Danni looked across the club as William escorted the new waitress around the bar, showing her all the important places and what her duties would be.

Every fiber of her being screamed out for her to run over and tell the new girl to flee for her life. Her limbs refused to move and instead she stayed frozen in place, watching.

The sight brought back memories of when she had been that girl. Young, naive, probably looking to make a few extra bucks for college, open to working in a strip club because “it was no big deal”. Maybe even a little curious about what men got up to in them too.

For Danni, that had been five years ago, and she would have appreciated the warning if someone had given it to her.

She knew better now of course, but she was trapped, with no way out. And it wasn’t even a physical trap that she could somehow break out of, no, the trap was in her own mind. Whatever black magic William had performed had locked her inside of her own head, only letting her out when she was doing what he wanted her to do anyway.

If she refused or rebelled in any way, the other “Danni” took control and did what he wanted before even the slightest glimpse of the real Danni appeared on her face.

“Hey sugar…” an obviously drunk man said as he stumbled his way stand in front of Danni, causing her to look away from the train wreak the new girl didn’t know she was getting herself in to.

Danni smiled at the man; old, fat, ugly, but obviously with money, she reached out and touched his arm.

“Hey baby, are you looking to have some fun?” she put on her best smile and took a step in to him so her body was pressed up against his.

“God yeah sugar tits… I wanna… I wanna… I wanna suck those titties!”

“Mmmm… I love having my tits sucked on baby. Why don’t we go in to the VIP and talk about it.”

He was putty in her hands, or Danni’s hands, it was hard to tell these days really where she ended and the other began. There were certainly times when it was obvious, if for example the drunk man wanted a blowjob or something, the other Danni would take over and make sure to perform. But there were other times when it wasn’t so clear, like the upcoming, aforementioned, sucking of her tits.

She’d always enjoyed having her tits sucked on, and after the implants she’d gotten a year after William had put her to work as a dancer instead of as a waitress, she enjoyed even more.

It hurt her head to think about it too much and she knew it really didn’t matter in the long run. The drunk would be sucking her tits, she’d be encouraging him to do so, and she’d be moaning like she was in heat in no time.

It had taken longer, but even the sex was starting to go that way. Every once in a while she’d find herself enjoying it and the other Danni nowhere to be found. It wasn’t often, but it was more often than she liked to admit, even to herself.

Danni knew she wasn’t usual in that sense, she had talk with many of the other girls in the club that William had done the same thing to and they had all sad that within a year or so that their other selves had vanished as they were no longer required. William knew it too, but he seemed to enjoy it, knowing she was still fighting it when he fucked her.

She wondered how long it would take the new girl to fall under Williams spell. Would she go quickly like the other girls, of last longer like she had? Did it really matter?

They arrived in the VIP and she managed to get him seated so she could straddle him, then she pulled her top off and pushed her tits in to his face just as the next song started.

The only thing that really concerned her these days was all the new girls, or more specifically, the girls that had come after her. She’d seen it happen over the years, the older girls being replaced with younger ones, and Danni was amongst the most senior dancers at the club now.

Would William be replacing her with the new waitress? What happened to the girls when they were replaced? Where did they go? What did they do?

Her mind was brought back to the moment as the drunkard bit down on her nipple a little harder than he should have, “Mmmmm… baby, careful. It feels so good though!”

Danni focused on the man beneath her, unable to control anything else she did everything she could to make sure he would spend as much money as possible. Maybe then William would continue to see her value and keep her around, it was all she could think to do and she was even pretty sure it was her own idea and not the other Danni’s.