Ami poured the champaign in to the flutes and then set the bottle back down on to the table. It wasn’t really proper to leave the bottle unchilled, but three was no ice to be found in the machine down the hall so it couldn’t be helped.

Standing up straight she brushed her hair back over her ear and then turned, walked to the chair in the corner of the room and sat down, crossing her hands on her lap and pushing her chest out as best as she could.

She knew it wasn’t much, but after all, just a week ago she’d been the CEO and majority owner of a major tech startup, and hadn’t been interested in how large her breasts were. She put on her best smile just as she heard the lock on the hotel room door open and two male voices fill the room with chuckles.

The two men walked in to the room, ignoring her of course, and sat at the small table across from each other, “So, is everything all set?” the man Ami recognized as John Miller, the CEO of Doodle, one of the largest tech companies in the world.

“Yep.” the second man, Tom Brawnman replied. Ami recognized him as well of course, he had been the negotiator that John had sent in to buy out her company.

Tom was a master negotiator, and perhaps if she’d been a little more weary, things wouldn’t have gone quite so badly for Ami. She had been confident in her own negotiation skills and had been surprised when Tom had negotiated her right out of her panties and in to his bed.

To make it even worse, soon enough she was signing a sweetheart deal, at least a sweetheart deal for John, as she agreed to sell her majority stake in her own company for pennies on the dollar.

Then, to top it all off, within minutes of agreeing to sell, she was also agreeing to a personal services contract with Tom!

Tom reached down to the computer case that Ami had placed beside his chair and pulled out several stacks of papers. He placed them in front of John and then pulled an ornate pen out from his breast pocked and handed it to him.

John flipped to the pages with the little yellow “signature” stickies on them and started to sign, noticing the neat penmanship of Ami’s name already adoring them.

“Perfect!” John said as he finished signing the last of the paperwork.

Tom smiled as he picked up the champaign glasses and handed one to John as they toasted the completion of the deal. They both took a sip and then set the glasses back down and then Tom stood up.

He turned to Ami and smiled, “Ami, would you mind sealing the deal? When you’re done get a cab back to my place.”

“Yes Sir.” Ami replied and stood up just as Tom started to walk to the hotel room door. Ami carefully unbuttoned her blouse and then removed it before unhooking her skirt and letting it fall to the floor. She stepped out of her skirt and then repeated the process with her bra and panties.

John pushed his chair back a bit and shuffled it to the side so he was sitting directly in front of her just as the door to the hotel room clunked shut after Tom.

Ami let her arms fall to her sides and took one step at a time towards John, her feet crossing over, her hips swaying, until she stood between his legs. She gracefully sunk to her knees, her fingers taking the same care to open John’s pants as they had with her own blouse as she looked up in to his eyes, her lips slightly parted with anticipation.

Moments later John’s dick sprung from his pants and Ami’s lips wrapped around it, sealing her fate as Tom’s very personal services provider.