learner for the program, he’d only hired her a week ago and she had already progressed to the “learning aids” as the training called them. The dildo she’d been using for the last half hour was the first of them, but there were lots more before the lessons would be over.

She had questioned the lack of other staff for the first day, but by the end of the second day she’d moved on, engulfed in the training material, nothing else really existed for her while she was at work. When she left, she was still the same woman that had walked in a week ago as the newest agent for the fake realty agency he’d setup as a front.

He swung around to look through the window on the other of his office and saw the cute blonde playing with her nipples as she read off her lines from the monitor. Looked back over his shoulder he could see another blonde deep throating a dildo as she hammered her pussy with another one.

The first blonde had started at the same time as Miko, but wasn’t nearly as receptive to the program as Miko was, where as the second blonde was almost two weeks ahead of Miko. In fact, looking back over his shoulder at “Bunny”, he was pretty sure this would be the last week of training for her before he delivered her to the client.

He sat upright in his chair and brought up one of the recruiting websites he posted on, flipping through several applications before picking out the most promising. It was an art of course, with the employment laws now allowing him to ask for photos, or ages, or other details, he had to sniff out the most likely candidates.

Lots of experience? Nope. Graduated school 20 years ago? Nope. Big gap in the employment history? Nope.

It was still a challenge, but one applicant to the “part-time personal assistant” position he’d posted caught his eye; no graduation date on her schooling. College students looking to earn a few extra dollars for school were often primate candidates for him. He clicked on the schedule interview button and selected any time the next week for her to accept. That would give him enough time to finish up with Bunny and clean up the “office” before the interview.

Standing up he looked over at Miko, who’d managed to get herself back up on to her chair and back in to position, though this time the dildo was between her lips and her fingers were rubbin her pussy.

Turning around to the door behind him, he opened it and walked in to Bunny’s office. The blonde didn’t stop masturbating with the two dildo of course, but he could see the lust in her eyes as he approached her and stood beside her.

He unbuckled his belt and let his pants and underwear drop to the floor, releasing his hard shaft from it’s confines. Without a second of hesitation Bunny popped the dildo from her mouth, turned her head and grabbed his shaft, directing it between her lips and sucking on it for dear life.

She turned on her side and when she was sure he wouldn’t slip out from her, her free hand grabbed the dildo and reached around behind her, slipping it in to her ass as she continued to work the dildo in her pussy as well.

Jim smiled, Bunny was destined to join an old school law office as a shared assistant to the junior partners, and was sure to have all three holes filled at least once a day. It was good to see the training had taken a deep hold of her and she no longer hesitated in filling whatever free hole she had if she had a toy in hand.

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