The flash went off and Brenda’s eyes went wide as she gasped slightly. It was always the same way when she did the photo shoots with Norm, and she loved and hated it at the same time.

There had been a time when she aspired to be a respectable model, one that would eventually go on to be a big Hollywood star, but that was in the past. She’d first worked with Norm 18 months ago, and the first photo shoot had been good. Classy and professional, she’d been excited about the experience, both before and after the photo shoot.

But something had changed that day, she’d gone to another photo shoot, with another photographer, and she’d been disappointed. Almost sad after the photo shoot was complete. She’d looked at the photos and felt there was just something missing. That they hadn’t come up to the standard that she expected.

The next several photo shoots had gone the same way. It wasn’t like the photographer was unhappy, or the client, they all were quite satisfied with the results, but she wasn’t.

It took her a while, but she eventually went back through her last few photo shoots and found the last one that had made her happy, and it was Norm’s.

She’d called her manager to see if there were any upcoming bookings with him, but he’d told her no.

So, after another disappointing photo shoot with another photographer, she’d done something she’d never done before and gave Norm a call. He’d suggested that she come over and they could do some head shots for her and before she knew what was happening head shots had become topless.

She’d begged him to destroy the images afterwards, made him promise to never show them to anyone else and he’d agreed.

It was over a month later, after a dozen terrible photo shoots, that she’d broken down and visited Norm again. She’d been unable to stay away, she needed that feeling again, and she knew Norm could give it to her.

Another flash went off and Brenda let out a moan as her hands reached up and worked the top button of her top. A quick succession of flashes sent her top off of her shoulders and on to the floor behind her.

Her hands cupped her large breasts and her fingers pinched her nipples as she leaned forward and puckered up her lips and blew a kiss to the camera before licking her puffy lips in a slow circular motion.

Both her tits and lips were additions since that first photo shoot with Norm, as was her bleached blonde hair. The flash continued to go off and she slipped out of her matching thong and let it join her top on the ground. As the flash continued to go off, she sat down in the chair behind her and leaned back in to it. Her fingers slipped between her spread out legs as she masturbated for the camera.

It was only when a hand gently turned her head to the side that she knew it was time. She opened her eyes and parted her lips, looking up first at Norm’s hard cock, and then in to his eyes above her.

She wasted no time in wrapping her lips around him and sucking him in to her throat. The feeling of his cock in her mouth, her fingers on her clit, and the flash filling her eyes was almost too much to take.

He eventually pulled out and she gasped in desperation, “Oh god baby, fuck me! Please fuck me!”

He smiled and slipped his hands under her arms, guiding her up and around until she was bent over at the waist, grasping the back of the chair, her legs spread apart, waiting for him to enter her.

She didn’t have to wait long and she let out a low, loud moan as he entered her. He fucked her long and hard and deep, she wailed out in pleasure with each stroke as the flash continued to fill her eyes, until she could take no more.

With a final cry, her body tensed, her back arched, and she came hard.

It was only after the flash no longer went off that she realized he’d pulled out of her and a great disappointment came over her. She stood up and walked over to him, a desperate look on her face.

“Baby, did I do good?” she asked.

He smiled and stroked the side of her head, “Yeah babe, you did good. Real good, here look…” he replied and started to swipe through the photos on the camera.

Each one made her shiver inside.

“I can’t wait to get them up on to the site, the guys are going to go crazy for them.” he said and smiled and nodded.

She’d long ago signed the contract with Norm that gave him the rights to her photos. She also knew that she was only one of a dozen or more models he had the same deal with.

She knelt down and once more took his dick in to her mouth, it was limp and soft, but she knew if she wanted to do another photo shoot with him anytime soon that she had to go the extra mile. And if that meant making sure he was clean and happy after fucking her, well, that was what she was going to do.

After all, even though she wasn’t going to be a Hollywood star any more, didn’t mean she didn’t want to be *a* star, even if that was a porn star.